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Cap City Senior All Star Game White 22 Red 14

First there was no programs sold at the game, the we did not get them prepared in time reason was given, when I inquired about purchasing one. So I will be going with the number and color of the jersey when mentioning a player.

Last night at Whitehall high school the annual Cap City Senior All-Star took place. When all said and done you had a very defensive, physical game that unofficially totaled,14 penalties, 53 total yards by the red team and 190 by the winning white team.

Getting things started #25 from the red team picked up 7 yards, when he broke to his right and broke a few tackles on a very hard run. with 11:22 showing on the scoreboard clock. From there the drive ended with a punt, three plays later.

#39 from the red team sacked #2 from the white team, with 9:09 left in the quarter and then on the next play #39 from the red stopped #2 for no gain, with 8:07 left in the opening quarter.

#13 from the red would throw the ball downfield to #37, who was covered as tightly as one could be covered by #18 but #37 made a Dez Bryant like catch to pick up close to 41 yards, with 5:28 left in the quarter. The drive ended with another punt a few plays later.

The games first score came on a pick six by #12 from the red. who went 15 yards for the score. The quarterback on the throw for the white team was #2. #22 for the red team converted the two point run to make this a,8-0 game with 2:14 left in the quarter.

On the ensuing kickoff a fumble occurred and after #30 from the red team came out of the pile with the ball, the refs signaled ball to the white team. #30 did not seem pleased with this and neither did his teammates, coaches and a very large group of fans in the stand. So with 2:07 left in the quarter, the white team started their next drive.

Facing a 4th and 5 with 11:53 left in the half, the white team opted to go for it and this was made a good decision, when #2 hit #7 for the first down.

With 11:37 left in the half #23 from the red stopped #11 from the white for no gain as the defense again showed that in games like this, they are a mile ahead off the offense. Just my thoughts about that subject, I know it would be hard but maybe the teams should get two weeks or three to practice for this one. Yes, a gigantic commitment for all of the payers and coaches, but the reward would make for better games.

#23 from the red team stopped #11 of the white for a 1 yard loss, with 10:18 left in the half.
9:37 showed on the clock when, #9 from the red sacked #5 on the white team for a 3 yard loss.
Just a minute later #5 from the white was sacked by a host of players from the red team, led by #57.

At the 7:24 mark of the quarter #4 from the white was picked off by #18, who returned it about 70 yards on the play.
The red would fail to score after the big pick as the white defense was magnificent again.

At the 5:19 mark of the quarter #2 from the white connected with #19, for a 14 yard run.
At times both teams seemed ready to explode on offense but both defenses would show that they was not going to have anything to do with that.

The White team would convert another forth down situation and they again decided to go for it. The choice turned out very good, after #2 picked up three yards.

The half ended with the red up, 8-0. Their total yards gained in the half was 50, while the white had gained 70. As I said this was a defensive game.

10:33 was shown on the clock when,#25 for the white exploded for a 52 yard run.
#2 would cap off the white team drive, with a 16 yard touchdown pass to #81 to make this a,8-6 game. A two point by the white team #11 was stuffed by #57, to keep this a,8-6 game, with 8:21 left in the quarter.

With 6:22 left in the third #12 of the red picked up 12 yards, when his team faced a 3rd and 8.
This drive ended very quickly after the run.

At the 2:36 mark of the quarter #30 from the red sacked #5 for a 14 yard loss, to bring up to bring up a 3rd and 20.With 1:53 left in the third #30 of the red crushed #5 of the white on a play that gained zero yards.

I am going with the PA announcer on his call of the next play. #9 from the red blocked the white teams punt and after a big scramble for the ball #9 from the white recovered it and was crushed on a Randy White type hit by #30, at the white 5 yard line. The clock said 59.2 seconds left in the quarter.

With 52.6 left in the quarter #22 from the red broke several tackles as he muscled his way in for the score, from five yards out. A two point conversion try failed and the score stayed,14-6 red team.

#18 from the red dove to knock a ball away from #17 of the white, on a pass that was thrown very nicely by #5 of the white team with 11:19 left in the game.

With 11:01 left in the game #17 from the red picked off a pass thrown by #5 of the white and then he returned the pock for 40 yards.
Back to back sacks by the white team on #5 happened after the pick. #70 from the white recorded the first one,with 11:01 left and then #70 teamed up with #80 for the second one, with 9:50 left in the game.

After a short punt by the red team, the white would get a 25 yard diving catch for a touchdown by #26. A 2 point conversion run by #2 tied this one up at 14.

The game had 6:37 left in it when, #18 of the white picked off a pass and made a nice return down to the Red's 35 yard line.

With 5:13 left the White team converted another 4th down when, #16 picked up 16 yards on a fine run.

#2 hit #12 to give the white a first down at the Red teams 3 yard line.
From there #2 found #80 for the game winning score. A two point conversion was successful when #12 hit pay dirt. The score was,22-14 with 3:25 left.

The white team would get one final nice play from its defense when, #70 got another sack.



10-21 1 TD 3 INT'S

Link to pics

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