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Old 04-05-18, 03:25 PM
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Ohio National Team Application for Membership

The Ohio National Team (ONT) is fully committed to providing the best opportunities for Ohio’s best grade school and Jr high youth wrestlers to compete against the best competition from all areas of the country. Our goal in running this organization is to create an all-encompassing experience for these young athletes that provides growth and development in all areas of their lives including academics, athletics, and social and family relationships.

The ONT is a non-profit organization with only one motivating factor: to build the absolute best Ohio teams possible at both the grade school and Jr high levels that gives our great state the opportunity to compete against and to win the toughest national dual events that the country has to offer. Acceptance to this team is a privilege and not a right and is based on a multitude of factors including past performance at similar events, past performance at OAC, past performance at other high profile events (Super 32, Ohio TOC, Tulsa, Liberty, etc.), and past and present commitment level to the team, character, reliability, etc.

If your wrestler is one of the best kids in Ohio at his age and weight please fill out this application. This is an opportunity to wrestle with the best wrestlers in the state on one of the best dual teams in the entire country, bar-none!

The application fee is $20 per family. The only accepted method of paying the application fee is through PayPal so please send your application fee over to the following PayPal account:


No application will be considered for the ONT without the mandatory application fee. These fees are used to cover expenses that are incurred during the building and organizing of the grade school and Jr high ONT’s. A submitted application and paid application fee does not guarantee placement on the ONT but is required for potential placement to occur.

If you have any questions about how the teams are selected please send me an email at mont3075@yahoo.com with your cell phone number and I will either respond with a reply or phone call to discuss the details of the selection process. As the overall director of the ONT I reserve the right to have final say on all decisions but I have surrounded myself with a very strong network of associate and assistant directors who will be helping me and providing valuable input from all areas of the state to ensure no talented kids are left out of the selection process.

At the Jr High level I will be assisted by the following:

Associate Director – Brian Bennet, 440-343-3815, bennett.brian@att.net
Assistant Director – Chris Snider, 330-990-0197, csnider20@yahoo.com

At the Grade School level I will be assisted by the following:

Associate Director – Casey Ingle, 313-404-3212, casey.ingle@gmail.com
Assistant Director – Ryan Woodcock, 304-989-5233, rwoodcock@sepco-pa.com

I will be the overall ONT director for the next two years (2018-2019) and then I will be turning the reigns over to Casey Ingle for the following two years (2020-2021). Our plan is to build a minimum of two grade school and two Jr high teams but if interest is strong enough and there are enough talented wrestlers a third team at each level could be possible. The timeframe for accepting ONT applications will be from April 5th - June 1st. The projected date of sending out acceptance emails will be July 1st. We will have multiple training camps during the late summer/fall and we will be competing in 5 of the toughest national events in the country with the VAC Holiday duals in December being the crown jewel. You can also find updated information at our group site on Facebook (Ohio National Team) after July 1st once the teams have been selected. Please fill out the following ONT application via the google document link and submit it by the June 1st deadline. Thank you in advance for your interest, commitment, and support of the ONT! I wish everybody the best in your future pathways in this incredible sport!


Brandon Montoya - ONT Director 2018-2019
Mont3075@yahoo.com , 513-373-2833

Link for the Jr High ONT Application:


Link for the Grade School ONT Application:

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Old 04-06-18, 08:39 AM
LowCrotch LowCrotch is offline
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Just out of curiosity, which other events are you planning to compete in? Good luck with your selection process - represent Ohio well!
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Old 04-06-18, 10:31 PM
Madmex64 Madmex64 is offline
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The schedule has not been set in stone but we are looking at the Middle School National Duals in Toledo, VAC duals, McDonough duals, Heartland Duals, and AAU National Duals. There potentially could be more events added if the logistics work out ( Sparty Duals, Tyrant duals, etc). Thank you for the support!
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Old 04-16-18, 01:11 PM
Madmex64 Madmex64 is offline
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Posts: 154
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ONT Update

Good Afternoon Ohio Wrestling Community,

I hope this posting finds all members of the Ohio wrestling family enjoying the off-season phase of folk-style wrestling. May your chosen path of freestyle/GR competition, lifting weights, down time, or other sports be fruitful and enjoyable. Just a friendly update on the ONT selection process. The application has been live now for 11 days and we have had a very nice collection of both GS and Jr High athletes apply for a spot on next year’s ONT. Please be fully aware that if an application is not submitted by 6/1/18 there will absolutely be NO EXCEPTIONS to wrestlers being added to the team. I know in the past there has always been a subset of wrestlers that wait until there is a need on the team until they reach out, that will not be the case this year or moving forward. Again, under no circumstances will a wrestler be on the ONT without submitting their application and fee to the ONT Paypal account by 6/1/18. Coaches, if you know of somebody in your room who would be a great addition to the ONT please have them get their application and fee submitted ASAP. I am available to anybody for any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you and have a great day, go OHIO!


Brandon Montoya – 2018 ONT Director
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Old 04-23-18, 03:02 PM
Madmex64 Madmex64 is offline
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Join Date: 01-19-12
Posts: 154
Madmex64 is on a distinguished road
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