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Old 08-07-18, 02:26 PM
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Perrysburg D-1 District Rankings (Alternative)

Itís been suggested that the sectional breakdown for the Hoover and Perrysburg districts could go back to the 2017 format with the Brecksville Sectional returning to Hoover and the Willoughby South Sectional moving back to Perrysburg. Here is what the district rankings would look like if these changes occur.

1. Peyton Fenton- Elyria (1st middle school state)
2. Sean Seefeldt- St. Edward
3. Shane Heil- Berea-Midpark (SQ)
4. Jason Cascadden- Whitmer
5. Cael Saxton- Avon
6. Tyler Wittreich- Riverside
7. Ethan Wannett- Lakeside
8. Jayden Brubaker- N. Olmsted

1. Jacob Moon- Clay
2. Richie Delsanter- St. Edward (5th state)
3. Nick Sabin- Mentor (7th state)
4. Pino DiPierro- Berea-Midpark (SQ)
5. Nathan Burnett- Elyria (4th middle school state)
6. Caden Natale- Perrysburg (3rd state Michigan)
7. Chris Rocha- Riverside (SQ)
8. Anthony White- Mayfield (5th district)

1. Angelo Rini- St. Edward (4th, 5th state)
2. Ricardo Oviedo- Perrysburg (5th district, SQ 2017)
3. Caden Wendling- Berea-Midpark (6th district)
4. Case George- Ashland (6th district)
5. Tucker Garn- Sylvania Northview
6. Bryce Allison- Elyria
7. Alex Reagon- N. Olmsted
8. Cade Robertson- Avon

1. Dylan Shawver- Elyria (2nd, 4th state)
2. Jack Haskin- Whitmer (SQ)
3. Scott Richter- St. Edward (5th district)
4. Kyle Maville- Clay (SQ)
5. Zak Anderson- Midview
6. Cohan Robinson- Ashland
7. Lincoln Splete- Mentor
8. Adam Lough- Steele

1. Mick Burnett- Elyria (2nd, 6th state)
2. Luke Geog- St. Edward (3rd middle school state 2017)
3. Charles Chapman- (Fremont) Ross
4. Nate DeBoe- Mentor (5th district, 5th district 2017)
5. Mike Daly- Clay (SQ)
6. Jayden Jones- Ashland
7. Tommy Ungrady- Mayfield
8. Nate Barrett- Madison Comp.

1. Bryce Hepner- St. Edward (1st, 2nd state)
2. Matt Zuckerman- Elyria (7th state)
3. Jake Visintine- Ashland (SQ)
4. Andrew Philion- Midview (5th district)
5. Deshea Pettiford- (Fremont) Ross (SQ 2017)
6. Connor DeBoe- Mentor (SQ)
7. Alex Szigeti- Clay
8. Zach Snyder- Anthony Wayne

1. Jordan Crace- Elyria (1st, 3rd state)
2. Bryce Andonian- St. Edward (1st, 5th, 1st state)
3. Alex Garee- Perrysburg (6th district)
4. Austin McNamara- Ashland
5. Conner Liber- Sylvania Northview
6. Ben Blickle- Strongsville
7. Tyler Weseman- Clay (2nd middle school state)
8. Alex French- Riverside (6th district 2016)

1. Sam Dover- St. Edward (3rd, 3rd, 5th state)
2. Enrique Munguia- Elyria
3. Paul Twarog- North Royalton (6th district)
4. Noah Ewen- Perrysburg (1st middle school state)
5. Shayne Magda- Madison (SQ)
6. Rory Nolan- Mayfield
7. Kyle Miller- Clay
8. Trent Osborne- Madison Comp.

1. Paddy Gallagher- St Edward (3rd state)
2. Farouq Muhammed- Elyria (4th state, 6th state 2016)
3. Drew Newton- Perrysburg (5th district 2017)*
4. Troy Murphy- Clay (SQ)
5. Christian Marinozzi- Mentor (6th district, 6th district 2017)
6. Drew Butera- (Willoughby) South
7. Dane Fenice- Franklin Hts.
8. Jayden Jackson- Lakewood

1. Hudson Hightower- St. Edward (SQ)
2. Jake Evans- Elyria (SQ)
3. Jackson Weissinger- (Fremont) Ross (5th district)
4. Josh Nagy- Clay
5. Cameron Piercy- Whitmer
6. Brody Arrundale- Madison
7. Gabe Edinger- Tol. DeSales
8. Ronald Williams- Berea-Midpark

1. Mike Garcar- St. Edward (SQ)
2. Jacob Meek- Clay (SQ)
3. Jakob Beverly- Ashland
4. Hayden Rockman- Elyria
5. Ethan Garee- Perrysburg
6. Josh Appling- Mayfield
7. Clay Carpenter- Steele
8. Chad Van Pelt- Riverside

1. Caleb Wood- (Fremont) Ross (SQ)
2. Jordan Greer- Avon (5th district)
3. Justin Jaeckin- Olmsted Falls
4. Tyler Cobb- Clay (1st middle school state)
5. Lewis Aguilar- Elyria
6. Nicholas Lisco- St. Edward
7. Tristian Pitz- Ashland
8. Andrew Dickens- Whitehall-Yearling

1. Josh Bever- Ashland (5th, 7th state)
2. Seamus OíMalley- St. Edward (4th state)
3. Jake Roesch- Avon (SQ)
4. Lazar Gasic- N. Royalton (6th district)
5. Marko Flowers- Perrysburg*
6. Lyle Campbell- Clay
7. Andrew Levis- Elyria
8. Jake Noon- Findlay

1. Daniel Bucknavich- Midview (5th district)
2. Tyler Jones- N. Olmsted
3. Yousef Awad- Lakewood
4. Brian Kilbane- St. Edward
5. DayíMyrin Jones- Franklin Hts.
6. Marco Tramontano- Mayfield
7. Jack Chapman- Berea-Midpark
8. Jake Bever- Ashland

1. St. Edward
2. Elyria
3. Clay
4. Ashland
5. Perrysburg
6. (Fremont) Ross
7. Mentor
8. Berea-Midpark

-Max Pearce
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Old 08-13-18, 10:08 PM
DickShadow DickShadow is offline
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Kilbane #4? in August,come February he wins the district title, just my opinion
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