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Old 05-25-17, 01:27 PM
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AAU is a different animal than HS. Sports attracts fans/FANATICS, and we have a general problem in society with politeness and respect for "them".

I saw a thing the other day that said, "I was spanked by my parents and it afflicted me with a psychological disease called, 'respect for others'." Lol.

But here is one thing I'd like to see that may help. I have noticed a difference from school to school with how rowdy and obnoxious their fans are. I think they take their cues from their coaches and players. If their coach is screaming and cursing at officials, opponents, and the players are acting like every foul called on them is the crime of the century, their crowd seems to respond to that, and it becomes the habit, and, eventually, the ethos of how that crowd watches the game. When people are running hot, it only takes one little comment from the other crowd to set something off.

I would suggest that coaches demand a fierce competitive nature from their players combined with an equally fierce respect for others. And coaches hold themselves to the same standard when advocating for their team to officials. Players are not allowed to react to anything they hear from the stands, they aren't allowed to argue with officials, roll their eyes, whine, etc. When a call goes against them, they calmly hand the ball to the official and go play defense. If they talk to officials they must use "sir" or "maam". The coaches set an example of class, maturity, and respect at all times. I think that would cut out 90% of the bad fan behavior.

But there is always that one guy or three, generally with a very loud voice, who have something to say about everything. In that case, I'd like to see coaches correct their own fans. Stop the game and go ask them to not represent his/her kids that way. Even before the season, have a meeting in which the standards of what the coach expects from himself/herself, the players, the parents, and the fans - and promise that those expectations will be enforced. That should cut out another 9%.

What about the other 1% who doesn't care what anyone thinks? That's what the police are for.

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