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Old 04-18-17, 04:11 PM
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Heath D-2 District Rankings (Off Season #1)

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.
I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

These off-season rankings will start off with the wrestlers listed at the weights that they wrestled in the 2016-2017 season.
I’ll move wrestlers up and down as the off-season progresses (and add the incoming freshmen into the rankings eventually). Feel free to let me know if anyone has inside information about new weights, schools, or wrestlers that they think should be added.
I will also move teams up and down when the new divisional breakdowns are available.

* = unsure about participation

# = 2 wrestlers from the same team listed (I will add additional wrestlers to the rankings at these weights)

-The schools of the incoming freshmen are based off of the previous Yappi thread. Please let me know if any are wrong or have changed.

1. Cole McComas- Beaver Local (2nd state)
2. Thane Kaufman- West Holmes (SQ)
3. Caleb Greenlee- Gallia Academy
4. Jarrett Warrington- Claymont (SQ)
5. Peyton Blasko- Steubenville (SQ)
6. Terry Gatrell- Meadowbrook (5th district, 6th district 2016)
7. Michael Petrella- Bishop Hartley (6th district)
8. Blake Sheppard- New Lexington

Incoming Freshmen:
Peyten Kellar– Warren (2x 1st middle school state)
Aaron Ferguson – Steubenville (2nd middle school state)
Howard Williams – East Liverpool (3rd middle school state)
Elijah Pack- Hartley (6th middle school state 2016)

McComas completed an awesome freshman year with a trip to the state finals. His only two losses all season were to D-3 state champ Oscar Sanchez and D-2 state champ Jacob Decatur.
McComas beat state placer Cael Woods (6-2) at Cambridge and D-1 state placer Logan Agin (6-4) at Medina.
He would later defeat West Virginia state placer Tucker Windland in the OVAC finals, and he also bested Kaufman (6-4 SV) on his way to a district title.
McComas downed Ed Suber 3-1 in the state quarterfinals to lock up a spot on the podium and then he bettered fellow EOWL champ Christian Wayt 4-3 in the state semis to earn a spot in the finals.

I’m not sure of Pack’s school. I’ve seen him listed as a Watkins Memorial wrestler on one thread.

1. Brady O’Connor- Indian Valley (SQ)
2. Cael Woods- West Holmes (8th state)
3. Justice Freeman- New Lexington (SQ)
4. Kyle Greenlee- Gallia Academy (5th district)
5. Abe Frizzell- Meadowbrook (6th district, 5th district 2016)
6. Jacob Fohl- River Valley
7. Christian Miller- (Sparta) Highland
8. Hayden Martin- River View

Incoming Freshman:
Douglas Terry – Granville (2nd middle school state)

O’Connor pinned Frizzell in the sectional finals, and he then reached the district finals a week later on the merit of 3 pins including a stick of Greenlee in their go-to-state bout.
He would finish 2nd to 2x state placer Tim Young, losing a tight 1-0 bout in the district finals.
O’Connor started off his state tournament with a 14-7 win over senior Brad Huhn in the opening round. He would finish a bout shy of placement, falling to eventual state champ Nate Keaton and 2x state placer Jake Gentry in the quarters and blood rounds respectively.

1. Dalton Burcher- Indian Valley (SQ, 8th state 2016)
2. Skyler Lasure- Beaver Local (7th state)
3. Jake Johnson- Jonathan Alder (SQ)
4. Gunner Carpenter- Licking Valley (SQ, 8th state 2015)
5. Hunter Wilson- Maysville
6. Tyler Masters- West Holmes
7. Devan Factor- Sheridan
8. Zach Glick- New Lexington

Lasure impressed during his freshman year, navigating a rigorous schedule and emerging as a state placer in his first season.
He avenged a previous loss to state placer Gus Sutton at the Hoppel where he bettered the Fitch wrestler 3-0 in the finals.
Lasure again fell to Sutton at Medina and in the EOWL quarterfinals, but battled back to take 3rd at the latter tournament, besting Sutton 6-4 in the consolation finals.
He would finish 2nd to Burcher at the sectional and district tournaments, while racking up wins against state qualifiers Alex Lucas, Jared Stevens, and Dom Carfagna at the two events.
Lasure lost his opening round bout to EOWL champ Dakota McCloskey at the state tournament but bounced back with a 5-3 win over Isaiah Worthman in his first consolation bout.
Again demonstrating the ability to overcome a foe that had beaten him multiple times, Lasure defeated Burcher 6-0 in the blood round to lock up a spot on the podium. Two bouts later, he would close out his season with a 1-0 win over Joe Wright to claim a 7th place finish.

1. Addison Fogle- Licking Valley (5th state)
2. Maxx Peters – Claymont (SQ)
3. Adam Lenhoff- Indian Valley (SQ)
4. Zane Minella- Steubenville
5. Ben Miller- Fairfield Union
6. Landin Price- New Lexington
7. Chris Jackson- Athens
8. Brayden Carter – Carrollton

Incoming Freshman:
Logan Hursey- Indian Valley (3rd middle school state)
Devon Salsberry – Beaver Local (5th middle school state)
Jordan Barnett – Sheridan (6th middle school state)

This past season, Fogle broke through and placed at the state tournament in his 3rd trip to Columbus. He did it in a big way, besting state placer Caden Blust 7-2 in the opening round and knocking off returning state finalist Jeffrey Thomas 2-1 in OT in the quarterfinals. Fogle also closed out his tournament with a win, defeating David Massey 3-1 in the 5th place final.
The placement came after a quality season that saw Fogle defeat state placers, Dalton Leightner, and Skyler Lasure as well as state qualifiers Zane Johnson, Adam Lenhoff, Tyliq Stewart, Dom Carfagna, Jacob Johnson, Luke Hopkins, and Matt Seifert.

1. Ben Pasiuk- Carrollton (2nd, 2nd state)
2. Mitchell Miracle- River Valley (SQ)
3. Nathan Welsh- Fairfield Union
4. Tyler Hartless- Licking Valley
5. Joseph Petrella- Hartley
6. Therron Stocker- Indian Valley
7. Chris Yanni- Beaver Local
8. Evan Hertel- Minerva

Incoming Freshman:
Dylan Dodson – Licking Valley (3rd middle school state)

Pasiuk made his second state finals in as many years, falling only 2-0 to 3x state champ Mitch Moore in the championship bout.
Hopefully, he’ll be able to find a weight without a returning state champ at it in 2018 (His state finals loss in 2016 was to 2x state champ Josh Venia).
Pasiuk beat state placers Isaac Elliott and Jayden Hefner on his way to a 2nd place finish at Top Gun, and then he defeated eventual state bronze medalist Hunter Yackee 3-1 at the state duals.
He claimed his second straight district title with a 14-3 major over returning state placer Chandler Golec in the finals.
The next week, Pasiuk knocked off state placers Josh Smith (1:51), Drew Crabtree (1:31), and Luke Wymer (1-0) sequentially to reach his second state championship bout.

1. Anthony Rice- Steubenville (4th state)
2. Justin Shaw- Carrollton (5th state)
3. Dakota Bunting- Claymont (8th state)
4. Noah Barnett- Sheridan (5th district, 6th district2 2016)
5. Griffin Burkhart – Morgan
6. Noah Smith- Beaver Local (6th district)
7. Louis Dytko- Col. DeSales
8. Parker Mazik- Indian Creek

Incoming Freshman:
Jacob Nelson- Hartley (7th middle school state)

Rice climbed to a new level in 2017, placing 4th at his first state tournament after making steady strides throughout the year.
He beat Bunting 4-3 in the regional quarterfinals of the state duals, and then finished 2nd to returning state finalist Jake Martinez at sectionals falling only 3-2 in the finals.
Rice rebounded from an overtime loss to Shaw in the district quarters to win 4 straight bouts and defeat Shaw (5-3 SV) in the rematch for 3rd place.
At the state tournament, Rice bested district champ Eli Yoho 7-6 to reach his first state semifinals bout. He fell 3-1 in sudden victory to Gage Grunden in the semis but bounced back with a 3-1 sudden victory win over a very good Carson Speelman in the consolation semifinals.

1. Jashon Hubbard- Steubenville (3rd, 4th, 3rd state)
2. Briar Cadle- Claymont (6th district)
3. Colt Hanson- Morgan
4. Jared Wright- Beaver Local
5. Conner Fritz- Minerva
6. Matthew Love- Indian Valley
7. Layne Talbot- New Lexington
8. Brady Oberdier- Warren

Hubbard earned yet another OVAC title, after besting returning state placer Miles Mazik 6-1 in the finals.
A few weeks later, he again defeated Mazik by a 6-1 score, this time in the district semis. He followed that win with a 6-5 victory over Adam Shaw to earn the district title.
Hubbard’s only loss at the state tournament was a 1-0 semifinal setback to returning state finalist Sandro Ramirez in the semifinals. He closed out the year with a 9-3 win over Shaw and a 4-2 win over 2x state placer Joey Sanchez in the consolation finals to earn his second state bronze medal.

1. Brandon Daniels- Carrollton (SQ)
2. Blake Wickline- Bloom Carroll (SQ)
3. Beau Smith- Beaver Local (SQ)
4. Jerrett Munyan- Sheridan (SQ 2016)
5. Kaden Bunting- Claymont (6th district)
6. Devin Eakle- Indian Creek
7. Liam Keller- Warren
8. Jake Armstrong- Indian Valley

Daniels was pinned by Wickline in the sectional finals, but turned the tables a week later at the district tournament, defeating Wickline 7-5 in the championship bout.
The win came after Daniels had already knocked off returning state qualifier Munyan 4-2 in the quarters and state placer Luciano Mendicino 10-4 in the semifinals.
He reached the blood round at the state tournament a week later after defeating Jesse Younce 8-2 in his first consolation bout.

1. Ashton Eyler- Claymont (3rd, 6th state)
2. Keegan Vanmeter- Granville (SQ)
3. Wesley Pauley- Morgan (SQ)
4. David Tuttle- Steubenville (5th district)
5. John Mautz- New Lexington (6th district)
6. Logan Wilson- Indian Creek*
7. Jarrett Swinderman- Indian Valley
8. Anthony Mecum- East Liverpool

Incoming Freshman:
David Harper – Philo (4th middle school state)

Eyler was 2nd to 2x state placer Joe Koontz at Top Gun last year where he beat West Virginia state finalist Michael Midlam 9-1 in the semifinals.
From there, he rolled through his conference, sectional, and district tournaments, where his closest win was a 12-4 major over Vanmeter in the district finals.
In Columbus, Eyler defeated Braham Ginter 9-3 in the state quarterfinals to reach his second straight semifinal. Here he would fall to returning state champ Georgio Poullas before closing out the year with wins over Michael McIntire (7-3) and Khord Moore (20-3) to earn a 3rd place finish.

1. Hayden McGee- Maysville (5th district)
2. Josh Baldridge- West Holmes
3. Joseph Hilliard- Chillicothe
4. Cole Jackson- Hartley
5. Josh Sandoval- Whitehall-Yearling
6. Ronnie Hill- Warren
7. Carter Layton- River Valley
8. Keith Bodnar- Steubenville

Incoming Freshman:
Sam Lowe – Beaver Local (4th middle school state)
Stephen Baldridge – West Holmes (5th middle school state)
Will Weinberg – Buckeye Valley (6th middle school state)

McGee won a title at Nelsonville-York last season, beating state placer Ben Davenport 10-7 in the finals.
He was 2nd to state finalist Dimitri Williams at the MVL Tournament where he beat state qualifier Wesley Pauley 6-1 in the semifinals.
After finishing 2nd to state qualifier Tarin Rauch at sectionals, McGee placed 5th at the district tournament where he posted 2 wins over former state qualifier Colten Winters (7-3 and 5-2).

1. Cody Neece- Fairfield Union (SQ)
2. Eliot Clark- Bexley (5th district)
3. Brodey Parsons- Indian Valley
4. Chad Mays- Beaver Local
5. Andrew Hammon- Lakewood
6. Nick Erslan- Chillicothe
7. Griffin Rathburn- Hartley
8. Dylan Anderson- Warren

Neece bounced back from an opening round loss to Clark at the district tournament, winning 5 straight consolation bouts to qualify for state and place 3rd at the district. His last two wins were a 3-1 victory in the rematch with Clark and a 6-1 win over Billy Cooper in the consolation finals.
He reached the blood round at the state tournament a week later, besting district champ Matthew Cover 4-3 in the consolation rounds.

1. Jud Ramage- Meadowbrook (5th state)
2. Owen Loughman- Sheridan (SQ 2016)
3. Kole Aubiel- Claymont
4. Blake Linard- Claymont#
5. Collin Lindsey- Chillicothe
6. Nate Jackson- Hartley
7. Seth Burgess- New Lexington
8. Nate Gessel- Warren
(9.) Ben Dailey- Jackson

Ramage bested state qualifier Blake Bollon in both the ECOL and sectional finals (11-5 and 11-9) last season. He followed up with a commanding performance at the district tournament picking up a tech and 2 pins before defeating Robert Marquez 11-3 in the district finals.
Ramage carried that momentum into the first round of the state tournament where he beat Tyler Bath 15-6.
He would follow a quarterfinal loss to state champ Kavan Sarver with an overtime win over Marquez to earn placement and an 8-6 win over Jared Fenner to reach the consolation semifinals. After falling to Pete Abraham, Ramage ended his year with a pin over Jerrell Martin to finish 5th on the podium.

1. Luke Shively- New Lexington
2. Garrett Givens- Beaver Local
3. Lyle Clark- Claymont
4. Grant Robinson- Bexley
5. Gage Swartz- Philo
6. Matt Prysock- Fairfield Union
7. Assante Ndongo- Whitehall-Yearling
8. Cole Maxson- Chillicothe

Incoming Freshman:
Blake Dayton – Maysville (3rd middle school state)
Jarrett Burress – Minerva (7th middle school state)

Shively made a late season return to the mat, winning a tough sectional tournament while knocking off Prysock (5-2), Trenton Gregg (3-1), and Trae Hood (3-2) in his 3 bouts.
He went 2-2 at the district tournament a week later, losing to state placer Drone Moore in the opening round before besting Givens 3-2 and Robinson 4-2 in his first two consolation bouts.

1. Sam Mitchell- River View (6th state)
2. Tyler Ely- Steubenville (SQ)
3. Travis Kuttler- Minerva (6th district 2016)
4. Ty Robinson- Philo (5th district)
5. Zach Thomas- Beaver Local
6. Chad Douglas- Independence (6th district)
7. Dane Black- Lakewood
8. Brandon Lenhart- Fairfield Union

Incoming Freshman:
Garrett Meek – Bishop Hartley (5th middle school state)

Mitchell pinned his way to a sectional title at Claymont, sticking state qualifier Sam Robinson in the finals.
A week later, he earned his first district title after avenging an earlier loss to Dane Black (16-1) in the quarters and defeating Ely 11-7 in the finals.
Mitchell picked up his first state medal the following week, pinning Trent Wilson in the opening round and defeating 3rd place finisher Devin Williams 11-4 in the quarterfinals.

1. Claymont
2. Beaver Local
3. Steubenville
4. Indian Valley
5. New Lexington
6. Carrollton
7. Fairfield Union
8. West Holmes

The team rankings are based off of the returning wrestlers, and do not yet include incoming freshmen or last year’s reserve wrestlers who may be starting and contributing next season.

Claymont will enter the season as favorites to repeat for the district title. They’ll only lose a few to graduation (Rauch and Golec), and I’m sure they’ll add a few capable freshmen into the fray.
It was pointed out that they’re two state placers last year were both transfers from other schools (Bunting and Eyler). I’m guessing that will not be the case in 2018. I figure at least one of Peters, Warrington, Clark, Aubiel, or Cadle will find their way onto the podium.

Beaver Local will be a very good squad next year and for the foreseeable future.
They’ll add middle school state placers Salsberry and Lowe to a squad the returns state placers McComas and Lasure, state qualifier Beaus Smith, and district placer Noah Smith, as well as wrestlers like Givens and Thomas who should be significant threats to qualify for the state tournament.

Steubenville is another squad with district title aspirations. They add middle school state finalist Ferguson to a team that boasts state qualifiers Ely and Blasko, state placer Hubbard and Rice and state alternate Tuttle.
Hubbard and Rice were especially impressive last year. I’ll be interested to see if they can both reach the state finals next year.

Indian Valley has a very deep overall team. Their lightweights get the recognition with O’Connor, Burcher, and Lenhoff all reaching the state tournament last year, but Stocker, Parsons, Armstrong, and Love will make up a strong core of middle weights that should be pushing for state tournament births.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baum’s Page, the OVAC website, Inside the Circle, and Jake’s Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce
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Old 04-18-17, 04:56 PM
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You better move Eli Pack back a few weigh classes....
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Eli Pack will be going to Newark Catholic D3. Wrestling between 138-152.
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Old 04-18-17, 11:50 PM
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Will Bishop Hartley be D2 or D3 ?
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Old 04-19-17, 08:12 AM
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As far as I know Bishop Hartley is still D2 in wrestling. I know they moved up in football.
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