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Preseason Rankings - statewide divisional (2017-18)

They will be posted in the threads below

The goal is to provide an idea of the overall landscape for each weight class in a given division, plus give an idea of how things stand in each weight when it comes to state tournament qualification.
**Top 16 wrestlers listed per weight (except 106)
**Top 5(+) for each district in a weight class (select exceptions)

-Division I wrestlers in the central district "pool" will be listed for Hilliard Darby though 6-7 of those schools will end up going to Perrysburg. I don't think any of the real top teams will choose to go up to Perrysburg though.
-For Division II, the notation is East-TBD b/c I'm not sure where that district tournament will be held (most likely Claymont)
-For Division III, there was talk of the district in the northwest moving out of Toledo Waite, but I am listing it as Toledo Waite for now.

The team rankings, which can be done one of two ways, will be done in the coming days:
(1) the "hybrid" structure, which is like how I do the national team rankings (i.e. Fab50)
(2) 100% state tournament scoring projection, based on the individual weight class rankings
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bucksman will become famous soon enough

106 pounds
1. Dustin Norris, Cincinnati LaSalle, freshman (Kettering Fairmont)
2. Mikey Lewarchik, Wadsworth, freshman (North Canton)
3. Sean Seefeldt, St. Edward, freshman (Perrysburg)
4. Jack Haskin, Toledo Whitmer, freshman (Perrysburg)
5. Pacey Nasdusak, Mason, sophomore (Kettering Fairmont)
6. Jack Stanley, Brecksville, junior (Perrysburg)
7. Jacob Reed, Lancaster, freshman (Hilliard Darby)
8. Marlon Yarbrough, Copley, freshman (North Canton)
9. Nick Sabin, Mentor, sophomore (North Canton)
10. Collin Lovett, Miamisburg, sophomore (Kettering Fairmont)
11. William Doepker, Cincinnati Elder, sophomore (Kettering Fairmont)
12. Jake Williams, Massillon Perry, sophomore (North Canton)
13. Mason Hakeos, Holland Springfield, senior (Perrysburg)
14. James Baumann, Dublin Coffman, freshman (Hilliard Darby)
15. Bryce Allison, Elyria, sophomore (Perrysburg)

HD – Reed, Baumann, TBD, TBD; TBD
KF – Norris, Nasdusak, Lovett, Doepker; TBD
NC – Lewachik, Yarbrough, Sabin, Williams; TBD
PBG – Seefeldt, Haskin, Stanley, Hakeos; Allison

113 pounds
1. Julian Tagg, Brecksville, sophomore (Perrysburg)
2. Lucas Byrd, Cincinnati LaSalle, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
3. Dylan Shawver, Elyria, sophomore (Perrysburg)
4. Logan Agin, Lancaster, sophomore (Hilliard Darby)
5. Scotty Richter, St. Edward, sophomore (Perrysburg)
6. Gavin Sampsel, Massillon Perry, sophomore (North Canton)
7. Michael Shaw, Olmsted Falls, senior (Perrysburg)
8. Jedidiah Marlow, Western Brown, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
9. Jacob Sherman, Olentangy, junior (Hilliard Darby)
10. Jacob Moon, Oregon Clay, freshman (Perrysburg)
11. Ricardo Oviedo, Perrysburg, sophomore (Perrysburg)
12. Lucas Seibert, Westerville North, senior (Hilliard Darby)
13. Moustapha Bal, Fairfield, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
14. Douglas Patterson, Mifflin, senior (Hilliard Darby)
16. Michael Kelly, Barberton, sophomore (North Canton)
16. Pino DiPiero, Berea-Midpark, sophomore (Perrysburg)

HD – Agin, Sherman, Seibert, Patterson; Kyle Murray (Dublin Coffman, senior)
KF – Byrd, Marlow, Bal, Kyah Patrick (Beavercreek, sophomore); Cole McGuire (Miamisburg, junior)
NC – Sampsel, Kelly, Zachary Evans (North Canton Hoover, freshman), Derek Fields (Brunswick, freshman); Hunter Helminiak (Austintown Fitch, junior)
PBG – Tagg, Shawver, Richter, Shaw; Moon, Oviedo, DiPiero

120 pounds
1. Brendon Fenton, Elyria, senior (Perrysburg)
2. Zach Shupp, Fairfield, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
3. Micah Norwood, Lancaster, freshman (Hilliard Darby)
4. Brandon Lucas, Western Brown, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
5. Jordan Rosselli, Olentangy Liberty, senior (Hilliard Darby)
6. Jake Canitano, Solon, junior (North Canton)
7. Angelo Rini, St. Edward, junior (Perrysburg)
8. Andrew Perelka, Brecksville, senior (Perrysburg)
9. Antoine Allen, Cincinnati LaSalle, sophomore (Kettering Fairmont)
10. Logan Hoskins, Vandalia Butler, sophomore (Kettering Fairmont)
11. Jaivon Jones, Shaker Hts, junior (North Canton)
12. Micah Dusseau, Hilliard Davidson, senior (Hilliard Darby)
13. Landen Hacker, Wadsworth, freshman (North Canton)
14. Tommy Ungrady, Mayfield, freshman (North Canton)
15. Tate Zeman, Avon, senior (Perrysburg)
16. Jared Dressler, Medina, senior (North Canton)

HD – Norwood, Rosselli, Dusseau, Jesse Bowers (Upper Arlington, sophomore); Cristian Salazar (Gahanna Lincoln, junior)
KF – Shupp, Lucas, Allen, Hoskins, Marcus Nasdusak (Mason, junior)
NC – Canitano, Jones, Hacker, Ungrady; Dressler
PBG – Fenton, Rini, Perelka, Zeman; Nic Kuntz (Olmsted Falls, junior)

126 pounds
1. Gabriel Tagg, Brecksville, junior (Perrysburg)
2. Gio DiSabato, Hilliard Davidson, senior (Hilliard Darby)
3. Logan Heil, Brunswick, senior (North Canton)
4. Mick Burnett, Elyria, sophomore (Perrysburg)
5. Ronnie Pietro, Vandalia Butler, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
6. Bryce Hepner, St. Edward, sophomore (Perrysburg)
7. Gus Sutton, Austintown Fitch, junior (North Canton)
8. Kyle Gruber, Massillon Perry, senior (North Canton)
9. Jabari Thomas, Fairfield, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
10. Dylan Waugh, Mason, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
11. Blake Saito, Olentangy Liberty, sophomore (Hilliard Darby)
12. Nick Nastasi, Kenston, sophomore (North Canton)
13. Deshea Pettiford, Fremont Ross, junior (Perrysburg)
14. Joey Hirsch, Solon, senior (North Canton)
15. William Harris, Tri-Valley, senior (Hilliard Darby)
16. Cameron Baird, Harrison, junior (Kettering Fairmont)

HD – DiSabato, Saito, Harris, Alec Fulwider (Watkins Memorial, senior); Hudson Leapley (Grove City Central Crossing, junior)
KF – Pietro, Thomas, Waugh, Harris; Seth Lambers (Cincinnati Elder, sophomore)
NC – Heil, Sutton, Gruber, Nastasi; Hirsch
PBG – Tagg, Burnett, Hepner, Pettiford; Patrick McGraw (St. Ignatius, junior)

132 pounds
1. Matt Fields, Walsh Jesuit, senior (North Canton)
2. Matt Kazimir, St. Edward, senior (Perrysburg)
3. Josh Breeding, Elyria, senior (Perrysburg)
4. Jordan Ward, Cincinnati Moeller, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
5. Ronnie Rowan, Akron Firestone, senior (North Canton)
6. Sam Glassco, Mason, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
7. D.J. Huff, St. Ignatius, junior (Perrysburg)
8. Jimmy Carmany, Brecksville, sophomore (Perrysburg)
9. Darnai Heard, Cincinnati LaSalle, freshman (Kettering Fairmont)
10. Mason Sparks, Marion Harding, junior (Hilliard Darby)
11. Jack Collins, Cincinnati Elder, sophomore (Kettering Fairmont)
12. Andrew Knick, Northmont, sophomore (Kettering Fairmont)
13. Zach Williams, Delaware Hayes, junior (Hilliard Darby)
14. Tyler Kaminski, Green, senior (North Canton)
15. Logan Messer, Wadsworth, freshman (North Canton)
16. Zander Ellison, Hilliard Bradley, junior (Hilliard Darby)

HD – Sparks, Williams, Ellison, Brandon Hassel (Pickerington North, senior); Devin Wood (Grove City Central Crossing, senior)
KF – Ward, Glassco, Heard, Collins; Knick
NC – Fields, Rowan, Kaminski, Messer; Caleb Schramm (Akron Ellett, senior)
PBG – Kazimir, Breeding, Huff, Carmany; Chase Walczak (Perrysburg, senior)

138 pounds
1. Bryce Andonian, St. Edward, junior (Perrysburg)
2. Victor Voinovich, Brecksville, freshman (Perrysburg)
3. Luke Baughman, Wadsworth, junior (North Canton)
4. Elan Heard, Cincinnati LaSalle, sophomore (Kettering Fairmont)
5. Jovan Fuqua, Princeton, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
6. Jihad Salti, Olmsted Falls, senior (Perrysburg)
7. Daniel Segura, Dublin Scioto, sophomore (Hilliard Darby)
8. Blake Wright, Westerville North, sophomore (Hilliard Darby)
9. Nick Schneider, Anthony Wayne, senior (Perrysburg)
10. Ryan Wissel, Medina, senior (North Canton)
11. Gavin Bell, Beavercreek, sophomore (Kettering Fairmont)
12. Matt Zuckerman, Elyria, junior (Perrysburg)
13. Tanner Donathan, Western Brown, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
14. Charles Chapman, Fremont Ross, junior (Perrysburg)
15. Antoine Holloway, Maple Hts, junior (North Canton)
16. Tanner Perdue, Cincinnati Elder, sophomore (Kettering Fairmont)

HD – Segura, Wright, Chase Haimerl (Thomas Worthington, senior), Brady Pethel (Olentangy, junior); TBD
KF – Heard, Fuqua, Bell, Donathan; Perdue
NC – Baughman, Wissel, Holloway, Zack Scalf (Barberton, junior); TBD
PBG – Andonian, Voinovich, Salti, Schneider; Zuckerman, Chapman

145 pounds
1. Sam Dover, St. Edward, junior (Perrysburg)
2. Michael North, Wadsworth, junior (North Canton)
3. Marco Regalbuto, Brecksville, junior (Perrysburg)
4. Walker Heard, Marysville, junior (Hilliard Darby)
5. Lamonte Chapman, Fremont Ross, senior (Perrysburg)
6. Garrett Anderson, Oregon Clay, senior (Perrysburg)
7. Justin Taylor, Oak Hills, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
8. Demetrius Monroe, Hilliard Davidson, senior (Hilliard Darby)
9. Drew Newton, Perrysburg, junior (Perrysburg)
10. Landon Plank, Ashland, senior (Perrysburg)
11. Ryan Whitten, Stebbins, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
12. James White IV, Olentangy, senior (Hilliard Darby)
13. Jestin Love, Vandalia Butler, sophomore (Kettering Fairmont)
14. Jordan Hamblin, Western Brown, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
15. Jimmy Schill, Elyria, junior (Perrysburg)
16. Chucky Lipps, Cincinnati Elder, senior (Kettering Fairmont)

HD – Heard, Monroe, White, Cole Foster (Big Walnut, senior); Derek Mitchell (Lancaster, senior)
KF – Taylor, Whitten, Love, Hamblin; Lipps
NC – North, Ian Senz (Medina, senior), Doug Bailey (Madison, junior), Kris Jones (Twinsburg, senior); Brady Linder (Medina Highland, sophomore)
PBG – Dover, Regalbuto, Chapman, Anderson; Newton, Plank, Schill

152 pounds
1. Connor Brady, Olentangy Liberty, junior (Hilliard Darby)
2. Nevan Snodgrass, Kettering Fairmont, sophomore (Kettering Fairmont)
3. Farouq Muhammed, Elyria, junior (Perrysburg)
4. Jake Marsh, Marysville, senior (Hilliard Darby)
5. Padraic Gallagher, St. Edward, freshman (Perrysburg)
6. Chris Donathan, Mason, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
7. Josh Jaeckin, Olmsted Falls, senior (Perrysburg)
8. Alex Farenchak, Painesville Riverside, senior (North Canton)
9. Alexander Gore, Olentangy, senior (Hilliard Darby)
10. Drew Wiechers, Centerville, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
11. Ian Heiland, Beavercreek, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
12. Ben Yost, Dublin Coffman, senior (Hilliard Darby)
13. Darese Sparkman, Massillon Perry, junior (North Canton)
14. Tyler Wissel, Medina, senior (North Canton)
15. Luke Shirley, Harrison, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
16. Will Schmidt, Walsh Jesuit, senior (North Canton)

HD – Brady, Marsh, Gore, Yost; Connor Evans (Olentangy Orange, senior)
KF – Snodgrass, Donathan, Wiechers, Heiland; Shirley
NC – Farenchak, Sparkman, Wissel, Schmidt; Chrisian Marinozzi (Mentor, junior)
PBG – Muhammed, Gallagher, Jaeckin, Seth Douglas (Findlay, senior); Paul Twarog (North Royalton, junior)

160 pounds
1. David Carr, Massillon Perry, senior (North Canton)
2. Jaden Mattox, Grove City Central Crossing, senior (Hilliard Darby)
3. Austin Murphy, Cincinnati Elder, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
4. Trey Sizemore, Cincinnati LaSalle, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
5. Tyler Bates, Marysville, senior (Hilliard Darby)
6. Najee Lockett, St. Ignatius, sophomore (Perrysburg)
7. Brett McIntosh, Harrison, sophomore (Kettering Fairmont)
8. Chase Haehnle, Oak Hills, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
9. Kamal Adewumi, Mason, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
10. Hudson Hightower, St. Edward, freshman (Perrysburg)
11. Joe Koplow, Kenston, junior (North Canton)
12. Troy Murphy, Oregon Clay, junior (Perrysburg)
13. Hunter Thornsberry, Newark, senior (Hilliard Darby)
14. Ben Vanadia, Brecksville, freshman (Perrysburg)
15. Sean Mondello, Talwanda, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
16. Logan Tate, Mt. Vernon, senior (Hilliard Darby)

HD – Mattox, Bates, Thornsberry, Tate; Avery Flanagan (Olentangy, senior)
KF – Murphy, Sizemore, McIntosh, Haehnle; Adewumi, Mondello
NC – Carr, Koplow, Mason Coleman (Hudson, senior), Brody Arrundale (Madison, junior); Billy Fleming (Mayfield, senior)
PBG – Lockett, Hightower, Murphy, Vanadia; Hunter Kupniewski (North Royalton, sophomore)

170 pounds
1. Emil Soehnlen, Massillon Perry, senior (North Canton)
2. Carson Kharchla, Olentangy Liberty, junior (Hilliard Darby)
3. Cornell Beachem, Winton Woods, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
4. Brady Chrisman, Medina, senior (North Canton)
5. Michael Feree, Austintown Fitch, senior (North Canton)
6. Charles Sanders, Cincinnati Elder, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
7. Lennox Wolak, Dublin Coffman, junior (Hilliard Darby)
8. Eric Vermillion, Mason, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
9. Ethan Hatcher, Brecksville, sophomore (Perrysburg)
10. Garrett Barth, Fremont Ross, senior (Perrysburg)
11. Jordan Hardrick, Huber Hts Wayne, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
12. Jared Uran, Cincinnati LaSalle, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
13. Cole Foor, Watkins Memorial, sophomore (Hilliard Darby)
14. Dru Hernandez, Findlay, senior (Perrysburg)
15. Jordan Deluse, Lancaster, senior (Hilliard Darby)
16. Joey Bradberry, Lakota West, senior (Kettering Fairmont)

HD – Kharchla, Wolak, Foor, Deluse; Micah Potterf (Westerville North, junior)
KF – Beachem, Sanders, Vermillion, Hardrick; Uran, Bradberry
NC – Soehnlen, Chrisman, Feree, Austin Ceferatti (Twinsburg, junior); Mason McMillen (Wadsworth, junior)
PBG – Hatcher, Barth, Hernandez, Logan Toth (St. Ignatius, senior); Jake Evans (Elyria, freshman)

182 pounds
1. Trevor Lawson, Olentangy Liberty, senior (Hilliard Darby)
2. Joey Baughman, Wadsworth, senior (North Canton)
3. Victor Marcelli, Massillon Jackson, senior (North Canton)
4. Jake Thompson, Cincinnati Moeller, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
5. Blake Wilson, Cincinnati LaSalle, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
6. Luke Reicosky, North Canton Hoover, senior (North Canton)
7. Gary Wokojance, Barberton, junior (North Canton)
8. Zach Blackiston, Massillon Perry, senior (North Canton)
9. Trevor Begin, Midview, senior (Perrysburg)
10. Simon Shirley, Harrison, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
11. Eric Altman, Western Brown, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
12. Xzavier Weathersby, Cincinnati Elder, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
13. A.J. McRitchie, Lancaster, senior (Hilliard Darby)
14. Jacob Yost, Springfield, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
15. Jansen Love, Vandalie Butler, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
16. Lewis Aguilar, Elyria, junior (Perrysburg)

HD – Lawson, McRitchie, Garegin Soghomanyan (Upper Arlington, senior), Parker Bauman (Dublin Coffman, senior); TBD
KF – Thompson, Wilson, Shirley, Altman; Weathersby, Yost, Love
NC – Baughman, Marcelli, Reicosky, Wokojance; Blackiston, Jack Murphy (Dover, junior)
PBG – Begin, Aguilar, Caleb Wood (Fremont Ross, junior), Kyle Miller (Oregon Clay, junior); TBD

195 pounds
1. Jared Ball, Hilliard Darby, senior (Hilliard Darby)
2. Cody Howard, St. Edward, senior (Perrysburg)
3. Joe Cochran, Springfield, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
4. Michael Baker, Cincinnati LaSalle, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
5. Seth Frambach, Midview, senior (Perrysburg)
6. Sam Wyche, Cincinnati Moeller, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
7. Ashton Spurgeon, Mt. Vernon, senior (Hilliard Darby)
8. Michael O’Horo, Boardman, junior (North Canton)
9. Michael Drobnick, St. Ignatius, senior (Perrysburg)
10. Zach Bryant, Findlay, senior (Perrysburg)
11. Jaden Mendeluk, Olmsted Falls, senior (Perrysburg)
12. Brady Garren, Logan, senior (Hilliard Darby)
13. Zenik Vovk, Massillon Jackson, senior (North Canton)
14. Chris Suarez, Wadsworth, senior (North Canton)
15. Bodi Bien, Westerville North, senior (Hilliard Darby)
16. Jaren Curtis, Massillon Perry, junior (North Canton)

HD – Ball, Spurgeon, Garren, Bien; Issa Khalil (Hilliard Bradley, senior)
KF – Cochran, Baker, Wyche, Blake Justice (Lebanon, senior); Tyler Wilcox (Huber Hts Wayne, junior)
NC – O’Horo, Vovk, Suarez, Curtis; Paul Zenitska (Barberton, junior)
PBG – Howard, Frambach, Drobnick, Bryant; Mendeluk

220 pounds
1. Antonio McCloud, Cincinnati Elder, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
2. Garrett Bledsoe, Cincinnati LaSalle, junior (Kettering Fairmont)
3. Clay McComas, Wadsworth, senior (North Canton)
4. Cameron Sauerwein, Harrison, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
5. Josh Bever, Ashland, junior (Perrysburg)
6. Zach D’Anna, Brecksville, senior (Perrysburg)
7. Jacob Charette, Centerville, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
8. Omar Fattah, St. Edward, senior (Perrysburg)
9. Trevor Hankins, Cincinnati Moeller, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
10. Ben Smith, North Canton Hoover, senior (North Canton)
11. Adam Luster, Massillon Perry, sophomore (North Canton)
12. Jacob Cover, Hilliard Darby, senior (Hilliard Darby)
13. Parker Meaney, Ashtabula Lakeside, senior (North Canton)
14. Aidan Gill, St. Ignatius, senior (Perrysburg)
15. Dante Landolfi, Upper Arlington, senior (Hilliard Darby)
16. Jack Roesch, Avon, junior (Perrysburg)

HD – Cover, Landolfi, Ethan Smeagal (Marysville, junior), Soriba Kaba (Westland, senior); TBD
KF – McCloud, Bledsoe, Sauerwein, Charette; Hankins
NC – McComas, Smith, Luster, Meaney; Riley Warner (Dover, senior)
PBG – Bever, D’Anna, Fattah, Gill; Roesch

285 pounds
1. Jordan Earnest, Wadsworth, senior (North Canton)
2. Matt Lee, Amherst, senior (Perrysburg)
3. Zaid Hamdan, Mason, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
4. Alec Moore-Nash, Cincinnati Elder, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
5. Jacob Padilla, Huber Hts Wayne, sophomore (Kettering Fairmont)
6. Jack Heyob, Cincinnati St. Xavier, senior (Kettering Fairmont)
7. Tyler Connolly, Marysville, junior (Hilliard Darby)
8. Nick Daly, Oregon Clay, senior (Perrysburg)
9. Davin Lambert, Olentangy Liberty, senior (Hilliard Darby)
10. Michael Mather, Uniontown Lake, junior (North Canton)
11. Luca Santillo, St. Edward, senior (Perrysburg)
12. Tyler Petrey, Austintown Fitch, senior (North Canton)
13. Derrick Bowman, Lancaster, senior (Hilliard Darby)
14. Tyjuan Hill, Bedford, senior (North Canton)
15. Daniel Bucknavich, Midview, sophomore (Perrysburg)
16. Jon Hardin, Miamisburg, sophomore (Kettering Fairmont)

HD – Connolly, Lambert, Bowman, David Rodriguez (New Albany, senior); Jaden Smith (Teays Valley, junior)
KF – Hamdan, Moore-Nash, Padilla, Heyob; Hardin
NC – Earnest, Mather, Petrey, Hill; William Gaillen (Copley, senior)
PBG – Lee, Daly, Santillo, Bucknavich; Cade Chapetta (Holland Springfield, senior)
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bucksman will become famous soon enough

106 pounds
1. Jacob Decatur, CVCA, junior (Alliance)
2. Payton Burgdorf, Firelands, sophomore (Mansfield)
3. Kyle Rowan, Perry, sophomore (Alliance)
4. Peyton Kellar, Vincent Warren, freshman (East-TBD)
5. Garrett Lautzenheiser, Louisville, freshman (Alliance)
6. Jake Manley, Otsego, sophomore (Mansfield)
7. Aaron Ferguson, Steubenville, freshman (East-TBD)
8. Howard Williams, East Liverpool, freshman (East-TBD)
9. Caleb Hernandez, Napoleon, junior (Mansfield)
10. Ethan Fletcher, Canfield, freshman (Alliance)
11. Chase Huff, Goshen, sophomore (Wilmington)
12. Jason Mayes, Jefferson, junior (Alliance)
13. Domonic Davis, London, sophomore (East-TBD)
14. Trace Braun, St. Paris Graham, freshman (Wilmington)
15. Gabe Alda, Bellevue, freshman (Mansfield)
16. Dierre Clayton, Akron SVSM, freshman (Alliance)

ALL – Decatur, Rowan, Lautzenheiser, Fletcher; Mayes, Clayton
EAST – Kellar, Ferguson, Williams, Davis; TBD
MAN – Burgdorf, Manley, Hernandez, Alda; TBD
WIL – Huff, Braun, TBD, TBD; TBD

113 pounds
1. Tanner Jordan, St. Paris Graham, junior (Wilmington)
2. Christian Wayt, West Branch, junior (Alliance)
3. Cael Woods, West Holmes, sophomore (East-TBD)
4. Gavin Ritter, Wauseon, junior (Mansfield)
5. Trey Finnearty, Circleville, sophomore (Wilmington)
6. Jarrett Warrington, Claymont, junior (East-TBD)
7. Peyton Blasko, Steubenville, junior (East-TBD)
8. Jimmy Balazy, Padua, junior (Mansfield)
9. Josh Dunn, Goshen, sophomore (Wilmington)
10. Sean Neff, Streetsboro, junior (Alliance)
11. Joey Dima, Valley View, junior (Wilmington)
12. Caleb Greenlee, Gallia Academy, senior (East-TBD)
13. Jake Hamulak, Chardon, sophomore (Alliance)
14. Terry Gatrell, Meadowbrook, junior (East-TBD)
15. Corbin Houdeshell, Tiffin Columbian, sophomore (Mansfield)
16. Matthew Williams/Caleb Scarborough, CVCA, freshman (Alliance)

ALL – Wayt, Neff, Hamulak, Williams/Scarborough; Tommy Frazier (Lake Catholic, junior)
EAST – Woods, Warrington, Blasko, Greenlee; Gatrell
MAN – Ritter, Balazy, Houdeshell, Matt Kaufmann (Fairview, sophomore); Tristan Villarreal (Defiance, sophomore)
WIL – Jordan, Finnearty, Dunn, Dima; Abrum Barnheiser (Lemon Monroe, senior)

120 pounds
1. Nate Keaton, Circleville, senior (Wilmington)
2. Matt Cardello, CVCA, senior (Alliance)
3. Dominic Carone, Streetsboro, senior (Alliance)
4. Cole McComas, Beaver Local, sophomore (East-TBD)
5. Alek Martin, St. Paris Graham, freshman (Wilmington)
6. Hunter Ryan, Lake Catholic, senior (Alliance)
7. Edward Suber, Akron SVSM, junior (Alliance)
8. Jacob Johnson, Jonathan Alder, senior (East-TBD)
9. Brady O’Connor, Indian Valley, junior (East-TBD)
10. Thane Kaufman, West Holmes, senior (East-TBD)
11. Douglas Terry, Granville, freshman (East-TBD)
12. Justice Freeman, New Lexington, senior (East-TBD)
13. Sam Price, Lemon Monroe, junior (Wilmington)
14. Nolan Ray, Wauseon, sophomore (Mansfield)
15. Kyle Greenlee, Gallia Academy, senior (East-TBD)
16. Colton Robins, Reading, junior (Wilmington)

ALL – Cardello, Carone, Ryan, Suber; Gaige Harrison (Akron Springfield, senior)
EAST – McComas, Johnson, O’Connor, Kaufman; Terry, Freeman, Greenlee
MAN – Ray, Jordan Holt (Perkins, junior), Connor McCarty (Bay, senior), TBD; TBD
WIL – Keaton, Martin, Price, Robins; Matt Asher (Clinton-Massie, senior)

126 pounds
1. Jordan Crace, St. Paris Graham, junior (Wilmington)
2. Caleb Brooks, Circleville, senior (Wilmington)
3. Connor McCrone, Lake Catholic, junior (Alliance)
4. Dalton Burcher, Indian Valley, junior (East-TBD)
5. Jarrett Bischoff, Wauseon, sophomore (Mansfield)
6. Skyler Lasure, Beaver Local, sophomore (East-TBD)
7. Jake Gentry, Hamilton Ross, senior (Wilmington)
8. Joe Wright, Coventry, senior (Alliance)
9. Gunner Carpenter, Licking Valley, senior (East-TBD)
10. Hunter Olson, Akron SVSM, junior (Alliance)
11. Kyle Petersen, Aurora, junior (Alliance)
12. Jackson Muldrew, Steubenville, junior (East-TBD)
13. Davin Rhoads, Louisville, freshman (Alliance)
14. Cole Houser, Benjamin Logan, senior (Wilmington)
15. Luke Hewitt, Akron Hoban, senior (Alliance)
16. Dawson Carter, Hillsboro, senior (Wilmington)

ALL – McCrone, Wright, Olson, Petersen; Rhoads, Hewitt
EAST – Burcher, Lasure, Carpenter, Muldrew; Zach Glick (New Lexington, senior)
MAN – Bischoff, Brian Shaw (Padua, senior), Andrew Branson (Tiffin Columbian, junior), Logan Schoen (Perkins, junior); Luke Beach (Wapakoneta, junior)
WIL – Crace, Brooks, Gentry, Houser; Carter

132 pounds
1. Jordan Decatur, CVCA, junior (Alliance)
2. Addison Fogle, Licking Valley, senior (East-TBD)
3. David Massey, Woodridge, senior (Alliance)
4. Caden Blust, Tiffin Columbian, junior (Mansfield)
5. Maxx Peters, Claymont, senior (East-TBD)
6. Mauricio Barajas, Wauseon, senior (Mansfield)
7. Nick Moore/Isaiah Stickley, St. Paris Graham, (Wilmington)
8. Josh Baitt, Jefferson, senior (Alliance)
9. Casey Ragle, Norwood, senior (Wilmington)
10. James Davis, West Carrollton, senior (Wilmington)
11. Wade Monebrake, Eaton, junior (Wilmington)
12. Jake Bartinelli, Medina Buckeye, senior (Mansfield)
13. Kaleb Kiss, Norton, junior (Alliance)
14. Sam Fender, Padua, senior (Mansfield)
15. Brayden Ploehs, Hamilton Ross, junior (Wilmington)
16. Jordan Barnett, Sheridan, freshman (East-TBD)

ALL – Decatur, Massey, Baitt, Kiss; Ryan Jakubiak (Louisville, senior)
EAST – Fogle, Peters, Barnett, Zane Minella (Steubenville, junior); Landin Price (New Lexington, senior)
MAN – Blust, Barajas, Bartinelli, Fender; Muhammed Mahdi (Toledo Central Catholic, senior)
WIL – Moore/Stickley, Ragle, Davis, Monebrake; Ploehs

138 pounds
1. J.D. Stickley, St. Paris Graham, senior (Wilmington)
2. Gage Grunden, Wauseon, senior (Mansfield)
3. Luke Wymer, Akron SVSM, senior (Alliance)
4. Andrew Garr, Aurora, junior (Alliance)
5. Coby Hughes, Miami Trace, senior (Wilmington)
6. Mike Clark, Medina Buckeye, senior (Mansfield)
7. Adam Lenhoff, Indian Valley, junior (East-TBD)
8. Parkar Utley, Alliance, senior (Alliance)
9. Angel Granados, Napoleon, junior (Mansfield)
10. Dylan Dodson, Licking Valley, freshman (East-TBD)
11. Mitch Miracle, Caledonia River Valley, junior (East-TBD)
12. Gabe Steyer, Van Wert, sophomore (Mansfield)
13. Isaac Bennett, Logan Elm, senior (Wilmington)
14. Justin West, CVCA, senior (Alliance)
15. Cole Bailey, Ravenna Southeast, senior (Alliance)
16. Mason Downs, Circleville, senior (Wilmington)

ALL – Wymer, Garr, Utley, West; Bailey
EAST – Lenhoff, Dodson, Miracle, Nathan Welsh (Fairfield Union, sophomore); Nolan Smith (Minerva, junior)
MAN – Grunden, Clark, Granados, Steyer; Kaedan Hatlay (Tiffin Columbian, junior)
WIL – Stickley, Hughes, Bennett, Downs; Logan Raney (Franklin, junior)

145 pounds
1. Mitch Moore, St. Paris Graham, senior (Wilmington)
2. Ben Pasiuk, Carrollton, junior (East-TBD)
3. Anthony Rice, Steubenville, junior (East-TBD)
4. Hunter Yackee, Waueson, senior (Mansfield)
5. Bret Baker, Norton, senior (Alliance)
6. Dakota Bunting, Claymont, senior (East-TBD)
7. Caleb Blake, Tippecanoe, senior (Wilmington)
8. Jack Gorman, Aurora, junior (Alliance)
9. Ben Sherrill, Bellbrook, senior (Wilmington)
10. Jake Potok, Akron SVSM, junior (Alliance)
11. Collin Mell, Lima Bath, senior (Mansfield)
12. Calvin Brown, Elida, senior (Mansfield)
13. J.D. McNett, Defiance, senior (Mansfield)
14. Noah Barnett, Sheridan, senior (East-TBD)
15. Kaleb Dohse, Ravenna Southeast, junior (Alliance)
16. Micah Marshall, Dayton CJ, senior (Wilmington)

ALL – Baker, Gorman, Potok, Dohse; Dalton Duvall (CVCA, freshman)
EAST – Pasiuk, Rice, Bunting, Barnett; Noah Smith (Beaver Local, senior)
MAN – Yackee, Mell, Brown, McNett; Mason Haas (Maumee, senior)
WIL – More, Blake, Sherrill, Marshall; Wes Davenport (Unioto, junior)

152 pounds
1. Sandro Ramirez, Wauseon, senior (Mansfield)
2. Jashon Hubbard, Steubenville, senior (East-TBD)
3. Joey Sanchez, St. Paris Graham, senior (Wilmington)
4. Justin Shaw, Carrollton, senior (East-TBD)
5. Jax Leonard, Louisville, sophomore (Alliance)
6. Beau Smith, Beaver Local, junior (East-TBD)
7. Dylan Miller, West Branch, senior (Alliance)
8. Jared Musci, Akron SVSM, senior (Alliance)
9. Luke McKeon, Lake Catholic, senior (Alliance)
10. Briar Cadle, Claymont, senior (East-TBD)
11. Ethan Ducca, Chardon, sophomore (Alliance)
12. Zane Nelson, Washington C.H., senior (Wilmington)
13. Zane Altman, Napoleon, senior (Mansfield)
14. Justin Mayes, Bellevue, freshman (Mansfield)
15. Derrick Coleman, Clyde, sophomore (Mansfield)
16. Austin Hinzman, Coventry, junior (Alliance)

ALL – Leonard, Miller, Musci, McKeon; Ducca, Hinzman
EAST – Hubbard, Shaw, Miller, Cadle; Layne Talbot (New Lexington, sophomore)
MAN – Ramirez, Altman, Mayes, Coleman; Justin Schneider (Maumee, senior)
WIL – Sanchez, Nelson, David Frederick (Dayton CJ, freshman), Damon Williams (Urbana, senior); Jonas Proffitt (Westfall, senior)

160 pounds
1. Ryan Thomas, St. Paris Graham, senior (Wilmington)
2. Kevon Freeman, Lake Catholic, senior (Alliance)
3. David Johnson, Akron SVSM, senior (Alliance)
4. Quinton Kelley, Akron Hoban, senior (Alliance)
5. Anthony D’Alesio, Canfield, sophomore (Alliance)
6. Isaac Yoho, Woodridge, senior (Alliance)
7. Caleb Cass, Cloverleaf, senior (Mansfield)
8. Xavier Torres, Wauseon, junior (Mansfield)
9. Brandon Daniels, Carrollton, junior (East-TBD)
10. Blake Wickline, Bloom-Carroll, senior (East-TBD)
11. Jarrett Munyan, Sheridan, senior (East-TBD)
12. Kaden Bunting, Claymont, senior (East-TBD)
13. Jamil Bannister, Girard, junior (Alliance)
14. Lucas Salmon, Perkins, junior (Mansfield)
15. Chris Conger, Washington C.H., senior (Wilmington)
16. Joey Simcoe, Tiffin Columbian, sophomore (Mansfield)

ALL – Freeman, Johnson, Kelley, D’Alesio; Yoho, Bannister
EAST – Daniels, Wickline, Munyan, Bunting; Jared Wright (Beaver Local, junior)
MAN – Cass, Torres, Salmon, Simcoe; Nick Jackson (Bowling Green, senior)
WIL – Thomas, Conger, Caleb Linton (Logan Elm, senior), Nicholas Machuca (Dayton CJ, sophomore); TBD

170 pounds
1. Rocky Jordan, St. Paris Graham, senior (Wilmington)
2. Noah Clary, Upper Sandusky, senior (Mansfield)
3. Brahm Ginter, Shelby, senior (Mansfield)
4. Hank Carey, Streetsboro, junior (Alliance)
5. Keegan Vanmeter, Granville, junior (East-TBD)
6. Ethan Hernandez, Norwalk, sophomore (Mansfield)
7. Nick Crawford, Canfield, sophomore (Alliance)
8. Will McGhee, Aurora, junior (Alliance)
9. Zach Crissman, Akron SVSM, sophomore (Alliance)
10. Cole Hivnor, Lake Catholic, freshman (Alliance)
11. Wesley Pauley, McConnellsville Morgan, junior (East-TBD)
12. David Tuttle, Steubenville, sophomore (East-TBD)
13. Isaac Allen, Wilmington, senior (Wilmington)
14. Ross Lennon, Clinton-Massie, senior (Wilmington)
15. Jack Rogan, Akron Springfield, senior (Alliance)
16. John Mautz, New Lexington, senior (East-TBD)

ALL – Carey, Crawford, McGhee, Crissman; Hivnor, Rogan
EAST – Vanmeter, Pauley, Tuttle, Mautz; Jarrett Swinderman (Indian Valley, senior)
MAN – Clary, Ginter, Hernandez, Matt Abraham (Padua, junior); Alec Montgomery (Clyde, senior)
WIL – Jordan, Allen, Lennon, Austin Hamblin (Hamilton Ross, senior); James Munro (Miami Trace, junior)

182 pounds
1. David Crawford, Canfield, senior (Alliance)
2. Ashton Eyler, Claymont, senior (East-TBD)
3. Duce Johnson, Alliance, senior (Alliance)
4. David Heath, Akron SVSM, senior (Alliance)
5. Spencer Robinson, Woodridge, senior (Alliance)
6. Justin Ocheltree, Keystone, senior (Mansfield)
7. Colin McNamara, Aurora, junior (Alliance)
8. Brent Paulus, Louisville, sophomore (Alliance)
9. Elliot Clark, Bexley, senior (East-TBD)
10. Andrew Shaffer, St. Paris Graham, sophomore (Wilmington)
11. Brett Posey, Zane Trace, senior (Wilmington)
12. Cory Stallings, Cloverleaf, senior (Mansfield)
13. Adalberto Vega, Defiance, junior (Mansfield)
14. Hayden McGee, Maysville, junior (East-TBD)
15. Josh Baldridge, West Holmes, junior (East-TBD)
16. Gabe Phillips, Norwalk, sophomore (Mansfield)

ALL – Crawford, Johnson, Heath, Robinson; McNamara, Paulus
EAST – Eyler, Clark, McGee, Baldridge; Chad Mays (Beaver Local, senior)
MAN – Ocheltree, Stallings, Vega, Phillips; Sam McNulty (Perkins, sophomore)
WIL – Shaffer, Posey, Daniel Grenier (Batavia, senior), Seth Hodapp (Eaton, senior); Sean Netherton (Westfall, senior)

195 pounds
1. Stone Day, Valley View, senior (Wilmington)
2. Gage Braun, St. Paris Graham, senior (Wilmington)
3. Dominic Cooper, Canfield, senior (Alliance)
4. Jud Ramage, Meadowbrook, senior (East-TBD)
5. Matthew Cover, Bay, junior (Mansfield)
6. Cody Neece, Fairfield Union, junior (East-TBD)
7. David McCullough, Keystone, senior (Mansfield)
8. Jackson Gear, Cincinnati McNicholas, senior (Wilmington)
9. C.J. Williams, Norton, senior (Alliance)
10. Marcus Davis, Alliance, senior (Alliance)
11. Ryan Buckley, New Richmond, senior (Wilmington)
12. Noah Arnett, Defiance, senior (Mansfield)
13. Spencer Reynolds, Eaton, senior (Wilmington)
14. Austin Carroll, Zane Trace, junior (Wilmington)
15. Sam Hunter, Sandusky, senior (Mansfield)
16. Brodey Parsons, Indian Valley, junior (East-TBD)

ALL – Cooper, Williams, Davis, TBD; TBD
EAST – Ramage, Neece, Parsons, Kole Aubiel (Claymont, junior); Mason Cox (Fairland, senior)
MAN – Cover, McCullough, Arnett, Hunter; Ryan Haas (Maumee, senior)
WIL – Day, Braun, Gear, Buckley; Reynolds, Carroll

220 pounds
1. Johnny Shaffer, St. Paris Graham, junior (Wilmington)
2. Brandon Phillips, Maumee, senior (Mansfield)
3. Brandon Matlock, Warren Howland, senior (Alliance)
4. Tyler Stein, Canfield, junior (Alliance)
5. Breslin Walker, CVCA, sophomore (Alliance)
6. Mikey Addis, Norwood, senior (Wilmington)
7. Owen Loughman, Sheridan, junior (East-TBD)
8. Tyler Bath, Vermillion, senior (Mansfield)
9. Nick Mason, Perry, senior (Alliance)
10. Sam Brothers, Clinton-Massie, senior (Wilmington)
11. Lyle Clark, Claymont, senior (East-TBD)
12. Luke Shively, New Lexington, senior (East-TBD)
13. Chavion Young, Alliance, senior (Alliance)
14. Grant Robinson, Bexley, senior (East-TBD)
15. Drake Miller, Dayton Oakwood, senior (Wilmington)
16. Nathaniel Clayton, Kettering Alter, junior (Wilmington)

ALL – Matlock, Stein, Walker, Mason; Young
EAST – Loughman, Clark, Shively, Robinson; Gage Swartz (Philo, senior)
MAN – Phillips, Bath, Eric Adkins (Lima Bath, junior), Zach Miller (Wapakoneta, senior); TBD
WIL – Shaffer, Addis, Brothers, Miller; Clayton

285 pounds
1. Jack Delgarbino, Girard, junior (Alliance)
2. Sam Mitchell, River View, senior (East-TBD)
3. Demarko Craig, Toledo Central Catholic, senior (Mansfield)
4. Alex Leasure, Alliance, senior (Alliance)
5. Sean Lipscomb, Firelands, senior (Mansfield)
6. Matt Holman, CVCA, sophomore (Alliance)
7. Tyler Ely, Steubenville, senior (East-TBD)
8. Lane Cluff, Hillsboro, junior (Wilmington)
9. Alex Sosa, Wauseon, senior (Mansfield)
10. Trent Wilson, Valley View, senior (Wilmington)
11. Colin Wolffe, Miami Trace, senior (Wilmington)
12. Ben Hornacek, Norton, senior (Alliance)
13. Austin Smith, Amanda-Clearcreek, senior (East-TBD)
14. Ty Robison, Philo, senior (East-TBD)
15. Connor Johnston, Upper Sandusky, senior (Mansfield)
16. Alan Christine, Conneaut, senior (Alliance)

ALL – Delgarbino, Leasure, Holman, Hornacek; Christine
EAST – Mitchell, Ely, Smith, Robison; Chad Douglas (Columbus Independence, senior)
MAN – Craig, Lipscomb, Sosa, Johnston; Mason Weldon (Galion, senior)
WIL – Cluff, Wilson, Wolffe, Conner Barton (Wilmington, senior); Khrizdon Van Hoose (St. Paris Graham, senior)
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106 pounds
1. Wyatt Riddle, East Clinton, sophomore (Troy)
2. Collin Yinger, Nelsonville-York, junior (Heath)
3. Casey Barnett, Milan Edison, freshman (Toledo Waite)
4. Cael Vanderhorst, Covington, freshman (Troy)
5. Jacob “Boots” Kuhlins, Tuslaw, senior (Garfield Hts)
6. Lucian Brink, Coshocton, sophomore (Heath)
7. Brett Szuhay, Crestwood, sophomore (Garfield Hts)
8. Zack Mattin, Delta, freshman (Toledo Waite)
9. Gavin Weaver, Newcomerstown, sophomore (Heath)
10. Kole Freeman, Hopewell Loudon, freshman (Toledo Waite)
11. Brandt Virden, Columbiana, junior (Garfield Hts)
12. Jackson Reineke, Hawken, sophomore (Garfield Hts)
13. Will Blevins, Sandusky SMCC, sophomore (Toledo Waite)
14. Gabe Sutton, Wayne Trace, freshman (Troy)

GH – Kuhlins, Szuhay, Virden, Reineke; TBD
HEA – Yinger, Brink, Weaver, TBD; TBD
TROY – Riddle, Vanderhorst, Sutton, TBD; TBD
TWAI – Barnett, Mattin, Freeman, Blevins; TBD

113 pounds
1. Oscar Sanchez, Genoa, junior (Toledo Waite)
2. Ethan Turner, Troy Christian, sophomore (Troy)
3. Devan Hendricks, Greeneview, junior (Troy)
4. Ray Adams, Milan Edison, junior (Toledo Waite)
5. Chase Caprella, Allen East, sophomore (Troy)
6. Wil Roth, Sandusky SMCC, junior (Toledo Waite)
7. Zach Schaller, Swanton, junior (Toledo Waite)
8. Jake Edelman, Pymatuning Valley, sophomore (Garfield Hts)
9. Jake White, Manchester, sophomore (Garfield Hts)
10. Brandon Hahn, Eastwood, freshman (Toledo Waite)
11. Caleb Edwards, Rootstown, freshman (Garfield Hts)
12. Kyle Keenan, South Range, junior (Garfield Hts)
13. Dolan Young, Covington, junior (Troy)
14. Marshal Niswonger, Caldwell, junior (Heath)
15. Hunter Frederick, Mapleton, sophomore (Garfield Hts)
16. Aidan McAlexander, Antwerp, junior (Toledo Waite)

GH – Edelman, White, Edwards, Keenan; Frederick
HEA – Niswonger, Dakoda Jenkins (Ridgedale, senior), Chase Ward (Martins Ferry, sophomore), Joseph Bonfini (Bellaire, junior); Brayden Rittenhouse (West Muskingum, sophomore)
TROY – Turner, Hendricks, Caprella, Young; Brayden Clinton (East Clinton, sophomore)
TWAI – Sanchez, Adams, Roth, Schaller; Hahn, McAlenxader

Note: Expect the shape and tone of the next three weight classes to be significantly influenced by key decisions of a select few key individuals (i.e. Hoskins, D’Emilio, Julian Sanchez, and Shore).

120 pounds
1. Tommy Hoskins, Legacy Christian, senior (Troy)
2. Julian Sanchez, Genoa, junior (Toledo Waite)
3. Dylan Burns, Milan Edison, senior (Toledo Waite)
4. Zack Larue, Manchester, junior (Garfield Hts)
5. Cameron Dickman, Oak Harbor, junior (Toledo Waite)
6. Kaleb Patterson, Ridgedale, senior (Heath)
7. Clayton Eagle, Ashland Crestview, senior (Toledo Waite)
8. Dominic Savoca, Crestwood, junior (Garfield Hts)
9. Kaleb Nickels, Miami East, sophomore (Troy)
10. Austin Guthrie, Coshocton, junior (Heath)
11. Jordan Bowers, Defiance Tinora, senior (Toledo Waite)
12. Peyton Lane, National Trail, sophomore (Troy)
13. J.C. Fox, Dixie, junior (Troy)
14. Cael Bey, Versailles, sophomore (Troy)
15. James Torres, Richmond Edison, junior (Heath)
16. Jacob Edwards, Bidwell River Valley, junior (Troy)

GH – Larue, Savoca, Robert Pinkie (Crestwood, junior), J.P. Hlifka (Hawken, senior); Brandon Meade (Cuyahoga Hts, junior)
HEA – Patterson, Guthrie, Torres, Brayden Reynolds (Barnesville, senior); Tarren Riffle (North Union, junior)
TROY – Hoskins, Nickels, Lane, Fox; Bey, Edwards
TWAI – Sanchez, Burns, Dickman, Eagle; Bowers

126 pounds
1. Dylan D’Emilio, Genoa, junior (Toledo Waite)
2. Graham Shore, Miami East, senior (Troy)
3. Cole Mattin, Delta, junior (Toledo Waite)
4. Carter Wolf, Marion Pleasant, senior (Heath)
5. Dakota Blanton, Ashland Crestview, junior (Toledo Waite)
6. Klay Reeves, Johnstown Northridge, junior (Heath)
7. Trevor Schaller, Swanton, senior (Toledo Waite)
8. Andrew Zarins, Brooklyn, senior (Garfield Hts)
9. Jake Ondash, Crestwood, sophomore (Garfield Hts)
10. Connor Brennan, Tuslaw, senior (Garfield Hts)
11. Gabe Mina-Vasquez, Milan Edison, senior (Toledo Waite)
12. Ethan Hoffman, Arcanum, junior (Troy)
13. Ryley Crall, Union Local, junior (Heath)
14. Nick Ciancola, Canton Central Catholic, junior (Garfield Hts)
15. Jacob Poling, Versailles, junior (Troy)
16. Skylar Davis, Fredericktown, senior (Heath)

GH – Zarins, Ondash, Brennan, Ciancola; Steven Ferguson (Elyria Catholic, junior)
HEA – Wolf, Reeves, Crall, Davis; Tyler Antonacci (Bridgeport, junior)
TROY – Shore, Hoffman, Poling, Deuce Brown (Legacy Christian, freshman); Ryder Romick (Bluffton, senior)
TWAI – D’Emilio, Mattin, Blanton, Schaller; Mina-Vasquez

132 pounds
1. Niko Chilson, Rootstown, junior (Garfield Hts)
2. Jacob Edwards, Troy Christian, senior (Troy)
3. Dustin Morgillo, Genoa, sophomore (Toledo Waite)
4. Seth Majewski, Brooklyn, junior (Garfield Hts)
5. Noah Inboden, Nelsonville-York, junior (Heath)
6. Preston Platfoot, Versailles, senior (Troy)
7. Blake Barrick, Coshocton, junior (Heath)
8. Dylan Cook, Swanton, senior (Toledo Waite)
9. Gavin Ramos, Galion Northmor, sophomore (Heath)
10. Noah Campbell, Pymatuning Valley, junior (Garfield Hts)
11. Drew Price, Middletown Madison, senior (Troy)
12. Luke Hopkins, Cuyahoga Hts, junior (Garfield Hts)
13. Justin Sigler, Coldwater, senior (Troy)
14. Trent Werner, Milan Edison, senior (Toledo Waite)
15. Nick Miller, North Union, senior (Heath)
16. Jacob Newell, Sandy Valley, junior (Heath)

GH – Chilson, Majewski, Campbell, Hopkins; Daulton Metheney (Waterloo, senior)
HEA – Inboden, Barrick, Ramos, Miller; Newell
TROY – Edwards, Platfoot, Price, Sigler; Ezra Wallace (Williamsburg, junior)
TWAI – Morgillo, Cook, Werner, Tyler Ramage (Western Reserve, sophomore); Colton Falk (Northwood, junior)

138 pounds
1. Alex Isbrandt, Miami East, senior (Troy)
2. Jared Ford, Troy Christian, senior (Troy)
3. Austin Eick, Rossford, senior (Toledo Waite)
4. Jordan Keegan, Milan Edison, junior (Toledo Waite)
5. Gage Pachlhofer, Swanton, senior (Toledo Waite)
6. Brier Marthey, Tuslaw, sophomore (Garfield Hts)
7. Jackson Hugentobler, Cincinnati Madeira, junior (Troy)
8. Steven Mangen, Versailles, senior (Troy)
9. Max Neiling, Patrick Henry, senior (Troy)
10. Daniel Price, Mohawk, senior (Toledo Waite)
11. Dallas Scott, Centerburg, senior (Heath)
12. Aaron Kitts, Galion Northmor, senior (Heath)
13. Trent Duvall, Rootstown, junior (Garfield Hts)
14. Parker Watson, Lutheran West, junior (Garfield Hts)
15. Brian Heller, Nelsonville-York, senior (Heath)
16. Jacob Hahn, Eastwood, senior (Toledo Waite)

GH – Marthey, Duvall, Watson, Ryan Finney (Garrettsville Garfield, senior); Evan Hostetler (Waynedale, senior)
HEA – Scott, Kitts, Heller, Tyler Caudy (Ridgewood, senior); Hunter Gilbert (Belpre, junior)
TROY – Isbrandt, Ford, Hugentobler, Mangen; Neiling
TWAI – Eick, Keegan, Pachlhofer, Price; Hahn

145 pounds
1. Logan Kissell, Garrettsville Garfield, senior (Garfield Hts)
2. Conan Becker, Galion Northmor, senior (Heath)
3. Chase Sumner, Ada, senior (Troy)
4. Zane Strubler, Miami East, senior (Troy)
5. Gavin Grime, Archbold, senior (Toledo Waite)
6. Joey Caprella, Lima Central Catholic, junior (Troy)
7. Mason Kuneff, Bridgeport, junior (Heath)
8. Kerington Martin, Covington, junior (Troy)
9. Brennan Shirley, Tuslaw, junior (Garfield Hts)
10. Mason Wright, Wellington, senior (Garfield Hts)
11. Dillon Walker, Legacy Christian, freshman (Troy)
12. Hayden Pummel, Indian Lake, freshman (Troy)
13. Sam Meyer, Norwalk St. Paul, junior (Toledo Waite)
14. Andrew Hardenbrook, Columbiana Crestview, senior (Garfield Hts)
15. Jeremiah Dobbins, Bidwell River Valley, senior (Troy)
16. Clayton Schirmer, Blanchester, junior (Troy)

GH – Kissell, Shirley, Wright, Hardenbrook; Wyatt Zimmerman (Orrville, sophomore)
HEA – Becker, Kuneff, Dylan Hershberger (Garaway, sophomore), Jackson Unger (Coshocton, junior); Brandon Lewis (Ridgedale, senior)
TROY – Sumner, Strubler, Caprella, Martin; Walker, Pummel, Dobbins, Schirmer
TWAI – Grime, Meyer, Christian Adaco (Elmwood, senior), Tyler Kay (Liberty Center, junior); Jasper Scarberry (Ottawa Glandorf, junior)

152 pounds
1. Gavin Stika, Norwayne, senior (Garfield Hts)
2. Hugo Villarreal, Gibsonburg, senior (Toledo Waite)
3. Chase Moore, Swanton, senior (Toledo Waite)
4. Conor Becker, Galion Northmor, sophomore (Heath)
5. Wyatt Lefker, Williamsburg, senior (Troy)
6. Nick Burgard, Ashtabula St. John, junior (Garfield Hts)
7. Kyle Ryder, Tuslaw, junior (Garfield Hts)
8. Billy Luft, Newark Catholic, junior (Heath)
9. Trenton Matthew, Smithville, senior (Garfield Hts)
10. Luke Brown, Allen East, senior (Troy)
11. Collin Mancuso, Milan Edison, senior (Toledo Waite)
12. Tyler Ludwig, Van Buren, senior (Toledo Waite)
13. Wayne Frey, Riverdale, senior (Toledo Waite)
14. James Badial-Luna, Bluffton, senior (Troy)
15. Anthony Koping, Nelsonville-York, senior (Heath)
16. Chris Anderson, Rootstown, freshman (Garfield Hts)

GH – Stika, Burgard, Ryder, Matthew; Anderson
HEA – Becker, Luft, Koping, Mark Woodard (West Jefferson, senior); Anthony Sanders (Newcomerstown, senior)
TROY – Lefker, Brown, Badial-Luna, Drew Combs (Preble Shawnee, senior); Jordan Hinegardner (Lima Central Catholic, senior)
TWAI – Villarreal, Moore, Mancuso, Ludwig; Frey

160 pounds
1. Colt Yinger, Nelsonville-York, senior (Heath)
2. James Limongi, Genoa, junior (Toledo Waite)
3. David Cumberledge, Ashtabula St. John, sophomore (Garfield Hts)
4. Forest Belli, Johnstown Northridge, senior (Heath)
5. Santino Kusic, Bridgeport, junior (Heath)
6. Dylan Knotts, Indian Lake, senior (Troy)
7. Garrett Mappes, Oak Harbor, senior (Toledo Waite)
8. Grant Goecke, Ottawa Glandorf, senior (Troy)
9. Alex Lampert, Newbury, senior (Garfield Hts)
10. Brylan Clouse, Barnesville, junior (Heath)
11. Seth Cade, Richmond Edison, senior (Heath)
12. Ryan Marvin, Swanton, junior (Toledo Waite)
13. Derek DuVall, West Salem Northwestern, senior (Garfield Hts)
14. Ty Hussar, Rossford, senior (Toledo Waite)
15. Seth Obringer, Coldwater, senior (Troy)
16. Dylan Schenk, Milton Union, junior (Troy)

GH – Cumberladge, Lampert, DuVall, Stephen Skeens (Tuslaw, senior), Mike Lovell (Columbia, junior)
HEA – Yinger, Belli, Kusic, Clouse; Cade
TROY – Knotts, Goecke, Obringer, Schenk; Hunter Showalter (Wayne Trace, senior)
TWAI – Limongi, Mappes, Marvin, Hussar; Trevor Franks (Lakota, sophomore)

170 pounds
1. Jacob Lagoa, Ashtabula St. John, sophomore (Garfield Hts)
2. Kevin Contos, Genoa, sophomore (Toledo Waite)
3. Riley Smucker, Smithville, senior (Garfield Hts)
4. Tyler Speelman, Nelsonville-York, senior (Heath)
5. Seth Henderson, Miami Valley Christian Academy, junior (Troy)
6. Connor Kwiat, Tiffin Calvert, senior (Toledo Waite)
7. Parker Brown, Mohawk, senior (Toledo Waite)
8. Danny Rosales, Ottawa Glandorf, junior (Troy)
9. Jesse Mitchell, South Charleston Southeastern, senior (Troy)
10. Richie Stalnaker, Newark Catholic, senior (Heath)
11. Brady Jaso, Gibsonburg, junior (Toledo Waite)
12. Nick Mroczynski, Independence, senior (Garfield Hts)
13. Tim Meyer, Defiance Tinora, sophomore (Toledo Waite)
14. Sevi Garza, Rittman, freshman (Garfield Hts)
15. Eric Weber, Bidwell River Valley, junior (Troy)
16. Gavin Davis, Loudonville, sophomore (Garfield Hts)

GH – Lagoa, Smucker, Mroczynski, Garza; Davis
HEA – Speelman, Stalnaker, Austin Croto (Tuscarawas Valley, senior), Jarrett Deaton (Bridgeport, junior); TBD
TROY – Henderson, Rosales, Mitchell, Weber; Garrett Neth (Allen East, sophomore)
TWAI – Contos, Kwait, Brown, Jaso; Meyer

182 pounds
1. Daniel Beemer, Ottawa Glandorf, senior (Troy)
2. Logan Stanley, Waynedale, senior (Garfield Hts)
3. Brad Mendoza, Gibsonburg, junior (Toledo Waite)
4. Chris Langguth, Rootstown, junior (Garfield Hts)
5. Tanner May, Carey, sophomore (Toledo Waite)
6. Connor Dixon, Indian Lake, senior (Troy)
7. Christian Blank, Ashtabula St. John, junior (Garfield Hts)
8. Xavier Beach, Genoa, senior (Toledo Waite)
9. Crew Oberheim, Swanton, senior (Toledo Waite)
10. Jackson Dunn, Tuscarawas Valley, senior (Heath)
11. Dustin Knapp, Mechanicsburg, senior (Troy)
12. Owen Holtke, Bethel-Tate, senior (Troy)
13. Nathan Whitehead, Columbiana, junior (Garfield Hts)
14. T.J. Rhamy, Patrick Henry, sophomore (Troy)
15. Logan Bruce, Nelsonville-York, senior (Heath)
16. Chris Cox-Wilson, North Union, junior (Heath)

GH – Stanley, Langguth, Blank, Whitehead; Nick Scarl (Jackson-Milton, senior)
HEA – Dunn, Bruce, Cox-Wilson, Brice Berger (Danville, senior); Damon Green (Bridgeport, junior)
TROY – Beemer, Dixon, Knapp, Holtke; Rhamy
TWAI – Mendoza, May, Beach, Oberheim; John-Mason Neer (Milan Edison, senior)

195 pounds
1. Dalton Hoover, Martins Ferry, senior (Heath)
2. Sam Stoll, Milan Edison, senior (Toledo Waite)
3. Hudson Jump, Grandview Hts, junior (Heath)
4. Dylan Hinton, Elmwood, senior (Toledo Waite)
5. Dylan Rogers, Delta, senior (Toledo Waite)
6. Wil Morrow, Patrick Henry, sophomore (Troy)
7. Nick Shepard, Fairless, senior (Garfield Hts)
8. Jacob Campbell, Black River, senior (Garfield Hts)
9. Damon Beatty, Troy Christian, senior (Troy)
10. Zach Banks, Middletown Madison, senior (Troy)
11. Josh Pearson, Columbus Academy, senior (Heath)
12. Garrett Duncan, Bridgeport, senior (Heath)
13. Jake Sage, Oak Harbor, junior (Toledo Waite)
14. Jake Loar, Tuslaw, junior (Garfield Hts)
15. Matthew Welker, Miami East, junior (Troy)
16. Anthony Czap, South Range, sophomore (Garfield Hts)

GH – Shepard, Campbell, Loar, Czap; Ty Straits (Waynedale, senior)
HEA – Hoover, Jump, Pearson, Duncan; Jarrett Palmer (West Muskingum, sophomore)
TROY – Morrow, Beatty, Banks, Welker; Skyler Straszheim (Twin Valley South, junior)
TWAI – Stoll, Hinton, Rogers, Sage; Colton Campbell (Ashland Crestview, senior)

220 pounds
1. Gaige Willis, Pymatuning Valley, senior (Garfield Hts)
2. Paul Skye, Mogadore, senior (Garfield Hts)
3. Ryan Boyle, Rootstown, junior (Garfield Hts)
4. Deandre Nassar, Bluffton, junior (Troy)
5. Crawford Hamrick, Tuslaw, senior (Garfield Hts)
6. Noah Price, Fremont SJCC, junior (Toledo Waite)
7. Caleb Carpenter, Liberty Center, junior (Toledo Waite)
8. Chris Kuhn, Sandusky SMCC, senior (Toledo Waite)
9. Tyler Courtright, Milton Union, senior (Troy)
10. Brenden Dalton, Miami East, junior (Troy)
11. Cole Mefford, Indian Lake, senior (Troy)
12. C.J. Novotny, Crestwood, senior (Garfield Hts)
13. Joseph Shirley, Tiffin Calvert, senior (Toledo Waite)
14. Ben Farrar, Waynedale, senior (Garfield Hts)
15. Dedric Isaac, Rittman, senior (Garfield Hts)
16. River Pappas, Richmond Edison, junior (Heath)

GH – Willis, Skye, Boyle, Hamrick; Novotny, Farrar, Isaac
HEA – Pappas, Jamie Baisen (Marion Pleasant, senor), Hunter Braithwaite (West Jefferson, junior), Dylan Thompson (North Union, junior); TBD
TROY – Nassar, Courtright, Dalton, Mefford; Craig Montgomery (National Trail, sophomore)
TWAI – Price, Carpenter, Kuhn, Shirley; Gabe Scott (Genoa, senior)

285 pounds
1. Brian Stears, Williamsburg, senior (Troy)
2. Donovan McCollister, Nelsonville-York, junior (Heath)
3. Brayden Phillips, Tuslaw, senior (Garfield Hts)
4. Hunter Bodkin, Martins Ferry, senior (Heath)
5. Thomas Lytle, Swanton, senior (Toledo Waite)
6. J.D. McCordle, Clearview, senior (Garfield Hts)
7. Patrick Sheridan, VASJ, senior (Garfield Hts)
8. Joe Warren, Smithville, junior (Garfield Hts)
9. Thomas Schweiterman, Coldwater, senior (Troy)
10. Kade Clark, Union Local, senior (Heath)
11. Derrick Elrod, Ashtabula St. John, senior (Garfield Hts)
12. Noah Koch, Genoa, junior (Toledo Waite)
13. Josh Stasek, Independence, senior (Garfield Hts)
14. Mitchell Hurlbut, Fredericktown, senior (Heath)
15. Joey Groeber, Clermont Northeastern, senior (Troy)
16. C.J. McCrimmon, Sandusky SMCC, senior (Toledo Waite)

GH – Phillips, McCordle, Sheridan, Warren; Elrod, Stasek
HEA – McCollister, Bodkin, Clark, Hurlbut; Liam Kirkpatrick (Newark Catholic, junior); Kaleb Fisher (Mt. Gilead, senior)
TROY – Stears, Schwieterman, Groeber, Ty Stevenson (Preble Shawnee, sophomore); Jeffrey Ware (Versailles, senior)
TWAI – Lytle, Koch, McCrimmon, Dakota Klotz (Lakota, senior); Nick Maury (Tiffin Calvert, senior)
Old 11-13-17, 04:13 AM
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No mention of McCombs (Southeastern) a returning district placer in D3 out of Troy?

Old 11-13-17, 09:12 AM
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You have Harris twice in the D1 126 district choices; Hilliard and Ketterring.
Old 11-15-17, 01:10 PM
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D3 120 kaleb nickels will not be at 120. He and shore will be at 126 and 132. Looking like shore will end up at 132 come march.
Old 11-22-17, 07:10 PM
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Utley of Alliance in D2 is not wrestling
Old 11-25-17, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Lionswrestling View Post
Utley of Alliance in D2 is not wrestling
Any idea why?? That's too bad. tough kid.
Old 11-25-17, 12:01 PM
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Unger of Coshocton has decided not to wrestle this year
Old 11-26-17, 02:00 PM
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When are your next rankings coming out
Old 11-30-17, 01:01 PM
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D1 120 - Mitchell Coultas of Licking Heights tech falled and majored Salazar from Gahanna last year and deserves a mention

D1 132/138 - Bailey Munday of Big Walnut is a returning state qualifier and isnt mentioned...he wrestled up 2 weights last year at one point and majored Haimerl. He also had Rosselli on the ropes last year at Sectional.
Old 12-03-17, 07:16 PM
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I believe Lyle Clark is wrestling 285 for Claymont this year
Old 12-03-17, 07:48 PM
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Believe Woods going 106 in D2 and Finnearty beat him 8-0 at west Jeff last year
Old 12-07-17, 02:03 AM
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D2 update: 160 Conger ( ranked 15h on Buckman's projections for D2, 160) pinned Chance King? @ SOASP. Weighed in at 170 for the WCH vs Wilmington dual. Won his match vs the Wilmington reserve 160 by a score of only 7 -3, who was giving up 10 lbs. Dodged Wilmington's 160 who is a 2X state alt.
Old 12-07-17, 10:20 AM
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[QUOTE=Black&GreenSardine;6937742]D2 update: 160 Conger ( ranked 15h on Buckman's projections for D2, 160) pinned Chance King? @ SOASP. Weighed in at 170 for the WCH vs Wilmington dual. Won his match vs the Wilmington reserve 160 by a score of only 7 -3, who was giving up 10 lbs. Dodged Wilmington's 160 who is a 2X state alt.[/

I didn’t see the match, I do know the final result was a WCH victory. I wonder in retrospect, would Wilmington bump their starter instead of their backup?

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Old 12-14-17, 10:45 PM
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Scott - Genoa not on team this year.
Mendoza - Gibsonburg at 170
Jaso - Gibsonburg 160
Villarreal - Gibsonburg 145
Adcao - Elmwood out for season
Eick - Rossford 145
Old 12-16-17, 07:50 AM
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Bucksman: Any word on McMillan from Wadsworth 170 and Loparo 160? Do you have any information how Tittle is doing where he moved too?
Old 12-18-17, 08:07 AM
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When will the next set of rankings be posted?

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