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Old 01-21-19, 10:40 AM
EuclidandViren EuclidandViren is offline
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Indoor a Better State Meet

With the talk about a team state championship in track, it got me pondering the set up of the indoor state meet.

With the indoor state meet allowing THE BEST 24 athletes in each event to compete at the state meet, is this a TRUER representation of the best athletes? Obviously, it doesn't allow for a regional representation. And it does not allow for the pressure competition. I 100% believe anyone can perform 1 anomaly event 1 time and make it to the indoor state meet. But the outdoor competitive pressure of the regional allows for the best competitors to make it compared to just making the standard.

Is this a better state meet?

Is this the model that OHSAA should model? Especially since the coaches association runs this state meet, shouldn't OHSAA be looking at this model closer?

Since OATCCC makes money off of the indoor state meet, should OHSAA look at this model to enable similar profit making strategies?
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Old 01-21-19, 02:03 PM
psycho_dad psycho_dad is offline
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The way we do outdoor state is better for outdoor and the way we do indoor is better for indoor.
Old 01-21-19, 02:31 PM
trevo45 trevo45 is offline
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I agree with psycho dad. The district and regional meets are exciting don't need to change. There's a couple other reasons why this isn't the best option.

If we didn't have Districts and Regionals, people who ran meets on days with better weather would have an advantage.
And what if someone runs really well in the beginning of the season, then either gets injured or burns out, so they get blown out of the water at the state meet? No one wants to watch that and no one wants to be that athlete.
Old 01-21-19, 05:57 PM
madman madman is offline
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To some extent the differences in conditions is eliminated indoors, unless you consider that some athletes have far better access to 300 meter tracks than others and basic physics tells us there is a real difference for any event that runs on the curve.

Then there's the basic availability to get into meets regardless of the size of the track. Some teams are surrounded by meets within an hours drive most weekends.

Given the structural competitive inequities that exist indoors, I think having an "Honor Roll" meet for individuals like the OATCCC hosts is appropriate. I wish they wouldn't call it a state championship and really wish they didn't have divisions, except for relays. Let the best kids in the state compete to see who's best regardless of the size of the school they attend.

If we are going to have a team championship outdoors, then I like the idea of advancing the top 4 teams from each Regional and letting them have 2 entries per event. As in XC, I would also add any individuals who were top 4 at the Regionals. The state meet would be scored after "removing" the individuals from the results, as in XC.

There are states where they advance more kids to the State Championship and run multiple heats of finals. We're already advancing some kids to the State Meet based on performance marks (5th place finishers). We already advance to finals based on times. Scoring based on times is a very minor leap from where we currently sit.

The Indoor meet is a team championship in name only and is really an Honor Roll meet - which is fine. The Outdoor meet is closer to a team championship but could become one by advancing teams instead of just individuals.
Old 01-21-19, 07:08 PM
Newton's Third Newton's Third is offline
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madman, I agree that access to tracks and 300 meter tracks cause inequities especially in the 200, 400, 4x200, & 4x400, but has an effect on all running events using a curve. I agree that the indoor state meet is more of an honor roll showcase and wonder why entries are limited to two athletes per event from each school. I enjoy attending this meet each year and think it has been very successful.

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