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Old 07-08-17, 03:59 PM
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Catholic schools were once concentrated in the inner cities because that was where the Catholic population lived...then the population moved to the inner-ring burbs as Catholics as a group became more upwardly mobile. Now, a large portion of the Catholic population lives in the suburbs and exurbs, so the schools and parishes move there with them.

The need for Catholic schools in the inner cities to serve, and possibly evangelize, the inner city population has been reduced to a minimum in some cities due to the cost of competing with the public schools. Staffing has especially been a problem since there are no longer enough nuns, priests and brothers to act as faculty...and the cost of attracting lay teachers is very high, due to having to compete against very well paid public school teachers. Still, the schools are there. In Cleveland, you still have St. Ignatius, VASJ, Benedictine, Cleveland Central Catholic, Saint Martin DePorres, and St. Joseph Academy (girls) sitting largely among non-Catholic inner city neighborhoods and serving those communities for those who wish to attend. They also assist the other Catholic social services in those neighborhoods who largely serve non-Catholics. There are four elementary schools, and two preschools in Cleveland. The schools are there. The social services are there. The communities are largely non-Catholic.
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