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Old 11-16-16, 05:27 PM
McClearn7 McClearn7 is offline
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Claymont D-2 District Rankings #2

*=unsure about participation

Some of the weights are bound to be wrong, especially this early in the year. Feel free to let me know if you have any insight or information.
This district could fluctuate with the potential of some of the southeast/south central teams potentially switching back and forth between here and Wilmington.

1. Timmy Young- Steubenville (7th state)
2. Cole McComas- Beaver Local (4th middle school state 2015)
3. Cael Woods- West Holmes (8th middle school state, 4th 2015)
4. Abe Frizzell- Meadowbrook (5th district)
5. Terry Gatrell- Cambridge (6th district)
6. Rann Zimmer- River View
7. Dillon Athey- Licking Valley
8. Michael Petrella- Hartley

I gotta fell like this weight will look drastically different by the end of the year, but I just donít have enough insight into the freshmen that will be coming in.
I have to image in that Young, McComas, and Woods will at very least contend for placement at the state tournament.

It sounds like Young will make another run at 106 this season. The returning state placer should be right in the middle of the hunt for a state finals birth.

1. Dalton Burcher- Indian Valley (8th state)
2. Alex Lucas- Minerva (SQ)
3. Thane Kaufman- West Holmes (SQ)
4. Jacob Williams- Hartley (6th district)
5. Garrett Myers- Licking Valley
6. Brayden Carter- Carrollton
7. Caleb Greenlee- Gallia Academy
8. Mason Hamric- Vinton Co.

Williams is listed at 113 for the CDASM, so Iíll rank him there until I hear otherwise.
I may have started him off too low. He beat a very tough Tim Sarge 11-2 in the district quarterfinals last season.

1. Ben Pasiuk- Carrollton (2nd state)
2. Addison Fogle- Licking Valley (SQ)
3. Jake Johnson- Jonathan Alder (SQ)
4. Dom Carfagna- Col. DeSales (SQ)
5. Branham Kipruto- Whitehall-Yearling
6. Elijah Pack- Hartley (6th middle school state)
7. Skyler Lasure- Beaver Local (8th middle school state)
8. Brady OíConnor- Indian Valley (SQ)

Carfagna is listed at 120 for the CDASM so I moved him down and Pack up from 113 with his teammate Williams moving down.

This weight-class should be a blast to watch with a state finalist, 4 other state qualifiers, 2 middle school state placers and a tough under the radar talent like Kipruto.

1. Tyliq Stewart- Whitehall-Yearling (SQ)
2. Zane Johnson- Jonathan Alder (6th district, SQ 2015)
3. Jared Stevens- Gallia Acad. (5th district, 5th district 2015, SQ 2014)
4. Noah Barnett- Sheridan (6th district)
5. Adam Lenhoff- Indian Valley
6. Zane Minella- Steubenville
7. Ben Miller- Fairfield U.
8. Parker Mazik- Indian Creek

Stewart staying down here at 126 helps to relieve some of the insanity of the 132 weight-class. He slides in at #1 at this weight with state placer Gunner Carpenter not wrestling.

1. Maxx Peters Ė Claymont (5th district, SQ 2015)
2. Justin Shaw- Carrollton (SQ)
3. Anthony Rice- Steubenville (6th district)
4. Quinton Bookman- Beaver Local (5th district, 5th district 2015)
5. Holden Macy- Athens
6. Logan Ball- Cambridge (SQ 2015)
7. Tyler Hartless- Licking Valley
8. Brandon Queen- Jackson

Stewart moved down and Miracle moved up, but this is still a very good weight-class. It wouldnít stun me to see 4 state placers out of this district.
Licking Valley had a middle school state placer last year around this weight (Dylan Dodson), though Iím not sure of his grade. Their team could be even deeper with him and Hartless at 126 and 132.

1. Jake Martinez- Licking Valley (2nd, 7th state)
2. Jashon Hubbard- Steubenville (4th, 3rd state)
3. Chandler Golec- Claymont (5th state)
4. Isaac Hager- Morgan (6th district)
5. Mitchell Miracle- River Valley
6. Alex Carrothers- Carrollton (4th middle school state)
7. Austin Wolcott- Sheridan
8. Cody Woods- W. Holmes

This is another very deep weight class (Itís almost like they should have another weight in the 132-145 range) with 3 state placers, 2 district placers, a middle school state placer and a slew of other talented grapplers.

Congrats to Jake Martinez on placing at Super 32 and earning a national ranking. Among his 7 wins at the event were victories over Michigan state finalist Ethan Woods (8-1), Colorado state finalist Chris Sandoval (2:53), and Maryland state champ Danny Bertoni (7-4).
He has gotten better and better with each passing year, and has placed himself as the frontrunner for a state title coming into the season.

1. Miles Mazik- Indian Creek (5th state)
2. Adam Shaw- Carrollton (5th district 2015)
3. Beau Smith- Beaver Local (SQ)
4. Dakota Bunting- Claymont (SQ 2015)
5. Trevor Hicks- N. Lexington
6. Therron Stocker- Indian Valley
7. Ethan Miller- Fairfield U.
8. Lane Householder- Sheridan

Bunting had a really impressive 3rd place finish at Medina last year where he defeated Tyler Grimes (5-4), James Limongi (5-1), and D-3 state finalist Brandon Fitzgerald (6-5).
The always dangerous Fitzgerald pinned 2 wrestlers ranked in the top 20 in NCAA D-1 as a true freshman a week and a half ago.

1. Jerrett Munyan- Sheridan (SQ)
2. Bryce Hessler- River Valley
3. Briar Cadle- Claymont (5th district 2015)
4. Kaleb Crisenberry- Gallia Academy
5. Keegan Vanmeter- Granville
6. Corban West- N. Lexington
7. Collin Webb- Buckeye Valley
8. Devon Eakle- Indian Creek

Hessler is listed at 152 for CDASM which looks like a more favorable district weight than 160 which could be loaded with talent.
Last year he posted wins over state qualifiers Zack Molnar (6-4) and Jake Farley (5-4).
Hessler will have real shot at the district finals this season.

1. Dimitri Williams- New Lexington (SQ 2015)
2. Luciano Mendicino- Granville (6th state)
3. Tarin Rauch- Claymont (SQ)
4. Cameron Cua- Col. DeSales (6th district, 6th district 2015)
5. Brandon Daniels- Carrollton (6th district)
6. Hayden McGee- Maysville
7. Casey Parsons- Warren (SQ 2015)
8. Blake Wickline- Bloom Carroll

Cua is registered at 160 fro CDASM so he should be right in the thick of a tight district tournament that could hold 4 wrestlers with state experience and 2 others with a district medal.

1. Ashton Eyler- Claymont (6th state)
2. Billy Cooper- Jackson (SQ)
3. Brenton Miller- Carrollton (SQ)
4. Michael Jude- Fairfield U. (SQ)
5. Clayton Glick- New Lexington
6. Hunter Jacks- Gallia Academy (6th district)
7. Adam Warfield- Maysville
8. Brody Bookless- River View

Eyler had some impressive results at Super 32 where he knocked off Georgia state placer Ian Darling 3-1 and also defeated New Jersey state finalist A.J. Meyers 4-2.

1. Aidan Pasiuk- Carrollton (2nd, 4th state)
2. Mathieu Holt- Granville (SQ)
3. Colten Winters- London (5th district, SQ 2015)
4. Austin Mayfield- E. Liverpool (6th district 2015)
5. Nathan Thomas- Indian Creek
6. Blake Bollon- New Philadelphia
7. Tanner Tritipo- Athens
8. Cody Neece- Fairfield U.

Winters wrestled a sneaky schedule, but his only losses last year (that I could find) were to state placers. This could be the year that he earns that same distinction (state placer) himself.

1. Jud Ramage- Meadowbrook (SQ)
2. Alex Eckles- Granville (SQ)
3. Robert Marquez- Hamilton Twp.
4. Jalen Hatton- Bexley
5. Chad Mays- Beaver Local
6. Kyle McClain- River View
7. Blake Linard- Claymont
8. Alex Walker- W. Holmes

Ramage looks to be the top man at this weight with Baker moving up.

Marquez was impressive last year, splitting two bouts with state alternate Cam Redman and taking Eckles into overtime in the district quarterfinals.

1. Owen Loughman- Sheridan (SQ)
2. Lyle Clark- Claymont
3. Drone Moore- Steubenville
4. Luke Shively- New Lexington
5. Austin Weingarner- River Valley
6. Scott Harry- Morgan
7. Ty Robinson- Philo
8. Grant Robinson- Bexley

There is a great deal of parity at this weight with wrestlers who beat one foe but lost to another. This can be great for competition but difficult for rankings.
Iíve shifted this weight around half a dozen times.

Clark pinned Weingarner but lost 3-2 to Harry a week after beating him 8-5.
He also beat Moore 6-0 in a dual and pinned Shively at Medina.
Weingarner pinned Ty Robinson and Harry and knocked off district placer Donovan McCollister 4-1.
Moore split two bouts with Logan Fritz and defeated Shively 6-2.

1. Wes Cochran- Buckeye Valley (6th state)
2. Zach Baker- S. Highland (SQ)
3. Travis Kuttler- Minerva (6th district)
4. Tyler Ely- Steubenville
5. Dane Black- Lakewood
6. Sam Robinson- Indian Creek
7. Zach Thomas- Beaver Local
8. Brandon Lenhart- Fairfield U.

Baker is listed at 285 for the CDASM, so Iíll move him up there until I hear otherwise.
He started last year at 220 before cutting to 195, so itís possible that he winds up at 220 at some point in the season.
Iíd expect him to be a serious placement threat at either weight.

1. Claymont
2. Carrollton
3. Steubenville
4. Beaver Local
5. Sheridan
6. Licking Valley
7. New Lexington
8. Granville

Claymont looks like a favorite for another district title, though Carrollton and Steubenville will have something to say.
I donít know much about who will be wrestling in the lighter weights for the Mustangs, but they could potentially have district placers from 132 through 220, so I doubt that itíll matter.

Carrollton has a great deal of top end firepower, but Iím also really interested to see what young wrestlers like Carter, Daniels, and Carrothers can do by seasonís end.

Steubenville also has a few intriguing young grapplers with Blasco and Minella who could challenge for placement here at Claymont along with their strong core of Young, Hubbard, Moore, Ely, and Rice who should all push for district finals births.

Licking Valley may not have Carpenter, but theyíll be highly competitive as always.
State title hopeful Martinez leads the way on a team that could have their first 6 weights placing at the district tournament.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baumís Page and Jakeís Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce
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Old 11-16-16, 09:59 PM
knuck97 knuck97 is offline
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Licking valley should look something like this
126.Carpenter (he showed up to practice today)
132. Hartless
138. Martinez
145. Meyers
No Athey has of today

Last edited by knuck97; 11-17-16 at 11:35 AM.
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Old 11-18-16, 12:48 PM
heavybcat heavybcat is offline
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Great job McClearn7!
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Old 11-19-16, 08:26 PM
oubobcat1991 oubobcat1991 is offline
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Sheridan Notables
113: CadenClouse (DQ)
132: Noah Barnett (DP, 2015)
138: Austin Wolcott (DQ)
145: Lane Householder (DQ, 2015)
152: Jarrett Munyan (SQ)
160: Dakota Soto (DQ)
195: Owen Loughman (SQ)
220: Trenton Gregg (DQ)
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Old 11-19-16, 08:29 PM
McClearn7 McClearn7 is offline
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Originally Posted by oubobcat1991 View Post
Sheridan Notables
113: CadenClouse (DQ)
132: Noah Barnett (DP, 2015)
138: Austin Wolcott (DQ)
145: Lane Householder (DQ, 2015)
152: Jarrett Munyan (SQ)
160: Dakota Soto (DQ)
195: Owen Loughman (SQ)
220: Trenton Gregg (DQ)
Thanks for the information. I'll shift these guys around for the next rankings.
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Old 11-23-16, 06:08 AM
blitz56 blitz56 is offline
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I don't think there is anyway Pasuik goes 120. He looks huge. I heard he will be at 32.
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Old 11-29-16, 05:59 PM
TGatrell17 TGatrell17 is offline
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Gatrell transferred to meadowbrook and looking like he'll be at 6 while Abe is set to go at 13
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