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Old 04-24-18, 04:31 PM
gcfqn gcfqn is offline
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April 24 - State Poll

State poll
Division I
1. Lebanon (10 first-place votes) 127 points; 2. Louisville (2) 103; 3. Perrysburg, 92; 4. Mason, 73; 5. Central Crossing, 66; 6. Elyria (1) 55; 7. Holland Springfield, 49; 8. Marysville, 43; 9. Toledo Notre Dame Academy, 41; 10. Cincinnati Ursuline, 32.

Division II
1. LaGrange Keystone (5) 74; 2. Oak Harbor (1) 58; 3. Springfield Kenton Ridge (2) 46; 4. Mansfield Madison and Greenville, 38; 6. Clinton-Massie, 35; 7. Jonathan Alder, 30; 8. Granville, 29; 9. Bellevue, 20; 10. Springfield Northwestern, 17.

Division III
1. Warren Champion (7) 111; 2. Wheelersburg (2) 102; 3. North Union (1) 86; 4. Cardington, 52; 5. Sherwood Fairview, 41; 6. Pemberville Eastwood (2) 40; 7. Bloomdale Elmwood and Wellington, 38; 9. Magnolia Sandy Valley, 35; 10. Utica, 27.

Division IV
1. Jeromesville Hillsdale (6) 87; 2. Rockford Parkway (3) 81; 3. Portsmouth Clay, 48; 4. Strasburg Franklin, 44; 5. Bradford and Minster (1), 40; 7. Monroeville, 39; 8. Berne Union, 32; 9. Vienna Mathews, 19; 10. Carey, 18.
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Old 04-24-18, 06:14 PM
mikedyer mikedyer is offline
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Perry should be ranked in division 2. They have a real nice team.

D3 #6 Eastwood vs #7 Elmwood game was cancelled tonight. It is rescheduled for Thursday.
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Old 04-25-18, 07:23 AM
panther1978 panther1978 is offline
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Massillon Perry should be ranked in D1. They split with #1 Hillsdale, lost 2-0 the first game of the year to #1 Warren Champion and lost 8-7 to #2 Louisville.

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Old 04-25-18, 01:16 PM
Airborne88 Airborne88 is offline
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I don't think there is any real credible way to rank high school teams. Not each area has the same representation for these polls. They don't play the same teams, and in a lot of cases they don't even play teams in the same division during the season. I like it that we get on here and try to keep some attention on the sport, but really none of this matters.

Division 1 Schools - 187 Schools
Division 1 Poll Votes - 13 votes (less than 7%)

Division 2 Schools - 186 Schools
Division 2 Poll Votes - 8 votes (4.3%)

7 of the D1 Teams in the final poll of 2017 were not in the first poll in 2017.

D2 was a little better with 6 of 10 starting and ending in the polls.

D3 same results as D1, only 4 of 10 stayed in the polls.

Yappi viewers would do a better job!!

We should at least include records and have some conversation about opponents if we want to make this matter.
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Old 04-25-18, 08:54 PM
Heavy Hitter 1 Heavy Hitter 1 is offline
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I remember a few years ago when Uniontown Lake won the state title, they were never ranked. The kicker here is they were 2nd they year before returned most of their team and their starting pitcher who went on to pitch for U. Akron.
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Old 04-26-18, 07:25 AM
Bean2019 Bean2019 is offline
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I think that is the point of posting the poll to a forum - to generate discussion (which is recognized above) and to generate some excitement for the sport.

Every area of the state is represented in the coaches poll. Whether those representatives accurately represent is debatable but it is a way to focus on some of the potential top teams in the state in each division.

1st few polls tend to be less accurate than the last one. Even the last one probably won't match up with what happens in the tournament but I think that just adds to the excitement.

As with most media, take it with grain of salt - or in this case, a whole teaspoon
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Old 04-26-18, 09:06 AM
Airborne88 Airborne88 is offline
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I have heard from reliable sources that not every division has representation in each area. I think NEO only has a D4 rep. I agree that there are some obvious "misses" on these polls. Part of the problem is that HS coaches don't always report info and make some noise for their teams. Maybe they don't care, maybe they don't believe in it. Who knows. Some coaches don't even take the time to push for their kids to get deserved recognition. I don't know the answer. I do like what the Toledo Blade does by publishing lots of info. Unfortunately this kind of "reporting" has gone to the wayside and tabloid journalism is the norm. Here are some good examples of how it should be done:



Canton Repository and Akron Beacon Journal do daily box scores. They might come out with stat leaders later on.

It would be nice to see the coaches enter the results in a central database so everyone could see them. Not hard to do.
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Old 04-26-18, 09:55 AM
Bean2019 Bean2019 is offline
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Airborne88 - don't get me wrong, I don't disagree with a lot about what you are saying but I think the poll does serve a purpose. Could it be done better? Probably. But it is much better than say MAXPREPs.

Here is the link to the voters for the coaches poll.


D1 has 3 coaches listed from NEO:

I Northeast Jerry Goodpasture North Canton Hoover HS jgood3944@aol.com
I Northeast Dale Dawson +St. Joseph Academy daledawson@roadrunner.com
I Northeast Tom Shiban +Westlake HS shiban@wlake.org

unless they are not the ones really voting, I think NEO is being included.
Although there is no + by their names on the ohsfsca site confirming that they are still voting - whatever that means (I am by no means an insider).

Southeast Ohio only has 1 at the D1 level.

Looking at the other divisions it looks like NEO is being represented there as well (at least they are being designated as NEO).

Obviously they can't have all the coaches voting - hard enough to get the 12 or 13 to vote now (Look at D2 where you pointed out only 8 1st place votes this week when there are 12 voters.)

I have to say whether I agree with the poll results or not, I look forward to it coming out.

And I wish there was better coverage across the whole state for HS softball. It really is hit or miss . . .
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Old 04-27-18, 09:45 AM
Airborne88 Airborne88 is offline
All Ohio
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Bean, great info, thanks for sharing. It's good that they have fair coverage over the state. I would love to see Yappi have it's own poll. PBR does a great job on the boys' side. Girls have nothing like that.
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