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Old 01-12-19, 07:51 PM
BeaverNation BeaverNation is offline
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Track vs Lacrosse

Our school recently made Lacrosse a varsity sport. They are now looking to get prime practice time, right after school. That would bump the varsity track team from practicing after school since the lacrosse team uses the football field. It's unsafe to have both sports practicing at the same time with lacrosse balls flying all over the place. Do any of you share time with lacrosse? How does your school handle the lack of facilities?
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Old 01-12-19, 08:05 PM
ccrunner609 ccrunner609 is offline
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That situation sounds like it stinks.
Old 01-12-19, 09:22 PM
Run4Life Run4Life is offline
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I am guessing you hadve a synthetic surface, otherwise your football teams would be practicing elsewhere and would take care of most of the issue.

My old school (d2) began lacrosse as a varsity sport in 2006. It origially began practicing off campus. The biggest issue sport v sport at that time was 18 good athletes leaving for the other sport.

In 2009 the coach moved the teams to the school and began using the football practice fields where he have our dicsus circles and nets. He felt that since it only involved 1 we don't need to practice there, just host meets. He wanted to erect fences that would make them need to remove the discus cage completely.

They began their practices on the fields in February, so when we went out or a practice and saw what he wanted I went to the AD, he sad he had already told the lacrosse coach his plan would work and asked if I could move the discus. I staked out the corner of the football field and made a request form for funds to get new posts, sleeves and nets for the cage and get concrete poured before April. He looked at the plan and told the lacrosse coach he would need to scrape his fence and work around the track schedule. I left in 2014 and in the meantime they have found a new location for their practices. Games are held on the soccer field which has lights, so there has not been an issue in that regards.
Old 01-12-19, 10:33 PM
RunnerAdam RunnerAdam is offline
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For us, track gets the stadium (track/turf) after school 3-5pm because we have the most kids, makes no sense to have 200+ come back later.
Last season girls lacrosse went 5-7 and boys lax 7-9 under the lights. All three coaches coordinated around meets and games and adjusted accordingly. We do have grass practice fields they can use if needed (which they use during our meets).
My first year, our AD had us overlap practice times some and it didn't work.
Otterbein University has netting all the way around their track, so they can practice at the same time I believe. We looked into it, very expensive.
Old 01-13-19, 10:22 AM
mathking mathking is offline
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For the same reason RunnerAdam said, we get the track first. With over 200 athletes it just doesnít make sense to have our kids wait or come back later. We overlap our practices partially with girls lacrosse. Under the old coach this was always a hassle. With the current coach it works out. They start warming up about an hour into our practice. For drills where the throw they do it north south (we have nets on the ends) until we are off the turf. We work around game schedules. We honestly have more trouble with the younger boys lacrosse players (who donít practice until after the girls are done a 6:00) trying to come into the field and throw balls during our practice.

Honestly most of the reason our situation works is that the girls coach is just a really nice guy. Competent, organized and thoughtful.
Old 01-25-19, 03:42 PM
psycho_dad psycho_dad is offline
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3 issues / questions. There is boys and girls Lacrosse. I assume that they do not practice together like Track and Field, so one of them has to not use the field inside the track. It makes sense to have track and field practice first as the practice facility is specific to the sport. Lacrosse can practice in areas that are not specific to the sport and one of them has to anyway, so why not both?

How does your track coaches have so little pull if Lacrosse is new?

Is this a single gender private school or a public school / dual gender.

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