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Old 06-02-16, 01:36 PM
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2017 Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team - Now Accepting Applications

***This post contains information about applying for the 2017 Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team tours

Since 1983, 550 of the top youth wrestlers, representing Ohio, 24 other states and Canada, have participated as a member of this team. Past team members have gone on to win 10 NCAA titles, more than 200 state high school titles. and more than 25 USA Wrestling Cadet/Junior National Freestyle/Greco Roman titles

June 2, 2016

Dear Parents, Coaches & Wrestlers (please also feel free to forward this information to others you feel might be interested):

Applications are now being accepted, thru October 15, 2016, for the 2017 Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team. The 2017 Team will mark the team's 35th Anniversary and FINAL major tour.

We plan to select 27 wrestlers, of which 17 have already been chosen, during the early selection process the past two years. So, there are a minimal number of spots that still remain open.

These spots may begin to be filled as early as mid September, so the earlier an application is submitted, the earlier it can be reviewed by the Selection Committee.

A few things you should be aware of, if you plan to submit an application:

1. Wrestlers must be enrolled in the 5th thru 9th grade during the 2016-2017 school year.

2. Wrestlers must have a minimum of a 2.5 (B-/C+) grade point average, in order to participate on the team.

3. Wrestlers should have an anticipated summer weight of 65-155. Unfortunately, anything heavier than that and we run into problems with finding them matches.

4. While Ohio wrestlers, (and past Ohio TofC participants), will still receive some priority in the selection process, we anticipate about half the spots to be filled by wrestlers from other states.

5. The trip length will be around 6 1/2 weeks total. This includes a short camp, prior to the team's departure. Camp is currently scheduled to be held in Springboro, OH, June 17-21, with the tour running from June 22-August 6.

6. The 2017 tour will run $5600 and includes: pre trip camp; camp clinicians, airfare, hotel lodging; rental vehicles and gas, exchange gifts, team equipment (about $900 per wrestler), sightseeing (about $900 per wrestler), meal money/team meals (about $900 per wrestler), coaches on tour, etc...

Those wrestlers that compete in the 2017 Ohio Tournament of Champions, will receive a $400 credit toward the money being raised, as that event does help serve as a fundraiser for the Team.

***Note: It is possible, and has be done many times before, to raise the entire amount necessary. Additional information would be provided to those individuals selected.

Some may wonder about the length of the tour. Having done this team for 33 years, I can honestly tell you that the dynamics of the trip drastically change about week four, or five, as that is when the young men really start to come together as brothers.

While your son may have been on school teams and dual meet teams, they will never be on another team quite like the Ohio All-Star Team and will form as strong of bonds with their OASWT teammates as they have with their closest friends at home. Honestly, they begin camp as a group individuals, but return as BROTHERS.

Below is an application for the 2017 team. If you click on the application image, it should come up as a jpeg file and allow you to print it out. If you cannot print it out, please message me at bdbop@aol.com and I will e-mail a copy to you.

Also, if you wish to talk to other parents, whose son have been a part of the team in the past, let me know what area you are from (city or state) and I can connect you with them.

Yours in Wrestling,

Bart Freidenberg
2016 & 2017 Team Rosters

Already, 17 members have been selected for the 2017 OASWT. You can view their information on the Team Facebook page, by clicking the link below. However, please understand that the only folks added to the pages are current team members, their immediate family and alumni. Once the final roster is selected, the page will be Closed to all outsiders.

Link to Application: http://files.ctctcdn.com/8a257ded301...=1464884594000

2017 Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team

The 2016 roster is as follows:
Brennen Cernus (Pickerington, OH); Caden Dobbins (Dover, PA); Jacob Duncan (South Park, PA); T.T. Elhajj (Hummelstown, PA); Jack Elmore (Fairview Park, OH); Nicholas Fine (Cumberland, RI); Ethan Fletcher (Canfield, OH); Reese Fry (Manchester, MI); Brock Gibson (Mason, OH); Evan Goodall (Chelmsford, MA); Mason Kleinberg (Springboro, OH); Jacob Kowalski (Springboro, OH); Aiden Lewis (Lemooyne, PA), Dylan Martin (Wooster, OH); Justin Mayes (Bellevue, OH); Logan Messer (Norton, OH); Dalton Monger (Tower City, OA); Jayden Morr (Norton, OH); Trevor Nugent (Boxford, MA); Eli Pack (Pataskala, OH); Erik Roggie (Smithfield, VA); Vince Sparrow (Mishiwaka, IN); Ben Sponseller (Uniontown, OH); Nolan Springer (Mineral Point, WI); Clayton Ulrey (Grantville, PA); Tommy West (Avon Lake, OH) and Nathan Wynsma (Allendale, MI).

Here is also a link to a short highlight video from the 2014 OASWT, so that you can see what all the trip entails:

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Old 06-02-16, 01:37 PM
Ohio TofC Ohio TofC is offline
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Join Date: 09-27-04
Posts: 318
Ohio TofC is an unknown quantity at this point
Quotes from 2015 Team Members & Parents

Below are quotes from some of the 2015 team members, as well as their parents.

"Looking back on this trip, I just want to let whoever reads this to know that this is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
I have gained 21 new brothers that I am closer to than any other friends I have ever met. I never thought we would get this close, due to the occasional fights and arguments, but we did. Now, I can always have a bunch of people to look forward to seeing every time we get a chance. I also have a new family I can look to in any time of need.
I can't stress the importance of becoming brothers enough. It turned this trip into a lifetime of fun. I don't think most people will be able to understand how close we have become, but these are the types of friends you have your future children call "Uncle" - that is how close we are. It is an unspeakable bond that we will have for the rest of our lives.
On this trip I have also learned so many important life lessons, including how to do laundry, how to budget my money and a bunch of tips on how to be street smart.
The last thing to explain is the wrestling. Besides camp, I got 20 matches and had another 12 practices. The drilling partners I had definitely made me so much better. We did a LOT of wrestling and that was one of the highlights.
Writing this brought me to tears. I don't want to leave any of these guys. They are my Family, my Brothers. - Jack Darling, Boxford, MA, age 14, 4X Massachusetts State Champion

"This trip has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. One of my favorite parts was becoming a family. We all had our ups and downs, but once we overcame that and became a family/brothers, that was one of the most enjoyable things for me. I now have the the best friends of my whole life and people I can always rely on.
This trip has also taught me many life experiences, such as laundry, budgeting my money and how expensive things are. I now know that you can't go around and get everything you see, because everything costs something.
Another thing I learned is talking to people, especially adults. I learned not to be so shy around people.
The things this trip has taught me will never forget. The friends and family I have made will always be with me.
The last thing I would like to talk about is the wrestling. In my opinion, the wrestling was amazing. The matches were really great and were tough and they were in such cool places, like when we wrestled outside, in a park, in Cali.
But, the most important part to me was that the practice partners were incredible. They were always pushing me. The Coaches were also amazing and were always teaching us great moves. The practices were hard, but they also made them fun.
I would just like to thank all my brothers for making this summer the best. Love you guys." - Cooper Flynn, Seymour, TN, age 13, 2X Tennessee State Champion

"The past six weeks have been the greatest six weeks of my life. To say the least, the Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team is life changing. In the past 45 days, I have learned so many social skills, experienced amazing experiences and have become brothers with 21 great kids.
On this trip, I have learned the importance of many little everyday things that we take for granted, like laundry, behaving like a young adult in certain situations, learning how to grow "thick skin" and how to work together as a team.
At the beginning of the trip, I did not think the team would become brothers, but I was clearly mistaken. After 45 days on the road, and sharing the experiences we shared, I can proudly say that the team has transitioned from friends, to good friends, to brothers. I now have 21 brothers that I can share my deepest secrets with, 21 brothers who will become great lifelong friends in the future and 21 brothers who will truly be missed.
In conclusion, if you have the opportunity to participate on the Ohio All-Star Team, don't let the fear of missing them stop you from enjoying this once in a lifetime trip." Lachlan McNeil, Toronto, CANADA, age 14, 2015 Ohio TofC Champion

"The summer of 2015 was the greatest time of my life. The Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team trip was amazing and fun. We enjoyed so many memorable experiences which you may not ever see the rest of your life, such as white water rafting and all the shows in Las Vegas.
Also on the trip, we learned life lessons, like laundry (which you can now help your mom with), and also the value of money and how to spend it wisely.
The most important part of the trip is becoming brothers. Once you do so, the trip becomes so much more fun and you learn to trust each other.
The wrestling is also awesome. Overall, this is a once in a lifetime journey through wrestling. You get to wrestle kids that you won't ever see again.
The trip may seem scary at times, but trust me, the trip is definitely worth it and will help you later in life." - Kyle Rowan, Madison, OH, age 13, 2014 OAC State Runner Up

"This trip really is a trip of a lifetime. I've seen and learned so many things, that it is hard to write them all down.
In six weeks, you really do create a brotherhood and become a family wish your teammates. Everyone on this team will always be my brother. Through the ups and downs, it really brings you closer.
Not only do you learn to spend your money wisely while you are gone, but you also learn to do your own laundry and also how to conserve money. Also, if you have to raise the money to go on the trip, then the trip means so much more, because you worked for it.
I never thought I would get so comfortable around others I had just met. The sooner you do so, the sooner the trip becomes more fun for everyone - trust me.
This trip could also be a big impact on where you would like to go to college, or even move later in life. Coming from a small town in Ohio and and seeing all of these new things makes me want to move out West, because everything is different and beautiful. Seeing mountains and palm trees was really cool for me.
Some of the things you do you will never do again and it doesn't really soak in until the trip is over, but don't have any regrets.
Everyone on the team is there for the same reason, to build a life bond with each other and to do what they love to do...wrestle." - Hugo Villarrreal, Gibsonburg, OH, age 15, 2X OHIOWAY State Champion
Parent Quotes

"While my son was one of the older kids on the team, he's a 'homebody.' In addition to that, the longest he'd ever been away from home was a couple of days, and that was during a class trip with kids he had grown up with and knew well. I'm a bit overprotective to begin with, and I was VERY hesitant about letting him be away from home for so long, and with people I didn't really know - and that he didn't really know.
I have to say, I'm so glad I allowed him to seize this opportunity of a lifetime. The places they traveled to, the things they saw and experienced, the people they met, the coaches and teammates they were able to learn from ... This trip will forever have a positive, profound impact on my son, both in his wrestling, and in his life.
The wrestling knowledge and skills he gained were incredible. But the life experiences he had along the way were unbelievable as well. He saw places and did things he would never have otherwise been able to do. He had to do so many things for himself (like manage his own money, laundry, speak up for himself at restaurants, conflict-resolution with others, etc.) that he was used to us doing for him; this trip helped him grow as an individual.
As far as my worrying about him being gone for so long with people he didn't really know? He returned home saying his bond with his teammates was stronger than the bond he has had for a lifetime with the kids he grew up with. The team really did become his 'family.'
Finally, I want to recognize the coaches. Bart and his team have been doing this trip for nearly 35 years. They know how to take care of the boys, and they know how to run this trip without a hitch. I can very strongly state, with every confidence, that your son would be in very good hands with these coaches/chaperons. The Ohio All Star Wrestling team is truly an opportunity of a lifetime for your son -- allow him to seize it!"

Stephanie Langguth, mother of Chris Langguth

"I had a good idea up front that this would be a one-of-a-kind trip, which was why I put in the requisite effort to convince my wife to let Lachlan go. But I have to say that it exceeded even my high expectations! We were fortunate enough to be able to see the group both during the first week (training camp) and the fourth week (in California), and to see how close they had become is such a short period of time was astonishing.
For any parents who are considering this trip, but are worried about the length of time, my son had had a hard time dealing with being away for a week long camp the previous summer. During this trip, it was completely different. He settled in quickly and at no point was he ever homesick. In fact, knowing the trip was about to end, and that he was coming home, was actually bittersweet. We were excited to see Lachlan but knew that something very special was coming to an end and that he was very upset at leaving his new "brothers."
Finally, if you are more worried about missing your son than you are about him being able to cope with the trip, then you are at risk of missing out on an opportunity to give him a gift/experience that will stay with him for a very long time!"


Calum McNeil (father of Lachlan McNeil) and member of the 1992 Great Britian Olympic Wrestling Team
At the Olympic Training Center, with Jordan Burroughs & Kyle Snyder
"I've been lucky enough to be associated with some great people and programs throughout my wrestling and coaching career. Our hope is that our son, Kyle, can experience the same fortune and foster relationships through wrestling that will continue on throughout his life. The Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team provided a significant and positive life experience for our son.
When we first filled out the application for Kyle, we were unsure of what to expect. As departure for the trip approached, questions filled mour mind: What was this trip going to be like? Will Kyle enjoy the trip? How will he fare away from us, especially mom for over a month? Even after the training camp and prior to departure, we were still curious and nervous for our son.
Kyle corresponded with us while he was away. He was, as most middle school boys are, reserved when speaking to us, afraid to let me know too much about his trip and the training. We still wondered and hoped that Kyle was enjoying his training.
Our doubts, fears, and curiosity were put to rest when we watched a video that Coach Freidenberg posted on the team Facebook page. Here was Kyle, the evening before the team returned home, pouring out his thanks and gratitude to his twenty-one teammates. This emotional outpouring convinced us that he got the most out of his experience and is something that only the Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team could provide.
Sure, he learned technique, training, and had competition, but he learned the greatest benefit of our sport: the camaraderie that develops among those who train closely together. What most young men don't learn until their late-teens/early twenties, Kyle had the opportunity to learn and experience as a middle school student.
He has developed a lifetime of fond memories and relationships that will continue to grow as he does. His willingness to train, to improve his technique, but-more importantly-to do right, develop maturity, and learn what it means to be a hard-working man has all been positively influenced by his experience with the Ohio All-Star Team.
We are grateful for what the sport has now shown to Kyle and I know that it will do the same for many other young men that participate on the Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team."

Dave & Cathy Rowan, parents of Kyle Rowan. Dave was a 1987 All American wrestler at Edinboro and is the current Head Coach at Perry High School, in Ohio.
"Over the years, when the wrestlers and parents talk about, "trip of a lifetime," they rarely mention the wrestling. What a great accomplishment that is on its own. These boys all trained or competed at high levels daily and in the end....It is about experiences shared and lived off the mat. Parents will always have some trepidation about sending their child away for weeks and weeks on end. Their concerns are real and honest. The experiences these kids have are, in many cases, once in a lifetime.
I was able to wrestle with the OASWT in '84' and saw things and places that I haven't seen since. I was able to be a coach for OASWT some 20+ yrs later (2007) and I was able to witness kids experiencing people and places and things that they may never get a chance to experience again.
Being on "Good Morning America," in NYC, The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, The Black Hills and Badlands of S.D., Sturgis, The Grand Tetons, The Wrestling Hall of Fame in Stillwater, OK, hanging out at Rulon Gardner's home, staying at a Hostel in Jackson Hole, WY, Salt Lake City Mormon Temple, Old Faithful at Yellowstone, Bear Lake in Idaho, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and all the places in between and there are many.

-Don't let the money scare you away. Any community will be proud of their student/wrestler getting this opportunity and they will step up.
-There will be an awesome schedule. The competition is top notch in each state. Trust me. They do not want us coming into their home and beating them. They will have the best kids on board. We rolled into Utah and beat their Greco team that hadn't lost for years. They were not happy.
-Your kids will learn so much. The trip is a 6-7 week, "life skills" class: Laundry, managing money, getting along, adapting, overcoming, flexibility, helping others, being a team player, encouraging others, being a leader, empathy...
-The memories.
-The experiences.

If you have the opportunity to apply for the OASWT, you will not be disappointed."

Michael Phillips (OASWT 1984; OASWT Coach 2007)
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