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    Ignatius Basketball

    Wildcat roster is posted 7 seniors 3 juniors 6 sophomores
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    Region 1 Championship: St. Edward (12-1) vs. Medina (13-0)

    LW and Springfield can lock down a couple of the Medina WRs, but can they lock down all 5? Medina's 5 wide-out offense is different including Allar being 7 yards back on the snap compared to any other HS offense. Allar is a P5 QB, who because of his size (6'5", 230#) and arm strength, reminds...
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    Region 1 Championship: St. Edward (12-1) vs. Medina (13-0)

    Last year's Medina vs Mentor game: Allar was 15 of 42 for 279 yards, 1 TD, 1 Interception and 2 lost fumbles whereas Mentor's Ian Kipp was 12 of 16 for 194 yards, 4 TDs + ran 10 times for 66 yards and 2 TDs 3 turnovers by Medina in a playoff game compared to Mentor's QB performance leads to that...
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    2021 St. Ignatius soccer

    Inside the St. Ignatius Soccer State Championship video ....
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    Ignatius Basketball

    First game during Thanksgiving holiday weekend is going to be pretty tough - vs. Indianapolis Cathedral Cathedral was 18-3 last year, Indianapolis city champs and the pre-season favorite to repeat. However Cathedral lost in the 1st round of the IHSAA state tournament to the team that eventually...
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    Ignatius Basketball preview of the 2021 - 2022 Wildcats
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    Region 1 Championship: St. Edward (12-1) vs. Medina (13-0)

    Friday at Parma Byers Field, 7:00 pm
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    Region 1 Championship: St. Edward (12-1) vs. Medina (13-0)

    Both teams have a good idea of what they are going to see from each other. At this point in the season, a lot is about match-ups. The ‘X’ factor could be injury/health status. There were posts on Yappi and media reports about last week’s games where it was noted some starters got dinged up or...
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    Which D1 is now the favorite

    At this stage of this season, sometimes it is the top recruits/playmakers that can make a difference in close games. Here’s the recruiting rankings for Ohio for players on teams in the D1 regional finals: Class of ‘22 247sports/Rivals #2 (5*)/#2 (5*) Gabe Powers - Marysville LB/RB (Ohio State)...
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    Region 1 Championship: St. Edward (12-1) vs. Medina (13-0)

    The game was regulation time, no OT. Here's some excerpts from the St. Edward athletics website and a link to the game report The 73 points given up by Medina broke a 98 year old Medina record 949 total yards combined (571 by St. Ed’s and 378 by Medina) 83 pass attempts combined St. Ed’s: 30...
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    Division 1 Final: No. 1 Cleveland St. Ignatius (20-0-0) vs. No. 3 Centerville (19-1-1)

    GOALLLLLLLLLLLL!!! Wildcats!!!!! Spicer scores with 5:55 left in OT
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    Friday Updates (Week 13)

    Medina 10 Ignatius 0
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    Strategy to survive and possibly beat St. Ignatius

    One previous suggestion was to have 8 behind the ball Avon put 10 behind the ball. Their focus was on tackling, not to win the ball but just to disrupt, and blocking shots The strategy appeared to be play for a 0-0 and take your chances on PK's because the Avon goalkeeper is very, very good.
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    St Ignatius Football 2021

    Good recommendation. I'm planning to go down W 130th as both 82/Howe and 303 will be a mess
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    St Ignatius Football 2021

    For anyone going to Brunswick via the back way on Hadcock Rd - when on Hadcock Rd, it is very easy to miss the Excellence drive street that goes to the north end of the stadium. It is dark with no lighting. For both northbound and southbound on Hadcock, you will see a yellow school crossing sign...