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Grand river rumble weekend @ lansing

Individual Registration Blowing Up for this coming Friday @ Lansing!!

Wrestle Individual Championship and boost your Mat Time and Matches. We do not promise or anticipate any Exhibition matches during the Duals so if you need more matches sign up and wrestle Friday Individual 7/12.

One Weigh In covers the full Weekend of Wrestling.

Checkout Age Divisions Boys & Girls, Staggered Sessions & Start Times.

Double Entry permitted, many options to get great matches in both Folkstyle and Freestyle.

See Registration, Fast Pass and Evening Weigh Ins linked to tabs click on and scroll thru at:
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This is a good summer tournament if you want some tough competition. I know All-American PA has a camp the week of the tournament and their wrestlers will be competing.
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I sure hope they do something about the coaches from some of the teams that were in this tourney last year. The finals of the team duals was an absolute joke. Fights along matside, protests at nearly every weight class, coaches threatening referees with violence.

IMO, they need to clear the matside presence of all fans - period! They also need to have a security force that is enabled to make arrests and charging misdemeanors for the unruly idiots that ruin the competition for everyone else. If you can't get away with that behavior in any other public forum, why would you allow it at a wrestling competition?? It was disgusting and event organizers better be prepared for the same antics this year.

Beyond that hiccup, the competition at GRR was incredible - at all levels.

I don't know if BorderWars is associated with the organization of this event, but I give credit to the competition that is involved with this event, but hope they also take to heart the comments from my observations from last year. If I am the only one complaining, then I guess it is accepted behavior and I will just shut up about it. Overzealous parents have always been a problem and I suppose this is no different.
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We plan to be up there this year. Who were the problem teams?
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Originally Posted by Horses Mouth View Post
We plan to be up there this year. Who were the problem teams?
sorry - missed this response.

Last year it was the Compound Green team from Pa. Really no reason for their behavior since they won the tourney easily - giving up only 3 points in 5 matches in the Pool round, then only 13 points total in the Gold Medal round. It was around the middle of the light weights that I was watching - maybe 4-5 matches in - when I just got tired of all the delays, and complaining about scoring.

It's excessive when nearly every point scored by a wrestler from Team USA - the team they were wrestling in the finals - ended up being contested, stopping the match to argue the call. To be fair, it wasn't the coaching staff, but rather a few individuals not in the coaching chairs, but roaming the edge of the mat. I don't understand why they were not tossed out. I understand parents can get very emotional when their kids are wrestling, but to say it was excessive is still a gross understatement.

I decided not to go this year because of other commitments. Instead I purchased the Trackwrestling live and video archives and watched the action when I could. Seemed to go much better this year - so if you were part of the security detail, looks like you did your job very well - or those parents (or whomever they were) didn't make the trip this year. Saw the same thing at the Ohio novice championships in Toledo earlier this year. That was even worse, and the TPD officers there, did nothing to run 2 guys in particular out of the arena.

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