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Old 08-02-18, 03:24 PM
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Norwalk D-2 District Rankings (Off-Season #3)

Iíve started moving wrestlers around from the weights that they wrestled last year. The movement is based off of where wrestlers have wrestled in the off-season, Boro Fanís information, and some guesswork.
I welcome any insight into where wrestlers will or may be competing next season, because I know that Iím going to be way off on many wrestlers, especially this time of year.

If there are any freshmen listed at the wrong school, feel free to let me know. Also, if there are any other wrestlers who have transferred, decided not to wrestle next year, or graduated (but I mistakenly left them in the rankings), please let me know.

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.
I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

* = unsure about participation or availability

1. Max Oprzadek- Perkins (6th district)
2. Gabe Alda- Bellevue
3. Logan Cravatas- Buckeye (4th middle school state)
4. Trevor Hisey- Memorial (6th middle school state)
5. Shane Bianchi- Padua
6. Damon Molina- Wauseon
7. Caleb Payne- Upper Sandusky
8. Zach Paulus- Columbian

1. Jimmy Balazy- Padua (SQ)
2. Jake Manley- Otsego (SQ)
3. Rico Cunningham- Sandusky (SQ)
4. Caleb Hernandez- Napoleon (SQ)
5. Jameson Mullins- Port Clinton (SQ)
6. Jayden Mayes- Bellevue
7. Clayton Drummond- Memorial
8. Matt Williams- Rocky River

1. Gavin Ritter- Wauseon (5th state)
2. Payton Burgdorf- Firelands (6th, 4th state)
3. Bret Minnick- Columbian (2nd middle school state)
4. Anthony Ashley- Buckeye (SQ)
5. Noah Alda- Bellevue (6th district)
6. Ty Spencer- Ontario (5th district)
7. Lincoln Healy- Napoleon
8. Carson Ott- Norwalk

1. Corbin Houdeshell- Columbian (5th state North Carolina, 5th district 2017)
2. Matt Kaufmann- Fairview (SQ)
3. Carter Kroll- Ontario (SQ)
4. James Batesole- Clyde (5th district)
5. David Ocasio- Brookside (6th district)
6. Zane Hull- Napoleon
7. Cameron Pollard- Otsego
8. Jordan Holt- Perkins (6th district 2017)

1. Nolan Ray- Wauseon (6th state)
2. Logan Schoen- Perkins (SQ)
3. Matthew Stauffer- Benedictine (SQ)
4. Luke Beach- Wapakoneta (6th district 2017)
5. Josh Lyons- Mansfield Sen.
6. Andrew Branson- Columbian (SQ 2017)
7. Tyson West- Clyde
8. Brayzin McDaniel- Upper Sandusky

1. Caden Blust- Columbian (5th, 8th state)
2. Gabe Steyer- Van Wert (SQ)
3. Angel Granados- Napoleon (6th district 2017, SQ 2016)*
4. Ethan Turnbaugh- Ontario (3rd middle school state)
5. Elijah Hunter- Sandusky (6th district)
6. Derek Berdysz- Benedictine
7. Mike Morganstern- Clear Fork
8. Mark Janowicz- Bellevue

1. Isaiah Bretz- Van Wert (SQ)
2. Sam LoFaso- Padua (8th state)
3. Colton Turnbaugh- Ontario (SQ)
4. Brody Conley- Columbian (1st middle school state)
5. Eian Sherman- Sandusky (SQ)
6. Jakob Koleszar- Vermillion (5th district)
7. Collin Corapi- Bellevue
8. Preston Wiechart- Memorial

1. Jarrett Bischoff- Wauseon (6th state 2017)
2. John McNulty- Padua (5th district)
3. Tommy Mabry- Memorial
4. Brock Minnick- Columbian
5. Vinny DíAmico- Sandusky
6. Sawyer Henry- Perkins
7. Mason Elson- Port Clinton
8. Hank Webb- Clyde

1. Xavier Torres- Wauseon (6th state)
2. Justin Mayes- Bellevue (7th state)
3. Joey Simcoe- Columbian (SQ)
4. Nick Neitenbach- Buckeye (6th district)
5. Ian McClintock- Fairview
6. Jasharein Holliday- Huron
7. Mason Hardman- Lexington
8. Cameron Smith- Perkins

1. Ethan Hernandez- Norwalk (3rd state)
2. Lucas Salmon- Perkins (SQ)
3. Austin Willard- Padua
4. Kaedan Hatlay- Columbian
5. Logan Muhlenkamp- Celina
6. Ethan Phillips- Norwalk
7. Declan Jewitt- Fairview
8. Cody Mies- Ontario

1. Gabe Phillips- Norwalk (6th state)
2. Trent Davis- Wauseon (SQ)
3. Tai Carter- Perkins
4. Clay Adlesh- (Lima) Shawnee (6th district)
5. Xavier Johnson- Napoleon
6. Luke Muhlenkamp- Celina
7. Carson Smith- Port Clinton
8. Noah Grochowalski- Galion

1. Matthew Cover- Bay (3rd state)
2. Alec Maloney- Norwalk (SQ)
3. Adalberto Vega- Defiance (5th district 2017)*
4. Lawrence Slygh- Elida (6th district)
5. Matt Abraham- Padua
6. Max Fausnaugh- Bowling Green
7. Mason Schmoekl- Toledo C.C.
8. Drew Krall- Wauseon

1. Evan Kaeck- Wapakoneta (6th state)
2. Aaron Harris- Wauseon (6th district)
3. Sam McNulty- Perkins
4. Noah Eikenberry- Kenton
5. Tche Leroux- Norwalk (6th district)*
6. Aiden Nunez- Bellevue
7. Sebastian Chavez- Napoleon
8. Kevin Mici- Bay

1. Trey Leroux- Norwalk (SQ)*
2. Brenan Knueve- Wapakoneta (SQ)
3. Samuel Sosa- Wauseon
4. Jacob Jackson- Toledo C.C. (5th district)
5. Jonah Schlegel- Defiance
6. Kyler Capizzi- Perkins
7. Seth Huston- Celina
8. Eric Adkins- Bath

1. Wauseon
2. Columbian
3. Perkins
4. Norwalk
5. Padua
6. Bellevue
7. Napoleon
8. Ontario

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baumís Page and Jakeís Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce
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