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Old 06-01-18, 10:19 AM
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Kettering Fairmont D-1 District Rankings (Off Season #1)

These initial off-season rankings will have the wrestlers ranked at the weights that they competed at last season. Iíll start moving wrestlers around as the off-season progresses, but for now, everyone is listed at last yearís weight.

The team rankings are also based off of the returning wrestlers and do not yet include the incoming freshmen.
I paired the freshmen with the school that they were listed at on the Yappi thread about middle school state placers. If there was more than one possible school listed, I took a guess.
If there are any freshmen listed at the wrong school, feel free to let me know. Also, if there are any other wrestlers who have transferred, decided not to wrestle next year, or graduated (but I mistakenly left them in the rankings), please let me know.

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.
I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

* = unsure about participation or availability

# = A second wrestler from the same school ranked at the same weight. I will add an extra wrestler to the rankings at each weight that contains a #.

1. Dustin Norris- LaSalle (2nd state)
2. Cole Skinner- LaSalle#
3. Pacey Najdusak- Mason (7th state)
4. William Doepker- Elder (8th state)
5. Matt Motter- Butler
6. Jake Vayo-Smith- Sycamore (5th district)
7. Andrew Newkirk- Fairfield
8. Nolan Moore- Moeller
9. Brock Gibson- Mason#
10. Jacob Cotsonas- Loveland

Incoming Freshman:
Lucas Acuna- Centerville (3rd middle school state)

Skinnerís move to LaSalle is huge in terms of the team race for a state title. I put Norris ahead of Skinner due to his wrestling a full season and finishing 2nd at state following a quarterfinal win over Ironman bronze medalist Logan Agin. It sounds like the plan is for Skinner to stay at 106 with Norris growing into 113 next season. Both wrestlers are capable of claiming state titles at seasonís end, and it would be huge for LaSalle if both wrestlers can end their seasons with gold medals.

1. Lucas Byrd- LaSalle (1st, 3rd, 7th state)
2. Moustapaha Bal- Fairfield (6th state)
3. Dominic DiTullio- Mason (SQ)
4. Josh Suddeth- Butler (6th district, SQ 2016)
5. Matt Verdes- Butler#
6. Collin Lovett- Miamisburg
7. Kyah Patrick- Beavercreek (5th district 2017)
8. Josue Dawson- Princeton
9. Izumi Harney- Sycamore

Byrd was the best 113-pounder in the state last year regardless of division, as his win over D-2 state champ Tanner Jordan (4-1) and his two wins over state finalist Dylan Shawver can attest. He also claimed his second Ironman placement and reached the finals at both the Dvorak and Escape the Rock tournaments.
Heíll look to add Ironman titlist to his resume next season before he takes his skills to the University of Maryland to continue his wrestling career.

1. Antoine Allen- LaSalle (5th state)
2. Cameron Baird- Harrison (SQ)
3. Mason Kleinberg- Springboro (SQ)
4. Logan Hoskins- Butler (SQ)
5. Christian Chavez- Lakota E. (6th district)
6. Dante DiTullio- Mason
7. Cole McGuire- Miamisburg (6th district 2017)
8. Elijah Jackson- Princeton

Allen continued to climb the mountain of wrestling success, capping his sophomore season with a 5th place finish at the state tournament, where he beat returning state bronze medalist Logan Heil 3-2 in the consolation finals.
Allen also earned a title at the Dvorak over the holidays and added his first district title to his resume. At Fairmont, he bested returning state placer Jedidiah Marlow 10-2 in the quarters, defeated Hoskins 12-11 in the semis, and downed Baird 5-2 for the title.

1. Casey Wiles- LaSalle (3rd state)
2. Jabari Thomas- Fairfield (7th, 8th state)
3. Jack Collins- Elder (SQ)
4. Bailey Suddeth- Butler (5th district, 6th district 2016)
5. Kobey Bronaugh- Milford (6th district, 5th district 2016)
6. Tanner Donatahan- Western Brown (SQ 2017)
7. Tyler Bemrose- Xenia*
8. David Hasty- Stebbins*

Incoming Freshmen:
Luke Marsh- Lebanon (1st middle school state)
Tim Smith- Colerain (8th middle school state)

Itís a bit strange to have Wiles listed above Thomas given the fact that Thomas defeated Wiles in both the sectional and district finals. However, Wiles state tournament performance was a feat not to be ignored. He twice defeated returning state finalist Gio DiSabato, pinning him in the first round. Wiles also knocked Fargo All-American Gus Sutton from the ranks of the undefeated, besting the 2x state placer 7-5 in the state quarterfinals. He also closed out his season with an 8-6 win over Jimmy Carmany who twice defeated Thomas during the season.
Thomas has shown that he can defeat Wiles, but Wiles ability to step up his game at the state tournament as a freshman gives him the nod at #1.

1. Jordan Ward- Moeller (6th, 7th state)
2. Darnai Heard- LaSalle (SQ)
3. Sam Glassco- Mason (5th district, SQ 2016)
4. Seth Lambers- Elder*
5. Andrew Knick- Northmont (SQ)
6. Hunter Barge- Harrison (6th district 2017)
7. Cyle Wells- Tecumseh
8. Brandon Sperry- Fairfield

Incoming Freshman:
Makarrie Harden- LaSalle (8th middle school state)

Ward split two bouts with 4x state placer Ronnie Pietro last season, defeating him 4-2 in the SWOWCA semifinals. He also beat returning state qualifiers Heard (4-2) and Knick (8-0) on his way to the district finals last year.
Jordan picked up his second state medal in Columbus, beating Caleb Graber (5-4), Mason Sparks (2:03), and 2x placer Blake Saito (5-1) at the Schott. Ward also gave eventual state champ Gabe Tagg his toughest test of the tournament, going up 5-0 before eventually falling 11-9.

1. Eílan Heard- LaSalle (SQ)
2. Gavin Bell- Beavercreek (SQ)
3. Jacob Bernhardt- Harrison (SQ)
4. D.J. Melillo- Elder
5. Alex Espstein- Lakota E.
6. Gavin Fogel- Kettering Fairmont
7. Aundre Zornes- Middletown
8. Kyler Pleasant- Sidney

Incoming Freshmen:
Kurt Thompson- Moeller (5th middle school state)
Chase Stein- Mason (8th middle school state)

It was a shame that Heard suffered an injury last year, because we could have seen even more fireworks at 138 if he had wrestled Andonain or Baughman. Hopefully, heíll be back at 100% in 2019.
Heard put his name on the map at Ironman last season, finishing 3rd after beating nationally ranked Marshall Keller (7-3), eventual state finalist Baughman (5-1), and Colton Yapoujian (1-0) who knocked off state champ Andonian earlier in the tournament.

1. Christopher Donathan- Mason (2nd state)
2. Ryan Whitten- Stebbins
3. Austin Mullins- Wayne (7th state)
4. Amar Thomas- Fairfield (SQ)
5. Matt Lewis- West Clermont
6. Judah Thomas- Middletown
7. Caleb Tackett- Lebanon
8. Ezra Marlow- Western Brown

Whitten was having an awesome junior season before suffering an injury. He placed 5th at the GMVWA over the holidays where he beat Mullins 1-0, and he later added a tournament title at Beavercreek where he beat state placer Xander Gore 7-4 in the finals.

1. Brett McIntosh- Harrison
2. Drew Wiechers- Centerville (6th state)
3. Jestin Love- Butler (SQ)
4. Derek Spears- Western Brown (5th district 2017, SQ 2016)
5. Ethan Marsh- Lebanon
6. Will Coffield- Springboro
7. Alec Hall- Tecumseh
8. Blake Poteet- Loveland

Incoming Freshman:
Temesgen Kahsay- Colerain (7th middle school state)

McIntosh was wrestling very well last year before being lost for the season. He was 2nd at the SWOWCA Tournament where he beat state qualifier Weathersby (10-7) in the semifinals.
He was an even more impressive at Medina where he also finished 2nd. His tournament run included a 1-0 upset of D-3 state champ Gavin Stika (Stikaís only loss of the year), a 4-3 win over state bronze medalist Conor Becker, and a very close final with 2x state placer Jax Leonard.

1. Nevan Snodgrass- Kettering Fairmont (4th, 4th state)
2. Trey Sizemore- LaSalle (7th state)
3. Kamal Adewumi- Mason (5th district)
4. Jaden Hardrick- Wayne
5. Sean Mondello- Talawanda (SQ 2017)
6. Mason Motter- Butler
7. Jayden Schmidt- Centerville
8. Shane Shoop- Troy

Snodgrass earned a second straight state medal to start his high school career, beating state placers Michael Ferree (13-6), Najee Lockett (6-5), and Tyler Bates (7-5 SV) in Columbus. His win over Lockett was his second of the year, as was his victory over Bates, giving him at 2-1 record over the 2x state placer on the season.
Snodgrass also claimed an 18-3 tech fall over D-3 state finalist Forest Belli in the semifinals of the Maumee Bay Classic last January.

1. Simon Shirley- Harrison (SQ)
2. Jacob Stamcoff- Springboro (6th district)
3. Austin Belcher- Elder
4. Tommy Rowe- Tecumseh
5. Ryan Draughn- Sycamore
6. Christian Neyer- Oak Hills
7. Noah Mirick- W. Clermont
8. Brody Miller- Fairfield

Shirley defeated Stamcoff 5-4 in the consolation semifinals of the district tournament last season to lock up his first trip to state.
He also pinned state qualifier Sam Wyche in the sectional semis, stuck state placer Garret Barth in the semifinals at the Rieman, and pinned state placers Charles Sanders and Tyler Bates on his way to the finals of the SWOWCA Tournament.

1. Sebastian Beachler- Miamisburg (SQ)
2. Jacob Kowalski- Springboro (5th district)
3. Dylan Mosher- Western Brown (6th district)
4. Colton Quantz- Lebanon
5. Toby Amburgy- Mason
6. John Hammond- Beavercreek
7. Ali Salih- Kettering Fairmont
8. Drew Vanderhorst- Loveland

Beachler made notable strides last year, qualifying for his first state tournament after pinning returning state placer Charles Sanders in the district semifinals.
The prior week, he defeated Kowalski 19-5 in the sectional finals at Centerville. Among his other wins, Beachler also pinned state qualifier Jacob Meek, state placer Hunter Johns, and state placer Mark Williams.

1. Michael Baker- LaSalle (6th state)
2. Nick Coyle- Butler (SQ)
3. Max Boyle- Harrison (6th district)
4. Tom Feldman- Elder
5. Joe Wahl- West Clermont
6. Elijah Woodruff- Kettering Fairmont
7. Austin Stevenson- Beavercreek
8. Tressel Cochran- Springfield

Baker will be the only returning state placer from this weight in D-1. He posted some impressive results throughout the year, placing at Ironman, posting a 4th place finish at Escape the Rock, reaching the finals at the Dvorak Toiurnament, and earning his first state medal to cap it off.
Baker beat 7th place finisher Ashton Spurgeon (7-0), and 8th place finisher Michael Drobnick (15-0) at the state tournament, and he was close to a tech fall in his 5th place final with Breylon Douglas before Douglas came from behind to secure the pin. Baker will be among the short list of state title favorites in 2019.

1. Garrett Bledsoe- LaSalle (SQ, 8th state 2017)
2. Bryan Heyward- Northmont (5th district)
3. Ben Blevins- Little Miami (6th district)
4. Bradley Smith- Beavercreek
5. Jaeden Crowe- Kettering Fairmont
6. Ivan Pace- Colerain
7. Gavin Murphy- Fairborn
8. Kevin Johnson- Springboro

Incoming Freshman:
Radical Rothermel- (Trenton) Edgewood (6th middle school state)

Heyward had some impressive results at the district tournament last year. He was 4th at the sectional tournament, but opened his district performance with a pin of Bledsoe. He followed that win with a 9-1 major over state qualifier Trevor Hankins. In the consolation semis, Heyward gave Bledsoe another tough match before falling 3-2 in their go-to-state showdown. He closed out his year with an 8-7 win over Blevins to earn state alternate status.

1. Jacob Padilla- Wayne (8th state)
2. Jon Hardin- Miamisburg (6th district 2017)
3. Robert Brown- LaSalle (5th district)
4. Peyton Bartley- Xenia
5. Jacob Goetz- Centerville (6th district)
6. Brogan Reed- Mason
7. Kevin Stone- Anderson
8. Greg Asher- Tecumseh

Incoming Freshmen:
Paul Haywood- Centerville (2x 1st middle school state)
Tywan January- Wayne (4th middle school state)

Only a sophomore last season, Padilla earned his first state medal. Among his wins were victories over state placers Jeffrey Ware (2x), Brayden Phillips, and Tyler Connolly (5-2). Connolly will be the highest returning placer at the weight this season, which means that Padilla will be right in the thick of the state title hunt at heavyweight.

1. LaSalle
2. Mason
3. Harrison
4. Butler
5. Elder
6. Fairfield
7. Springboro
8. Miamisburg

LaSalle will be sizable favorites for the district title. The bigger question will be whether they can push for the state title the next weekend. This is a very talented team, and there are rumors (much like last year) that they could potentially add another transfer or two.
Either way, they start these rankings with seven wrestlers at #1, and another transfer in Skinner who will be a likely state title favorite.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baumís Page and Jakeís Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce
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Old 06-01-18, 12:12 PM
jmog jmog is online now
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My son wrestled with and against Haywood on a few traveling teams this year in much different weight classes.

I have not seen a JH heavyweight move like that kid does. He moves like he is wrestling 150. He will be a force at HW next year even as a freshman.
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Old 06-01-18, 03:53 PM
darthmalice darthmalice is offline
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Tip my hat off to Casey Wiles. Great state tourney run; did a little of everything needed to score, defend. Reminds me a little of Dom Demas as a freshman.
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Old 06-01-18, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by jmog View Post
My son wrestled with and against Haywood on a few traveling teams this year in much different weight classes.

I have not seen a JH heavyweight move like that kid does. He moves like he is wrestling 150. He will be a force at HW next year even as a freshman.
I'm sure the kid is very talented, but the big difference with the Hvy class is the strength factor, sometimes wrestling ability is not enough gotta be one strong SOB at certain weight classes, good luck to the young man next year
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Old 06-01-18, 05:25 PM
Elkbuilder Elkbuilder is offline
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Heywood is the real deal!! Strength and/or Wrestling Ability will not be an issue. He will place highly at state.
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Old 06-01-18, 07:48 PM
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Originally Posted by darthmalice View Post
Tip my hat off to Casey Wiles. Great state tourney run; did a little of everything needed to score, defend. Reminds me a little of Dom Demas as a freshman.
Classy post considering your interest in this weight class. Respect.
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Old 06-02-18, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Elkbuilder View Post
Heywood is the real deal!! Strength and/or Wrestling Ability will not be an issue. He will place highly at state.
Wow, I cant wait to see him wrestle, especially Connely, and Padilla, but I notice Cville has a hvy presently ranked 5th at the Kettering district, can that young man drop to 220 or is heywood that much better than him now?
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Old 06-29-18, 05:26 PM
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Lasalle is going to be a force this year
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