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Old 04-20-17, 04:24 PM
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Wilmington D-2 District Rankings (Off-Season #1)

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.
I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

These off-season rankings will start off with the wrestlers listed at the weights that they wrestled in the 2016-2017 season.
I’ll move wrestlers up and down as the off-season progresses (and add the incoming freshmen into the rankings eventually). Feel free to let me know if anyone has inside information about new weights, schools, or wrestlers that they think should be added.
I will also move teams up and down when the new divisional breakdowns are available.

* = unsure about participation

# = 2 wrestlers from the same team listed (I will add additional wrestlers to the rankings at these weights)

-The schools of the incoming freshmen are based off of the previous Yappi thread. Please let me know if any are wrong or have changed.

1. Tanner Jordan- Graham (3rd state)
2. Trey Finnerty- Circleville (8th state)
3. Jedediah Marlow- Western Brown (6th state)
4. Sam Price- Monroe (5th district, 6th district 2016)
5. Joey Dima- Valley View (SQ)
6. Chase Huff- Goshen (6th district)
7. Sean Conway- Carroll
8. Wilbur Compress- Reading

Incoming Freshman:
Trace Braun – Graham (3rd middle school state)

Jordan and Marlow made the climb from back-up wrestlers in 2016 to state placers in 2017.
I was especially impressed with Marlow who bested Sam Price 8-5 in the district quarterfinals after losing to him earlier in the year. He also pinned Dima in his go-to-state bout before falling 7-0 to Jordan in the district finals.
He posted an impressive 7-0 shutout of a solid Thane Kaufman in the opening round of the state tournament and then avenged another loss with a 7-0 victory, this one over district champ Gavin Ritter who had bested Marlow 8-2 at Brecksville. The win catapulted Marlow into the semifinals and guaranteed a 6th place finish.

Jordan posted a 5-2 win over D-3 state champ Oscar Sanchez at Ironman, and earned a 3-1 victory over D-3 state bronze medalist Ethan Turner on his way to a GMVWA title.
He continued to pick up one tournament title after another as the season progressed, eventually winning the district title after defeating Finnearty 2-0 in the quarterfinals and Marlow in the finals.
Jordan suffered a quarterfinal loss to Christian Wayt at the state tournament, but rebounded to finish 3rd and outplace Wayt after besting Payton Burgdorf 15-2 in the consolation finals.

1. Nate Keaton- Circleville (1st, 5th, 4th state)
2. Brandon Lucas- Western Brown (4th state, 5th state 2015)
3. Jacob Gentry- Ross (7th, 7th state)
4. Dawson Show- Graham (5th district)
5. Bryce Davis- Kenton Ridge (SQ)
6. Colton Robins- Reading (6th district)
7. Matt Asher- Clinton-Massie (8th state 2016)
8. A.J. Lewandowski- Oakwood

Keaton was at his best for the most important time of the season, winning his first state title to close out his junior year.
After pinning state placer Asher to claim the sectional title, Keaton earned a district championship at Wilmington where he knocked off all 3 of the other qualifiers at his weight.
First, he bested Bryce Davis 15-7 in the quarterfinals, and then he followed up with a 13-7 win over Lucas in the semifinals, avenging an earlier loss. Keaton capped off the run with a 5-1 win over Jake Gentry in the district finals.
The next week, he secured a spot in the state finals after defeating 3x state placer Matt Cardello 4-2 in the semifinals. Cardello had been ranked (I think as high as #4) nationally during the season by Flo Wrestling. Keaton ended his year by grinding out a 1-0 victory over Dominic Carone in the state finals to earn the top spot on the podium.

1. Jordan Crace- Graham (1st, 3rd state)
2. Caleb Brooks- Circleville (3rd, 8th, 5th state)
3. Seth Taylor- Western Brown (SQ)
4. Andrew Shafer- Graham#
5. Isaiah Wortham- Chaminade-Julienne (SQ)
6. Wade Monebrake- Eaton (5th district, SQ 2016)
7. Drew Price- (Middletown) Madison (5th, 5th district)
8. Dustin Robins- Reading (6th district)
(9.) Levi Clay- Washington (C.H.)

Incoming Freshman:
Nick Moore- Graham (1st middle school state)

Crace completed an undefeated sophomore season with some late match heroics in the state finals, locking up a cradle for 2 and 2 in the last 10 seconds of the match to earn his first state title.
This win came a bout after he defeated 3x state placer Eric Bartos 7-5 in the state semifinals. He also downed 3x state placer Caleb Brooks 3-2 in the district finals the week before and bested returning D-1 state champ Bryce Andonian in the team’s dual with St. Edward.
Other than that, no one else was able to keep their match with Crace to a decision last year.

1. Jeffrey Thomas- Graham (3rd, 2nd state)
2. Ben Sherrill- Bellbrook (SQ)
3. Isaac Bennett- Logan Elm (SQ)
4. Casey Ragle- Norwood (5th district, SQ 2016)
5. Tanner Donatahan- Western Brown (SQ)
6. Cole Houser- Benjamin Logan (6th district, SQ 2016)
7. Brayden Ploehs- Ross (SQ 2016)
8. Dawson Carter- Hillsboro (SQ 2016)

Incoming Freshman:
Alek Martin – Graham (1st middle school state)

Sherrill made great strides in 2017, qualifying for his first state tournament after finishing 2nd at one of the more loaded weight-classes of this district.
He claimed a sectional title at Washington where he beat state qualifier Bennett 6-4 in the semifinals and then defeated returning state qualifier Dawson Carter 10-6 in the title bout.
A week later, Sherrill teched Jacob Fontaine 18-3 in the opening round of the district tournament. He followed that win with a 14-4 major over Thomas McGraw and a 3-1 sudden victory triumph over returning state qualifier Casey Ragle in the district semifinals to punch his first ticket to the state tournament.

1. Mitch Moore- Graham (1st, 1st, 1st state)
2. Coby Hughes- Miami Trace (6th state)
3. Jordin Hamblin- Western Brown (SQ)
4. Isaiah Stickley – Graham#
5. Wes Davenport- Unioto (5th district)
6. Logan Raney- Franklin (6th district)
7. Mason Downs- Circleville
8. Logan Iams- Ross
(9.) Reuben Cohen- Monroe

Mitch Moore won his 3rd state title in as many years, picking up a slew of pins and tech falls along the way.
His only loss all year was in overtime to undefeated D-1 state champ Zack Donatahan in the Ironman finals. This came a bout after Moore pinned California state champ Gary Joint in the semifinals.
After pins in the first two rounds of the state tournament, Moore shutout a tough Hunter Yackee 4-0 in the semifinals and then did the same to returning state finalist Ben Pasiuk 2-0 in the championship to claim his 3rd gold medal.

1. J.D. Stickley- Graham (1st state)
2. Micah Marshall- Chaminade-Julienne (SQ)
3. Caleb Blake- Tippecanoe (SQ)
4. Gavin Moore- Miami Trace
5. Ryan Wolf- New Richmond (SQ)
6. Derek Spears- Western Brown (5th district, SQ)
7. Keegan Rawlins- McClain
8. Trevor Lewis- Unioto

Incoming Freshman:
Hayden Pummel – Indian Lake (4th middle school state)

I was more impressed with Stickley’s performance than any of the other Graham wrestlers last season. It was his first opportunity to start for a full season in the always loaded Falcon line-up and he made the most of it, placing at the best tournament in the country and winning his first state title in convincing fashion.
Graham fans seemed to have high expectations coming into the season, but I honestly didn’t expect Stickley to be as excellent as he was.
His 7th place finish at Ironman contained a pin over D-3 state champ Brady Barnett and a 3-1 overtime win over D-1 state finalist Corey Shie.
Stickley dominated the rest of the season pinning or teching everyone at the sectional and district tournaments.
At state, he beat the wrestlers who finished 5th, 6th, 3rd, and 2nd consecutively. His 8-2 win over Justin Shaw in the opening round was his closest bout of the tournament. Stickley majored Carson Speelman (13-1) in the quarters and returning state champ Jake Martinez (9-1) in the semis before besting Gage Grunden 8-1 in the title bout.

1. Joey Sanchez- Graham (4th, 5th state)
2. Zane Nelson- Washington C.H. (5th district, 5th district 2016)
3. Gavin Clark- New Richmond
4. Damion Williams- Urbana (6th district)
5. Nicholas Machuca- Chaminade-Julienne
6. Robbie Frederick- Clinton-Massie
7. Wyatt Wilkin- Hillsboro
8. Jacob Kube- Goshen

Incoming Freshmen:
David Frederick – Chaminade-Julienne (3rd middle school state)
Peyton Craft – Graham

I feared that Sanchez may struggle with the cut down to 145 last season after placing 5th at 152 the year before, but he handled the drop with aplomb, grabbing his second state medal in a quality field, out-placing his previous best.
Sanchez defeated 2x state placer Alex Kowal 5-1 to win the sectional title, and then he shutout state placer Trenten Scott 3-0 the next week to earn a district title.
After an opening round pin at the state tournament, Sanchez toughed out a 2-0 win over a very good Adam Shaw in the quarterfinals. Here he fell to 2x state champ Kevon Freeman before bouncing back with a second win over Kowal (3-2) while claiming a 4th place finish.

1. Rocky Jordan- Graham (1st, 1st, 2nd state)
2. Sean Mondello- Talawanda (SQ)
3. Dylan Knotts- Indian Lake (5th district)
4. Yima Nyamor- Wyoming
5. Chris Conger- Washington C.H. (6th district)
6. Hunter Johns- Chaminade-Julienne
7. Caleb Linton- Logan Elm
8. Dominic Finch- (Springfield) Shawnee

Jordan missed some significant time with injury last season, but still dominated the field on his way to a second state title.
After pinning and teching everyone at the sectional tournament and the first 3 rounds of the district tourney, Jordan closed out his second district title with a 13-0 shutout of 2x state placer Jake Henderson.
He kicked off his state tournament with a pair of tech falls, and then he posted back-to-back 8-0 wins over Nick Vespucci and Sid Ohl to earn a second gold medal.

1. Ryan Thomas- Graham (1st, 3rd, 3rd state)
2. Connor Dixon- Indian Lake (SQ)
3. Isaac Allen- Wilmington (5th district, 5th district 2016)
4. Ross Lennon- Clinton-Massie (6th district)
5. Blake Coy- Carroll
6. Gage Johnson- Franklin
7. Jack Fessler- Bishop Fenwick*
8. James Munro- Miami Trace

Incoming Freshman:
Devin Oligee – (Middletown) Madison (8th middle school state)

Thomas came away with one of the more highly ranked upsets of the state tournament when he defeated defending state champ Georgio Poullas 6-4 in sudden victory.
Despite making the jump from 132 up to 160, Thomas showed that he could contend right away, placing 4th at Ironman where he only lost 2-1 in OT to Blair’s Andrew Merola in the semifinals.
Thomas pinned every sectional and district foe until the district finals where he beat Gunnar Dawson 24-10 in the finals. He went on to pin his first 3 state foes before posting the upset in the finals.

1. Eric Altman- Western Brown (SQ)
2. Hunter Hyden- Graham (5th district)
3. Daniel Greiner- Batavia (SQ)
4. Seth Hodapp- Eaton (6th district)
5. Avery Collins- Waynesville
6. Jack Anders- Miami Trace
7. Dawon Smith- Meadowdale
8. Antwann Martin- Alter

Altman earned his first district title last season, defeating Anthony Tissandier 2-0 in the finals. This came a bout after he beat Hodapp 8-0 and two bouts after he pinned Preston Bressler.
At the state tournament, Altman won the rubber match with Michael Jude (3-1) in the opening round after splitting two bouts with him earlier in the year. His losses at the tournament were a pair of 1-point setbacks to state placers Tre Terry and Alex Andrews in the quarters and blood round respectively.

1. Gage Braun- Graham (2nd, 5th state)
2. Jackson Gear- McNicholas (SQ)
3. Francisco Allen- Talawanda*
4. Spencer Reynolds- Eaton
5. Jamonte Crossty- Mt. Healthy
6. Hunter Lester- Franklin
7. Bowen McConahay- Logan Elm
8. Davey Stamper- Western Brown

Allen will be one to keep and eye on in 2018, if he is indeed still wrestling. He posted some impressive results last year, beating state qualifier Jordan Hardrick 5-4 while placing 2nd at Edgewood and claiming a 7th place finish at the GMVWA.
Allen also beat state qualifiers Anthony Tissandier (12-4) and Gunnar Dawson (6-4) in the semis and finals at Batavia.
He made a late season switch in weight-class with teammate Bressler who went on to qualify for the state tournament, but unfortunately, he didn’t participate in the post season.

1. Stone Day- Valley View (2nd, 7th state)
2. Zach Banks- (Middletown) Madison (SQ)
3. Ryan Buckley- New Richmond (5th district)
4. Cole Mefford- Indian Lake (6th district)
5. Ethan Taylor- McClain
6. Deegan Boris- Hillsboro
7. Tom Coleman- Ross
8. Christian Michael- Eaton

Day made a jump in weight class which coincided with a jump in performance last year as he reached his first state finals , finishing 2nd after placing 7th the prior season.
Day actually went 3-2 against state champ Kavan Sarver last season, but unfortunately for him, Sarver won the state title bout 3-2 in overtime.
That doesn’t diminish the quality season that Day put together, winning a district title over Sarver after beating state placer Jared Fenner 8-4 in the quarterfinals.
He also downed state placers Josh Bever (9-5) and Pete Abraham (9-5) in the state quarters and semifinals.

1. Johnny Shafer- Graham (7th, 5th state)
2. Mikey Addis- Norwood (SQ)
3. Sam Brothers- Clinton- Massie (SQ)
4. Justin Noble- Western Brown (6th district)
5. Ben Davis- Circleville
6. Drake Miller- Oakwood
7. Nathaniel Clayton- Alter
8. Jared Conn- Hillsboro

Incoming Freshman:
Kade Rawlins –McClain (6th middle school state)

Addis qualified for his first state tournament last season, finishing just a bout shy of placement. He finished 2nd to Shafer at the district tournament where he avenged an earlier loss to Wyatt Hilliard with a 7-6 win in the quarterfinals. Addis then defeated Garrett Mitchel 5-2 in the go-to-state semifinal bout. He would post a 10-3 win over Kyle Gallagher at the state tournament before falling 3-0 to Shafer in the blood round.

1. Lane Cluff- Hillsboro (SQ)
2. Trent Wilson- Valley View (SQ)
3. Collin Wolffe- Miami Trace (5th district)
4. Conner Barton- Wilmington (6th district)
5. Benito Guerrero- Circleville
6. Elijah Cochran- Chaminade-Julienne
7. Sam Homan- Alter
8. Seth Jermer- Western Brown

Cluff improved by leaps and bounds last year, eventually qualifying for his first state tournament as a sophomore.
He bested Wolffe 3-0 in the sectional semis before finishing 2nd to Trevor Hicks.
The next week he pinned Darius Miller and Homan in his first two district bouts before defeating Wolffe 6-4 in his go-to-state bout.
Cluff also posted a 6-3 win over a tough Alex White and a pin over Conner Barton last season during his stellar sophomore campaign.

1. Graham
2. Western Brown
3. Circleville
4. Miami Trace
5. Chaminade-Julienne
6. Valley View
7. Hillsboro
8. Indian Lake

The team rankings are based off of the returning wrestlers, and do not yet include incoming freshmen or last year’s reserve wrestlers who may be starting and contributing next season.

Graham will be absurdly good once again. The question will be can they challenge for a national title?
The team boasts a great deal of depth and excellence especially in the middle and lower weights, but they’ll need to get as many of their top wrestlers into the line-up to contend with the likes of Blair.
They add in middle school state champions Nick Moore and Alek Martin as well other stud freshmen Peyton Craft and Trace Braun. The team will also have Andrew Shafer and Isaiah Stickley who performed well as reserves last season.

Western Brown will be a powerhouse once again, but it sounds like they’ll likely be moving up to D-1 for the 2017-2018 season.
Altman, Donathan, Hamblin, Lucas, Spears, Taylor, and Marlow all have state tournament experience and all 7 will return next year.
I’d hate to see a quality team leave this district, but it’ll only add to the depth at Kettering Fairmont if they do indeed make the jump.

Circleville is the likely #2 here if Western Brown moves up. They return state champ Keaton as well as state placers Finnearty and Brooks.
The team also boasts some talent in the upper weights with Davis and Guerrero who could both make it to state in 2018.
Tyler Matthews is another name to keep an eye on. He had some very impressive results last year, but I believe he was injured at the end of the season.

Miami Trace is a team with no shortage of depth. Hughes was a state placer last season and Wolffe was a state alternate, plus they should get Gavin Moore back from injury.
They also have a number of other competitors like Duffy, Murphy, Munro, and Anders who could work their way onto the district podium in 2018.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baum’s Page and Jake’s Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce
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