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Old 03-04-09, 09:07 PM
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Play Nice, Boys OR ELSE

MODERATOR'S NOTE: I have received a number of complaints about various posters in this forum. However, I am never active in this forum, as I have no ties to boys swimming (last swam competitively about 25 years ago). That said, I do NOT have time to babysit this forum.

Let's put it plain and simple - if I continue to have problems w/certain problems taking potshots at each other, pissing matches, name-calling, etc., those posters WILL BE MODERATED.

Consider this a first and FINAL warning. There will be no further warnings - I will moderate you w/o notice nor explanation. That goes for EVERYONE on here. If you retaliate against someone else, consider yourself fair game for moderation, as well.

Global Moderator
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