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Old 02-14-15, 12:10 AM
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Fostoria D3 District Breakdown

Boro Fan Ranking
106- Drew Mattin (Delta) (1st)
Evan Guilford (Ayersville) (18th)
Nate Vasquez (St. Joseph) (14th)
Jevon Pratt (Carey) (16th)

Mattin – Is currently the projected state champ. Mattin finished 3rd last year at state as a freshman. This year he had an impressive 2nd place finish at Iron Man, and is currently ranked 5th in the country by Intermat.
Guilford - Finished 4th at LCC where he ran into Vasquez in the consi semis winning a 4-2 decision.
Vasquez – Finished 5th at LCC. While at 113 he picked up a major decision win over Schnitker from Woodmore who’s ranked 20th by Boro Fan. Early in the season he lost to Pratt from Carey 9-0, but since then has beaten him twice (8-3 and 3-2).
Pratt – Finished 6th at LCC. Losing to Vasquez 3-2. Pratt vs. Vasquez seems to be a toss up match.

Boro Fan Ranking
113- Brysen Mansor (Huron) (9th)
Chet Swartzmiller (Hopewell-Loudon) (18th)
Gavin Grime (Archbold) (NR)
Thomas Schnittker/ Martin Steinberger (20th)
(Woodmore) (Tinora)
Mansor- Is the clear favorite at this weight. Notable wins include a decision 13-7 over Swartzmiller at the SMCC duals, and a 8-0 Major Decision over the returning district placer Steinberger (Tinora).
Swartzmiller- Swartzmiller appears to be the second best here. He has notable wins over Grime (Archbold) 7-4 at the Fricker’s Duals. He also had a close 9-7 SV win over Steinberger (Tinora).
Grime- Notable wins include decisions over both Steinberger 10-3 & Schnittker 7-3.
Schnittker/Steinberger- The fourth and final spot at this weight seems to be a battle between returning district placers from 2014. Other names that could possibly fill this final spot are James Kaniarz (Edison), Ross Rayfield (Delta), and Kage Seals (Paulding).

Boro Fan Ranking
120 – Jake Spiess (Delta) (1st)
Damian Short (Archbold) (5th)
Damian D’Emilio (Genoa) (12th)
Dominic Rosin (SMCC) (14th @ 113)
Spiess- 1st at 106 in 2013 & 3rd at 113 in 2014.
Short- 2013 State Qualifier. 8th @ Flo Nationals
D’Emilio- 2014 State qualifier at 106.
Rosin- 2014 State qualifier at 106.

Boro Fan Ranking
126 - Evan Cheek (Edison) (2nd)
JD Reisinger (Swanton) (15th)
Jonny Wheeler (Northwood) (19th)
Conor Emch (Woodmore) (NR)
Jacob Supina (SMCC) (22nd)

Cheek – Cheek in my opinion should not only win districts, but he should win state as well. At the SMCC duals he beat returning state champion Garrett Hancock 7-3. He also beat returning state runner up Hunter Bray 3-0.
Reisinger- Reisinger was a state qualifier in 2014 going 1-2 at state. Reisinger beat Emch 21-6 TF in the LCC finals for 5th.
Wheeler, Supina, Emch- At arguably the weakest weight in the district, the 3rd and 4th tickets to Columbus are toss-ups. Wheeler has a notable win over returning D2 State Qualifier Beltran from Central Catholic. Connor Emch from Woodmore has progressively improved throughout the season. He finished 6th at LCC where he beat returning state qualifier Jay Uhlenhake 2-1. Senior Jacob Supina from SMCC will also be in the mix at 126 wrestling for a ticket to Columbus.

Boro Fan Ranking
132 – Tyler Sarreshteh (Liberty Benton) (2nd)
Brady Barnett (Edison) (4th)
Buddy Limes (Otsego) (11th)
Hugo Villareel (Gibsonburg) (NR)
Austin Wilson (Archbold) (NR)
Trevor Reed (New London) (13th)

Sarreshteh- 2X State Placer. (4th & 5th)
Barnett- Jumping up 3 weights from last season at 113 where he placed 6th in Columbus.
Limes- Last year Limes did not compete at the District tournament due to the flu. Limes looks to be the clear favorite for the 3rd spot in the district for his first bid to Columbus. Notable: Limes lost to Sarreshteh in a nail biting match 5-4.
Wilson/Reed – The final spot at 132 appears to be wide open with Noah Mattin (Delta) being injured this year, and rumor has it Gabe Santa Rita (Edgerton) is done for the year. Last year, Reed was a state qualifier at 126. Wilson/Reed this year have no notable wins. However, last year Wilson did manage to beat Reed 7-0 at LCC. Wilson should exit the Archbold sectional as a #1. Villareel, a large 132 pounder, has a notable win over Bates (Genoa). He also had a close match with Sarreshteh this year at Van Buren 8-6. Villareel, Wilson, and Reed all have an equal chance of squeezing out of the district.

Boro Fan Ranking
138 – Dustin Marteney (Delta) (3rd)
Devon Dunbar (Genoa) (NR)
Trenton Soto (Otsego) (6th)
Wes Fritz (St. Paul) (7th)
Marteney – 2X state placer (5th and 8th). Marteney is the clear favorite in a district full of state placers.
Dunbar – Dunbar placed 3rd at state last year in Columbus. He has missed most of the season due to transferring from Northwood. Dunbar has beaten Soto this year 5-4 at state duals. He also beat him 5-4 at the NBC finals.
Soto – A 2X state qualifier. 1X Placer (6th this past year @ 132). Soto has lost to Marteney this year 3-1 at Perrysburgh.
Fritz - Fritz is a 2X state placer. He should be a low end state placer this year at the 138 pound weight class. Fritz last year ran into Soto in the District finals for 3rd where he lost 11-3.

Boro Fan Ranking
145 – Derek Gross (St Paul) (2nd)
Mitchel Matheny (Riverdale) (14th)
Mitchell Davidson (Eastwood) (13th)
Brandon Bates (Genoa) (18th)
Austin Glosser (Otsego) (21st)
Lukas Rufenacht (Archbold) (NR)

Gross- Gross is the clear favorite here. Gross placed 4th @ 138 in Columbus last year.
Davidson- Has beaten Matheny 4-3 this season. He has also beaten Glosser (Otsego) 3-1.
Matheny- Was a state qualifier 2 years ago. Last year he finished 5th in the district @ 138, and actually got to wrestle in Columbus due to the 4th spot wrestler coming out of the BG district not passing skin checks at state. Matheny has beaten Glosser (Otsego) twice this year.
Bates,Glosser,Rufenacht – The 4th spot in the district will most likely be Brandon Bates from Genoa. However, Glosser is a returning district placer & has had close matches with both Bates and Davidson this year. Rufenacht should come out of the Archbold sectional as a #1, which will set him up for a good shot at squeezing out of the district.

Boro Fan Ranking
152 – Devon Taylor (Margaretta) (4th @ 145)
Damian Vitt (Hopewell Loudon) (10th @ 160)
Garrett Grime (Archbold) (10th)
Jordan Birdsall (NR)

Taylor - Rumor has it Taylor will wrestle up at 152 for the post season. Taylor placed 6th @ 145 in Columbus this past year.
Vitt - Vitt was a district placer this past year at 160 pounds. He wrestled most of the year at 160. At the Fricker’s duals he bumped up a weight class and beat Grime 9-5. At the SMCC duals he bumped up to 170 once again for better competition against 2X state qualifier Mcfadden and lost in OT 6-5.
Grime - Two years ago Grime placed 6th in the district. Grime started the year wrestling 170, but since then has made his way down to the 152 weight class. Grime placed 4th at Maumee Bay where he beat a Divison II 2X state qualifier Sowards 3-0.
Birdsall – Birdsall was a district qualifier last year going 1-2 at districts @ 160. Birdsall has spent the majority of the year at 160. I believe his length/strength will give him a great advantage at 152.

160- Jesse Beverly (Delta) (1st)
Caleb Stockmaster (Margaretta) (NR)
Jake Staggs (Edison) (6th)
Seth Gaghen (Woodmore) (19th)
David Bell (Archbold) (NR)
Riley Tercha (Otsego) (15th)

Beverly- Jesse Beverly was a Jr. High state champ two years ago. His freshman year he had an impressive 3rd place finish in Columbus @ 152. Beverly should not be challenged at districts.
Stockmaster- Was a state qualifier last year @ 152 where he went 1-2 in Columbus. Last year Stockmaster wrestled Beverly in the district finals where he lost 7-1. He also wrestled Beverly at state and lost 6-3.
Staggs- Staggs, a transfer from Waynedale, looks to be the 3rd best at this weight. Staggs should be a mid to low-end state placer this year in Columbus.
Gaghen/Bell/Tercha- These three have an equal chance at making it to Columbus. Gaghen beat Bell at Woodmore 4-3. However, Tercha has beaten Gaghen this year
1-0. Bell began the year wrestling up at 182, but since then has made it down to 160. Bell placed 8th at Medina. At LCC Bell pinned Andrew Caris (Ranked 18th by Borofan).

Boro Fan Ranking
170- Chance Sonnenberg (Van Buren) (3rd)
Ryan Patchin (Delta) (4th)
Hayden Miller (St Paul) (5th)
Ryan Green (Margaretta) (10th)

Sonnenberg- Has placed 5th the past two years. This year Sonnenberg went 3-2 at Ironman. Sonnenberg beat Miller in the LCC finals.
Patchin- Patchin placed 6th this past year in Columbus. This year Patchin went 2-2 at Ironman. This district finals match between Sonnenberg should be very close.
Miller- Placed 8th in Columbus last year.
Green- A state qualifier this past year at 170 pounds. Green went 1-2 at state losing his placement match 2-1. Last year Green wrestled Miller in the sectional finals and lost 10-2.

Boro Fan Ranking
182- Jack Staggs (Edison) (4th)
Mark Francis (Delta) (5th)
Gavin Saul (Fairview) (9th @ 195)
Hunter Mckelvey (Montpelier) (NR)

Staggs- A transfer from Waynedale. He was a state qualifier last year @ 182.
Francis- Mark Francis was a state qualifier this past year.
Saul- A transfer from Bryan. Saul has beaten Francis this year 10-9.
Mckelvey- The final spot at 182 is wide open Baird (Genoa), Mckelvey (Montpelier), and Henline (Gibsonburg) are all candidates to fill this last qualifying spot.

Boro Fan Ranking
195- Jacob Worthington (Edison) (1st)
Drake Reed (Margaretta) (14th @ 220)
Matt Rainey (Swanton) (15th)
Kent Peterson (Patrick Henry) (13th)
Alex Hinojosa (Tinora) (23rd)
Worthington- A 2X state placer (5th & 6th). Worthington should not be challenged at this weight.
Reed- Reed was a district placer up at 220 last year. He lost his 5th place match at districts last year 4-2 to Smith (Tinora).
Rainey- Rainey was a district qualifier last year @ 195. This year he has beaten Peterson (Patrick Henry) both at the Woodmore tournament and LCC (5-4). Both being very close matches.
Peterson/Hinojosa- The final spot should go to returning state qualifier Peterson. Hinojosa should also be able to compete at the district tournament. He beat Rainey 6-5 in the state duals this year.

Boro Fan Ranking

220- Jay Nino (Genoa) (1st)
Cameron Conaway (South Central) (4th)
Devon Richards (Delta) (5th)
Jarett Bute (Antwerp) (NR)

Nino- Last years state champ @ 220 is the clear favorite to win the district. This year he has beaten Richards 5-1.
Conaway- Last year Conaway was the district runner-up @ 220, and also placed 4th down in Columbus.
Richards- Placed 5th in Columbus last year.
Bute- The best candidate for the final spot is Jarett Bute from Antwerp. Bute has beaten Hatchet (Fairview) 16-6 this year. Bute should come out of the Archbold sectional as a #2.

Boro Fan Ranking

285- Chance Veller (Delta) (1st)
Isaac Sexton (Van Buren) (9th)
Brandon Workman (Western Reserve) (13th)
Brandon Bennett (Patrick Henry) (10th)

Veller- Placed 7th last year in Columbus. This year he’s placed 3rd at Ironman, 1st at Brecksville, 1st at Perrysburg, and 3rd at Maumee Bay.
Sexton- Sexton placed 6th in the district this past year. He beat SQ Ferguson 10-4 in the LCC finals.
Workman- Was a state alternant last year.
Bennett- Went 2-2 last year at districts. He lost to Sexton 3-1 first round at districts last year. He also lost to Workman 3-2 last year at districts in the consi quarters. Bennett placed 3rd at LCC this year.

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Old 02-14-15, 12:12 AM
NWOhio NWOhio is offline
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Next To each name I have what Boro Fan has ranked each wrestler in the state. I did this is Microsoft Word, and the formatting was slightly changed after copying it to yappi.
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Old 02-15-15, 12:10 PM
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I am seeing on all these predictions that Gavin Saul from Fairview is wrestling 182 for the tournament after wrestling 195 for the season. Is this just a prediction or is he really moving down? Just wondering where this is coming from.
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Old 02-15-15, 06:54 PM
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I have Stockmaster ranked
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