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Kelsey Mitchell’s Remarkable Achievements

Kelsey Mitchell formerly of Princeton HS was selected the #2 pick overall in the WNBA draft by the Indiana Fever - a fitting tribute for the #2 scorer in NCAA women’s basketball history. Being selected at all is quite an achievement and a testament to her hardwork and dedication:

Making a WNBA roster may be even harder than you think - -
Every year, roughly 1288 Division 1 women’s college basketball players become eligible for the WNBA draft

1. Ideally, to be drafted in one of the 3 available rounds, you must be at least one of the top 36 senior college players in the country or top 2.8%* (playing in the Power 5 and winning carries some cache). Further reduced if foreign payers are drafted
2. Still roughly 20 players will be invited into training camp for 12 roster spots, 8 cuts will be made
3. With only 12 teams and 12 players per team, there are 306 fewer roster spots than in the NBA
4. Many team veterans already have their spots and are not “competing” for one in the camp, e.g., you will not be taking Britney Griner’s spot if you shine for a couple of weeks in camp
5. The first round draft pick’s spot is also not available as too much sweat and PR is invested in it for that player to be cut (though the player could be traded)
6. Undrafted rookie free agents, “extra” hungry to prove themselves, are invited in
7. Foreign free agents who have proven themselves overseas are also invited in to compete
8. Old head American grads who have been playing overseas and want to come home and play in front of the family are there
9. Others great players cut from another WNBA training camp roster are available to swoop in for a roster spot at the 11th hour
10. Even if you beat out every one at your position in training camp, the team can still swing a trade from another team that has a player felt to be better suited for the spot on your team
11. The team can decide to carry less than 12 players to save money
12. Players returning from injury or pregnancy may return to re-claim their spot.
13. Even within the season an underperforming player can be cut and replaced

Remember, unless a player has retired or been traded away, someone awfully good likely already has that spot on the team that you are trying to claim. Thus to get and maintain a coveted roster spot requires an inordinate amount of discipline, diligence, good fortune, and favor. Congratulations Kelsey! Way to represent! Blessings!

*About 0.008% of girls high school basketball players get drafted into the WNBA


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I have this story. I was at a Classic in the Country about 5+ years ago sitting with Rich Harland, who now is a an AAU coach. Kelsey was a frosh at Princeton. She got the ball on the baseline. She did some kind of juke, pivot, spin dribble, ankle-breaking cross-over, ball fake, and reverse lay up move that made us fall back into the people who sitting behind us - poor souls, because Rich and I are well over 500 pounds between us!

Amazing basketball player.

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