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Old 01-31-18, 12:52 PM
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tOSU ties up the Lions at the Top - NCAA Rankings 1/31/18

tOSU ties up the Lions at the Top - NCAA Rankings 1/31/18

PSU lost their lead over tOSU, but that was not the worst news for them. There was much angst in Happy Valley as returning NCAA champ Nolf suffered a knee injury. The latest report suggests that he will sit for a month and then return for the B10s and NCAAs. tOSU now leads in just one poll, with PSU leading in three, and one poll registering a tie at the top. And OKST clearly is no longer in the top four, and will be dropped from the bdhof top four until they recover (which may not happen). I'll do a simple calculation each week to see who follows tOSU and PSU in these rankings. Iowa is a pretty clear #3 now with Lee #3 at 125 and Marinelli rising at 165, up to #4 now. MIZZ gets the #4 spot in the rankings this week, barely edging out NCST.

The bdhof poll now shows a tOSU/PSU tie at the top without bonus points (BP). One poll removed PSU's Nolf from the rankings due to the injury, which caused PSU to lose a few points (~3.5). With BP, PSU's lead has shrunk slightly to 11.5 over tOSU. IOWA gave up a mere 0.5 point this week as they stayed ahead of new #4, MIZZ. Only IM and TOM use BP in their team rankings, IM giving tOSU the nod and TOM giving the nod to PSU. Flo finally eliminated their disclaimer saying that no one actually believes that tOSU is the favorite, but only because they now show tOSU and PSU in a tie for 1st.

My rankings compile the average rankings of six venues - Amateur Wrestling News (AWN), Flowrestling (Flo), Intermat (IM), The Open Mat (TOM), Trackwrestling (TW), and Wrestler Insider Magazine (WIN). When one or more of these venues do not submit a ranking, then the compilation will be of those venues that did. This week all six submitted rankings with AWN being AWOL.

Here's where we stand after nearly three months of wrestling (plus or minus from last week):
1-T tOSU 117.5 (plus 1.5)
1-T PSU 17.5 (minus 1)
3 IOWA 75.5 (minus 0.5)
4 MIZZ 67.0 (not ranked)

My secret sauce on bonus pts currently gives PSU +32.5, tOSO +21, IOWA +3 and MIZZ 0:
1 PSU 117.5 + 32.5 = 150.0
2 tOSU 117.5 + 21 = 138.5
3 IOWA 75.5 + 3 = 78.5
4 MIZZ 67.0 + 0 = 67.0

Last week's summary
Campbell loses again. This time to an unranked frosh as tOSU mauls MSU and Purdue by a combined 70-19.
PSU beats MINN 35-8 and Rutgers 25-15.
Lost to MICH 19-17.
MIZZ replaces OKST following their win over OKST last weekend by 21-19.

This Week's Marquee Matches
Take a wild guess on this one. Correct! TOSU vs PSU, #1 vs #2, eight ranked H2H matches, and eight wrestlers with NCAA titles taking the mats. Get the popcorn ready.

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Old 01-31-18, 12:57 PM
bdhof bdhof is offline
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Join Date: 12-11-10
Posts: 4,842
bdhof will become famous soon enough
tOSU has 8 wrestlers ranked in the top 8. Here's the list of Ohio wrestlers ranked Top 8 by Flo, including affiliates. Let me know if I missed anyone.

4 SR Nathan Tomasello Ohio State

2 SO Luke Pletcher Ohio State

7 SR Dean Heil OK State

6 SO Ke-Shawn Hayes Ohio State
8 SO Matt Kolodzik Princeton

5 JR Micah Jordan Ohio State

4 FR Alex Marinelli Iowa

3 SR Bo Jordan Ohio State

2 JR Myles Martin Ohio State
5 SR Domenic Abounader Michigan

1 SO Kollin Moore Ohio State

3 FR Ben Darmstadt Cornell

1 SR Kyle Snyder Ohio State

4 SR Jacob Kasper Duke

Kollin Moore and Kyle Snyder are consensus #1s.

Other Buckeyes ranked (not in top 8): 141 McKenna #11 and 165 Campbell #15.
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Old 01-31-18, 12:58 PM
bdhof bdhof is offline
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Join Date: 12-11-10
Posts: 4,842
bdhof will become famous soon enough
Flo, WIN, TW, TOM and IM all do team rankings. As you will see, there is little consensus with tOSU and PSU splitting the #1 spot, and as many as six other teams battling for the 3rd place trophy. Here's the top four for each venue.

2 tOSU
3 Iowa

1-T tOSU

3 Iowa

1 tOSU

4 Iowa

2 tOSU

2 tOSU
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