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Old 05-17-18, 01:03 PM
Killer Nut Killer Nut is offline
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Pickerington, the IMG of Central Ohio.
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Old 05-17-18, 01:22 PM
Harrycrane Harrycrane is offline
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Well from what a knowledgeable poster from Pick says PC feeder Ridgeview could field a few team that could win their league . HMM Gonna be some very disappointed talented kids watching their classmates play at some point while they sit .

There is such thing as too much talent in terms of good quality kids not being able to get on the field. Time will tell if this is a problem , not that it's a bad problem I suppose unless you are the one sitting
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Old 05-17-18, 01:26 PM
AlwaysDoYourBest AlwaysDoYourBest is offline
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Originally Posted by Killer Nut View Post
Pickerington, the IMG of Central Ohio.
No, that will be COF Academy in Columbus!
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Old 05-17-18, 07:54 PM
Harrycrane Harrycrane is offline
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Harrycrane is an unknown quantity at this point
A few things I left out that I wanted to mention about the schedule thoughts . I do this from off the top of my head so sometimes I forget a few things that I wanted to mention .

Perrysburg - I noticed I was a bit , umm disrespectful to a proud program that has had some recent success. Film from last year tells me that it's still a mismatch but P-Burg may hang around a bit longer ? Rocks will be excited as all teams are I week one especially at home so that should take care of the overconfidence .

Jerome - no revision or anything to add .

Gahanna - Poster intimated that Lowery might be going " home" WHATEVER THAT MEANS to PN , a week 5 opponent of the Rocks . HMM well if he leaves the odds of beating Gahanna on the road go way up . PN game ? Well your smart you get the converse . But like a lot of supposed Information , there is a brown paste surrounding it.

Tangy - Well this is a direct challenge to the conditioning and work ethic of the Rock players. Bottom line is Solis punishes his kids from a conditioning standpoint. 2016 Rocks had experience and raw personnel advantages and the game was over early . Last year? Both game were competitive , but it is clear that the Braves outplayed you in the 4th quarters and the second halves in general. When you are putting in the work the next couple months and change AND ONCE THE SEASON STARTS, remember that the Braves out conditioned you and work accordingly .

PN - See post above.

Davidson - Kind of a Tangy post part 2 , You know that White is a master of revenge motivation right? He isn't as good when he can't go to that well. { 2016 He had his team playing at it's apex and over it's head quite frankly and won the regular season meeting and the Central title} . Second game ? What was his motivational angle? Hmm probably didn't have one , he had to go to Coffman for a second time and tell his kids to do what they did in the first game and beat a team that was probably better than his team for a second time in less than a month? they cam no where near the level they got to a few weeks earlier emotionally and got handled easily.

This time around ? White plays the Coffman rivalry up big time when his team lost the last one especially. Well he has lost TWO in a row in game s where his team had trouble moving it on the ground at all . Got out played from a physical standpoint the last two times .

So with an experienced team off two losses to his rival ? Rocks have to realize which they do NO ONE WORKS harder than Davidson in the weight room and conditioning wise , so the Rocks have to keep that in mind when they are putting in the work conditioning wise because mentally the Cats will likely be razor sharp and if they match the physical condition the chances go way up that victory will be achieved because if you do that your talent and skill can be the difference.

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