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    Northwest Conference 2022

    everyone wants to believe their coach would handle things reality, a lot won't. you'd be amazed what happens inside the locker rooms, and nothing happens. this isn't the first time this has happened at crestview either
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    Midwest Athletic Conference 2022

    is there anyone's goal not to make the playoffs? how would that surprise you?
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    Best and worst uniforms in Ohio

    that's navy blue...
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    New Paulding coach steps down

    they were gonna be 0-10 regardless
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    Western Buckeye League Prediction Contest, Week 1

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    Limaland Pick 'Ems

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    Longtime Rivalry Game...Napoleon vs Defiance To Kick-Off 2022 Season On Thursday

    except they're playing Friday, you muppet.
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    Bradford cancels season

    Hardin Northern didn't bolt, they were booted. Cory-Rawson bolted before they could get booted, same with North Baltimore. It says that Vanlue doesn't care about having successful athletic programs as much as they care to simply have athletic programs.
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    in all likelihood, yeah that means they didn't get their stuff in on time. what are the chances those coaches sent their stuff in and black swamp said thanks but no thanks you're not included? not very high would be my guess
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    literally every media outlet covering high school football is dependent on the coach.
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    Memorial Stadium in Troy

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    Memorial Stadium in Troy

    "why let players and coaches decide the game when we could let grass do it" is a hell of a take
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    Week 1: Thursday Night Games (List them)

    lots of schools haven't started yet on 8/19, but don't let that get in the way.
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    Renaming teams with non woke nicknames

    been an awful lot of dumb threads on here, most of them including the Massillon posters, but this one might take the cake.
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    The 'Elephant In The Room'...IHSAA Transfer Rates Rising At A Fast Pace

    feel free to post this on an Indiana football forum