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Old 12-02-17, 12:54 AM
ua_picktownfan ua_picktownfan is offline
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Is this game available online anywhere yet? I don't have spectrum so wasn't able to watch live.
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Old 12-02-17, 08:45 AM
OneTiger OneTiger is offline
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Originally Posted by eaglepride View Post
Another D1 title for Central Ohio? Thatís a big stretch. Easy on the self proclaimed domination talk?

If itís not NEO itís SWO.
Central would smack down any NEO or SWO that showed up to Canton. Your team didn't win. Try to show a shred of class.
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Old 12-02-17, 09:52 AM
TroyTrojan05 TroyTrojan05 is offline
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Originally Posted by playboi12 View Post
Soooo how good is Trotwood?
I said midway through the year they were the best team in Ohio. I got laughed at. Well.....
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Old 12-02-17, 01:40 PM
rrwilliams64 rrwilliams64 is offline
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Originally Posted by falguin View Post
I'd pull the starters. Everyone should get the opportunity to play in a state title game. Plus, there is no need to take a chance of getting your stars hurt. They have a lot a head in their careers. Everyone in Ytown thinks back to when Don Bucci had to try to get one more score against Harding or Reserve in the title game instead of taking a knee and Ted Bell's knee was torn up. Bell was never the same. Clear your bench.

Bell shoulda been pulled, wasn't...matter of fact here's the play (1:40 mark). Mooney ahead of Reserve 14-3 with, I think, 3 mins left. Bell had 2,400 yds and 29 TD's that year.... knee was never the same (1973, mind you, ACL/MCL tears were a death knell).
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Old 12-02-17, 02:04 PM
Walt Walt is offline
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First off...congratulations to my Tigers - players, coaches, parents, everyone. What a great accomplishment! It has been years in the making and everyone up to this point has a hand in it. You guys on these boards make comments about the coaches not changing. On one hand I agree...we are still doing mostly what we’ve done for the past 15 years...but that’s a good thing. We have a system and a style that works. But on the other hand... they have adapted. Do you remember a Central QB running the ball as much 5-10 years ago? The coaches adapted to the talent they have!

Second, hats off to Mentor. You should be proud of your team. Getting to the championship coming out of Region 1 and beating Ed’s and Iggy is also a big accomplishment! I was impressed by several of your players. I can’t believe your QB doesn’t have a lot of D1 offers... we’ve faced some really good QBs this year and he was right up there with them in terms of talent, but he’s the only one built like a D1 QB. He’s 6’4”-6’5” and solidly built. He looked like a man! Also, your o-line is probably the best we’ve faced all year. That’s the most time a QB has had against us and they were opening holes in the run game.

Third, to an earlier poster...no Pickerington doesn’t have open enrollment.

And yes, there is a lot of talent in Pickerington this year and most of it is home grown. I can’t speak for the North side because I honestly don’t know most of their kids; however, I’ve been around the Central program for years and I can’t think of any starters or significant contributors who’ve transferred in from outside Pickerington. Yes, a few kids transferred from North (and a few kids transferred from Central to North), but most if not all the starters have been playing in Pickerington since 7th grade or before.

Take it one step further... at one point the starting QBs for Gahanna, Hilliard Bradley, and Pick North all lived on the Central side of Pickerington in addition to Central’s current QB. So 4 QBs who all led their teams to at least the 2nd round of the playoffs, and who all put up crazy stats and won a lot of games COULD have all been on the same roster!!!!

Last edited by Walt; 12-02-17 at 02:37 PM.
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Old 12-02-17, 02:09 PM
vamp2syd vamp2syd is offline
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Originally Posted by OneTiger View Post
Central would smack down any NEO or SWO that showed up to Canton. Your team didn't win. Try to show a shred of class.
Congrats to Central for winning it and bringing it home to region 3. It used to be R1 and R4 that got all the talk but R3 over the last few years has really strengthened and now should be in the talk about toughest region....

Now, let me remind you that Trotwood is from SWO and I did not see a smack down the day Trotwood went to Pcikeringto and put it to Central....
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Old 12-02-17, 02:35 PM
Walt Walt is offline
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Trotwood is a very, very good team and arguably the best team in ohio this year, but the Tigers of November & December are not the same Tigers we saw in August & September. Like most, if not all teams playing this weekend, the Tigers peaked at the right time. Our offense was not nearly as powerful or efficient then. Heck we weren’t this good in October. Look at the points per game in the regular season vs playoffs. The Tigers moved the ball better and scored more points against playoff competition than they did vs non-playoff teams like an 0-10 Groveport and a 4-6 Lancaster. It took a while to find an offensive identity.

A big part of that was the maturation process of a first year starting sophomore QB. He was a raw talent early matured into a beast. And with that his role increased. He averaged something like 11 or 12 rushing attempts and 75 yds a game in the regular season. In the post season he averaged 20-25 carries and over 130 yds per game. He had more rushing TDs in the semifinal and championship than he had all regular season.

And also X Henderson’s role on offense expanded. Henderson played little to no offense early in he year. When he did it was strictly WR. He started running the ball in the playoffs and ran for over 100 yds last night.

That offensive efficiency in the playoffs helped the defense. It gave them time to rest, it took the pressure of the them, and when we got a lead it forced our opponents to get outside their comfort zone to keep up.
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