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Old 06-12-17, 12:16 AM
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Is there a limit to the number of softball pitches that is acceptable?

I know that softball is different than baseball but is there a limit to the number of softball pitches that is acceptable?

This just seemed excessive:
Fouts, a junior Alabama commit, threw a whopping 451 pitches in four games Friday and was named to the all-tournament team. That follows her throwing a one-hitter with 13 strikeouts in a 9-0 victory against Collins on Thursday night.

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Old 06-12-17, 06:04 AM
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Years ago in Turkey we had a very good softball team (men) at our base. We always kept a pitch count on each pitcher. One of them, when he hit 85 pitches, you better make a change because he was done. Not saying there should be a pitch count as in HS baseball, but it is something to think about.
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Old 06-13-17, 09:56 AM
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Last year in a roughly 30 hour period during the MAC Tournament Savannah Jo Dorsey of OU threw 400 pitches over 3 games. A Miami pitcher in the same period threw 321 pitches. (over 22 innings)

Dorsey threw those over 23.1 innings.
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Old 06-15-17, 11:55 AM
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Like most things associated with girls sports, there is NOT a lot of attention paid to this topic. As a dad of a pitcher, I have looked into this topic many times, but found no real data or scientific information to make a decision. My daughter threw 180 pitches in a 13-inning game this spring and we were not happy about that, but thankfully there was another pitcher who could pitch the next day. People have to understand that the old adage that girls can throw forever is just not true. Knees, lower backs, shoulders, and yes even sometimes elbows can be torn up by overuse. Research shows that girls do suffer injuries at the same ratio of boys, but since there are many more boys/men playing baseball than girls/women playing softball the sheer number of injuries is much higher for baseball. You can get away with a big pitch count if done occasionally, but if you overuse the arm regularly it will catch up to you.

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Old 06-15-17, 12:44 PM
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Bad Mechanics is a major issue with softball pitchers getting hurt. That why it important for pitchers to see a pitching coach at a young age to learn the proper mechanics. Next factor is fatigue. When softball pitchers with proper mechanics starts to get fatigued the first thing that breakdown is their mechanics. This when injuries occur because improper mechanics will put undo pressure and stress on joints and muscles.

Another issue that isn't stressed enough is pitchers should take time off every year. They should take at least 30 days off. To give their body's a chance to rest and recover.
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Old 06-15-17, 04:17 PM
Airborne88 Airborne88 is offline
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Totally agree with everything you said. We do 60 days, and spend some extra time in the weight room trying to get stronger. Way more important than the extra reps.
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Old 06-18-17, 02:21 AM
thavoice thavoice is online now
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As an outsider i always thought there should be some sort of limit not necessarily for health but for competitiveness and just general sportsmanship reasons. I hear about glas pitching so many games and innings it just seems like teams are too heavy handed one one pitcher. We complain I baseball that if things break right one bood pitcher can lead you to regionals.
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