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    Why Canton?

    They don't need to bid on 7 games and 3 days/nights-- let a range of sites (in Columbus) bid on one or two of the 7 games. This is not that hard to do.
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    Why Canton?

    Somehow, the OHSAA finds suitable bidders for TWICE as many games, the week before the state finals (on about ~one day's notice), for all of the state semi-finals, EVERY YEAR-- with the games located approximately equi-distance between the competing teams. Somehow, the OHSAA finds suitable...
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    Why Canton?

    I'm not talking about what IS happening-- I'm talking about what SHOULD BE happening-- and what is entirely feasible for the OHSAA to do-- if they actually cared about fairness to all of the participating teams.
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    Scholarships and Commitments

    If size is the issue, Brogan may end up making a lot of (college) people regret their fixation with that-- it happens all the time-- Doug Flutie (5'10", 180) did, Drew Brees (6', 200) did-- the San Diego Chargers decided they'd rather have the larger pro QB prototype-- so they traded away Brees...
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    A Look At The 2021 OHSAA State Football Championship Attendance Numbers

    I've been to Branin-- and to Keating, but not OSU's.
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    Why Canton?

    So now, we have two more stadiums that are big enough to hold all the crowds-- UA, Gahanna, Dublin Coffman, DeSales, Fortress Obetz, Hilliard Davidson, and Jesse Owens-- you could hold one game at each site-- now the "back to back" games aren't even a consideration. Put the bigger school...
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    Why Canton?

    Ohio State's Jesse Owens Track & Field Stadium has a turf field-- and can hold 10,000 fans-- big enough for attendance of ANY division final this year. Fortress Obetz has a turf field-- and can hold ~7000 fans-- and held the Division I final last year. Dublin Coffman Stadium has a turf field--...
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    California Reports Population Loss For Second Straight Year

    This is a drop of less than 1/2 of 1% on California's population of ~39.5 Million (nearly 4X bigger than Ohio)-- this would be equivalent to Ohio seeing a drop of ~50,000 people. It is really only notable because, until recently, CA's population has only gone one way-- UP. It is a reversal of...
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    Division VI State Championship: Carey (14-1) vs Coldwater (13-2)

    Be more specific-- until then, I'll presume that you can't refute any of the individual points.
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    Division VI State Championship: Carey (14-1) vs Coldwater (13-2)

    OK-- sounds like he'd be interesting to talk to... I'd ask him why NO top teams at the top levels of HS, College, or Pro football are exclusively running teams any more...
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    Only A Small Number

    Putting aside the statistical fact that it is impossible to be "1000% wrong" about ANYTHING, I will just say that you and I (and apparently, MANY other people, who see things exactly as I do) just disagree on this matter.
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    2022 St. Ignatius Football

    Since Ig alums usually claim that Ig never recruited (athletes), what changed? Ig has had decent to very good football teams for many decades (even before Kyle arrived on scene), so what changed that enabled Ig to emerge as the dominant team in Cleveland (and then Ohio) in the late '80's-- and...
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    New York Times: How the Bishop Sycamore Football Team Dashed Dreams

    It's a good thing the NY Times did this expose'-- otherwise, I'd bet NO ONE in Ohio would know about what was going on there...
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    Westwood DORA Proposal

    Yes-- I'd imagine Washington Park events would be the aspirational goal for the atmosphere at the Westwood DORA.
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    Indian Hill Top Coaching Candidates

    That's a nice way of putting it-- "a bit underwhelmed"... Lakota West has shown no ability to move the ball effectively or well against a good defense, in the last two years.