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Old 06-15-19, 04:40 PM
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Originally Posted by PantherVOR View Post
It's been a few months since I was last there, definitely not the same women that have been working there for as long as I can remember.
Last time I was there was this past Thursday. Two women were working the counter. One is a woman who has worked there for at least four years. The longest "counter girl" that I have know, had worked there for as long as I can remember but she left a year ago and took a job in Cincinnati Christian University's cafeteria. Nice lady, she was raising two of her step grandchildren in Holy Family Parish. The boy is at Elder now. She was always good for an off-color or politically incorrect joke. She took pleasure in telling a dirty joke well. I got a kick out of her and miss her since she has left.

I have seen the owner or his wife in the shop within the last six months but not lately. The owner usually stays on only if one of the "counter girls" can't make it in.

Too bad about the service. Hopefully your next visit will be better.
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