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Old 07-28-17, 07:25 AM
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Garfield Heights D-3 District Rankings (Off-Season #2)

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.
I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

I started moving wrestlers up and down from their previous year’s weights. The new weights are partially based off of where they’ve been wrestling in the off season, though a lot of it is pure guesswork at this time.
Please let me know if anyone has inside information about new weights, schools, or wrestlers that they think should be added.

I’ve tried shifting the wrestlers around from schools that changed divisions. Please let me know if any are wrong, or if I’m forgetting any schools/wrestlers.

* = unsure about participation

-The schools of the incoming freshmen are based off of the previous Yappi thread. Please let me know if any are wrong or have changed.

1. Brett Szuhay- Crestwood
2. Brandt Virden- Columbiana
3. Kyle Keenan- South Range (SQ)
4. Hunter Frederick- Mapleton (5th district)
5. Storm Stanley- Waynedale
6. Joe Viront- Tuslaw
7. Bannon Simera- Rootstown
8. Deagan Foster- Waterloo

1. Boot Kuhlins- Tuslaw (8th state)
2. Jacob Edelman- Pymatuning Valley (SQ)
3. Jake White- Manchester (SQ)
4. J.P. Hlifka- Hawken (SQ)
5. Zach Lahood- Black River (6th district)
6. Seth Unkefer- Waynedale
7. Jon Duran- Lutheran West
8. Daniel Demma- Garfield

1. Zach Larue- Manchester (6th, 6th state)
2. Robert Pinkie- Lutheran West (SQ)
3. Dominic Savoca- Crestwood
4. Brandon Meade- Cuyahoga Hts. (5th district)
5. Dylan Ward- Smithville (6th district)
6. Blake Rising- Mapleton
7. Daniel Forbes- Loudonville
8. William Campbell- Pymatuning Valley

1. Brier Marthey- Tuslaw (SQ)
2. Andrew Zairns- Brooklyn (SQ)
3. Steven Ferguson- Elyria Cath. (5th district, 5th district 2016)
4. Nick Cianciola- Canton C.C. (SQ)
5. Derek Houser- (Columbiana) Crestview
6. Josh Ondash- Crestwood
7. Caleb Edwards- Rootstown
8. Keshaun Clark- Rittman

1. Niko Chilson- Rootstown (5th state)
2. Seth Majewski- Brooklyn (SQ)
3. Connor Brennan- Tuslaw (SQ)
4. Luke Hopkins- Cuyahoga Hts. (SQ 2016)
5. Colin Shaffstall- Wellington
6. Daulton Metheney- Waterloo
7. Clayton Baglia- Chippewa
8. Ryan Staton- Jackson-Milton

1. Parker Watson– Lutheran W. (5th district)
2. Trent Duvall- Rootstown (6th district)
3. Cael Rowland- (W.S.) Northwestern (6th district)
4. Evan Hostetler- Waynedale
5. Andrew Hardenbrook- (Columbiana) Crestview
6. Noah Campbell- Pymatuning Valley (6th district)
7. Tyler Wilfong- Wellington
8. Michael Deventure- Manchester

1. Logan Kissell- Garfield (3rd, 6th, 7th state)
2. Nick Burgard- (Ashtabula) St. John (SQ)
3. Jeremy Tracy- Mapleton#
4. Mason Wright- Wellington
5. Brennan Shirley- Tuslaw (5th district 2016)
6. Wyatt Zimmerman- Orrville
7. Jimmy McClellan- Berkshire
8. King Seyou- VA-SJ

1. Gavin Stika- Norwayne (3rd state, 8th state 2015)
2. Kyle Ryder- Tuslaw (SQ)
3. Trenton Mathew- Smithville (5th district)
4. Ryan Finney- Garfield
5. Dalton Abfall- Mapleton
6. Tyler Jenkins- Rootstown
7. Mike Weston- Newbury
8. Brandon Feist- W. S. Northwestern (6th district 2015)*

1. Riley Smucker- Smithville (4th, 5th state)
2. David Cumberledge- (Ashtabula) St. John (5th district)
3. Chris Anderson – Rootstown (2nd middle school state)
4. Alex Lampert- Newbury (5th district)
5. Stephen Skeens- Tuslaw
6. Kaden Kidd- Norwayne (4th middle school state)
7. Derek Duvall- (W.S.) Northwestern (5th district 2016)
8. Beau Lefever- Mapleton

1. Jacob Lagoa- (Ashtabula) St. John (1st state)
2. Nick Mroczynski- Independence
3. Nathan Whitehead- Columbiana
4. Cameron VanBrunt- Orrville
5. Gavin Davis- Loudonville
6. Zion Matlock- Liberty
7. John Chambers- Newbury
8. Clayton Takacs- Grand Valley

1. Logan Stanley- Waynedale (3rd state)
2. Chris Langguth- Rootstown (6th state)
3. Christian Blank- Ash. St. John’s (SQ)
4. Jake Loar- Tuslaw (6th district)
5. Sevi Garza – Rittman (2nd middle school state)
6. Nick Scarl- Jackson-Milton
7. Bryce Randall- Brookfield
8. Cole Hurd- Waterloo

1. Nick Shephard- Fairless (SQ)
2. Jacob Campbell- Black River (SQ)
3. Ty Straits- Waynedale
4. C.J. Novotny- Crestwood
5. Michael Miller- Mogadore*
6. Daniel Morgan- (Columbiana) Crestview
7. Nick Stanton- Loudonville
8. Anthony Czap- South Range (5th district)

1. Gaige Willis- Pymatuning Valley (1st, 2nd, 8th state)
2. Paul Skye- Mogadore (8th, 6th state)
3. Ryan Boyle- Rootstown (4th state)
4. Crawford Hamrick- Tuslaw (5th district)
5. Ben Farrar- Waynedale (6th district, 6th district 2016)
6. Sam Auble- Orrville
7. Landon Talbert- (Columbiana) Crestview
8. Dedric Isaac- Rittman (SQ 2016)

1. Pat Sheridan- VA-SJ (SQ)
2. Brayden Phillips- Tuslaw (8th state)
3. Joe Warren- Smithville (5th district)
4. Derrick Elrod- A. St. John’s (6th district)
5. Josh Stasek- Independence
6. Caleb Bean- Pymatuning Valley
7. William Lindsey- Hawken
8. Gavin Schlabach- Triway

1. Tuslaw
2. Rootstown
3. (Ashtabula) St. John
4. Waynedale
5. Smithville
6. Pymatuning Valley
7. Crestwood
8. Mapleton

I have limited knowledge of the incoming freshmen at this district outside of the middle school state placers, but I’m pretty sure Tuslaw and Waynedale will add tough lightweights in Storm Stanley and Joe Viront. Stanley comes from a family with a legacy steeped in wrestling success, and either wrestler could make a push for a state tournament spot out of this open district.

Rootstown adds some talented freshmen in middle school state finalists Duvall and Anderson as well as a tough Caleb Edwards.
If that trio can develop into top 4 caliber wrestlers, we could see the Rovers make a push for a district title.

St. John is a talented young team on the rise. They could land as many as 5 district finalists this season.
I don’t know who they will be adding in their freshman class, but they should have a legit shot at a district trophy for the next few seasons.

Crestwood moves to D-3 where they’ll add some talented lightweights in Szuhay, Savoca, and Ondash as well as a tough Novotny in the upper-weights. Novotny may go 220 after wrestling there for the most of last year. This would make the weight-class incredibly dense.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baum’s Page and Jake’s Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce

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Old 07-28-17, 09:18 AM
severs0801 severs0801 is offline
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5. Dalton Duvall – Rootstown (2nd middle school state)
he is going to CVCA
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Old 07-28-17, 12:03 PM
McClearn7 McClearn7 is offline
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Originally Posted by severs0801 View Post
5. Dalton Duvall Rootstown (2nd middle school state)
he is going to CVCA
Thanks for the update. It's been fixed.
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Old 07-30-17, 01:44 PM
lwhs1986 lwhs1986 is offline
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I believe Clearview is now D3 with 192 boys.
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