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Old 02-07-18, 10:05 AM
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Flo Rankings - What's Up?

Some may follow my NCAA rankings where I do a composite average of rankings for what I consider the major ranking venues - Amateur Wrestling News (AWN), Flowrestling (Flo), Intermat (IM), The Open Mat (TOM), Trackwrestling (TW), and Wrestler Insider Magazine (WIN). Five of these venues do team tournament (NCAA) rankings as well (all except AWN). They base tournament rankings off of the individual rankings, awarding 20 points for 1st (placement and advancement points), 16 for 2nd, etc. Up until this week, only TOM and IM included bonus points, and both of them have, IMO, a flawed system. I believe that they use previous years data to determine that a #1 seed, on average, scores the 20 points mentioned above plus "x" number of bonus points. The problem with this is that you give 2x champ Dean Heil (pretending that he's still #1) the same number of points as Zain Retherford, who destroys virtually everyone. But the bottom line is that rankings, team and individual are a guess and that rankings and seeds never play out the way they're supposed to. Upsets happen. Injuries happen. Stuff happens. But rankings are a great way, for me at least, to get a sense of how my favorite team, tOSU stacks up to the competition (pretty well BTW). But I never get too excited about a weird ranking (NaTo at #6 by TOM? Really?).

All that being said, Flo has made some moves this season that are somewhat humorous. All was well at the beginning of the season as everybody's favorite, PSU, held the #1 spot. Then in their 11/21 rankings, something went awry. Per their ranking formula, tOSU had leapfrogged PSU and was #1! Oh, the horror! Waht do we do now? "I know," said someone really smart at Flo. "We can put a disclaimer on the rankings saying that no one really thinks tOSU is going to win the NCAAs. This is just how our stupid formula worked out." So, for the next two months they had this disclaimer on their team rankings:

"This doesn't mean that Ohio State is the favorite. Nor is anyone at Flo picking Ohio State to win the national championship — although maybe some are, that's just a totally different topic. This is merely a snapshot of the current rankings of all 10 weights. Don't read too much into it!"

I'm curious as to why they didn't put a disclaimer on 165 saying, "No one at Flo is picking Joseph to win 165 over IMar. This is merely ranking him where he deserves to be because he won the nationals last year."

And the story gets better. Last week, after two months of tOSU being #1, PSU tied tOSU up in the Flo poll. Flo dropped the ridiculous disclaimer and Flo announced in their team rankings the following:

We've got a new #1!

All ties are officially broken in reverse alphabetical order.

Really? Instead of saying it's a tie you're going to break ties by using reverse alphabetical order. That's so simple. Why hasn't the NFL ever thought of that. The Washington Redskins might win a few more games that way.

And it got even better this week. tOSU jumped ahead of PSU again (in spite of the dual loss) per their ranking formula. So now, after years of doing their team rankings one way (placement and advancement points) they decided to factor in "bonus point potential." And they didn't explain their method for bonus points (secret sauce) and didn't put down any points for any teams. That way they can just continue to put PSU at #1 and not include a lame disclaimer if tOSU is on top.

As I said above, I don't get aggravated a rankings, because they always change and never play out as ranked. I just think it's humorous how they have been tripping all over themselves to explain away the team rankings.

Now, I don't think anyone would argue that PSU will likely score more bonus points than the competition (with Nolf). But just let the rankings be what they are, an educated guess as to how teams will perform. And if you want to have "bonus potential'" that's fine. But don't change your formula every week so the outcome is what you want.
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Old 02-07-18, 10:13 AM
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