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Old 03-26-18, 12:19 PM
pricesoccer17 pricesoccer17 is offline
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I think the correct balance is important.
Not all elite players want a large school D1. Not all want to play for a big school and be a role player. Some kids love the sport so much they want to
PLAY and also be comfortable in the type of school setting they fit best with, small or large also looking at the major and of course dollars they get to stay out of debt as much as possible. I think some kids go big D1 because of status. They may not get money, may not be a good fit, and may not be a place they will grow. I know a couple girls and guys who turned down a D1 offer for a smaller school (D2 or NAIA) only to find a better fit for them financially and academically. They got more money and played. Maybe not a big school they can brag about but when their friends come out with debt in 4 years with nothing else to brag about, the others will be in a better situation. If they are lucky enough to find a great fit and get good money at a D1 then I applaud them. I just find the opposite true in many cases. Being a walk on at a big school to simply play and being stuck with debit is not a good decision. I dont care how good of a player. I personally dont care how good or bad the college team is if my kid doesnt have debt.
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Old 03-26-18, 01:31 PM
ammtd34 ammtd34 is offline
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A kid and their family should make the decision they want to make and people, especially people who don't know them, should let them do it.
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Old 03-30-18, 10:59 PM
soccerfan63 soccerfan63 is offline
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Originally Posted by Conan73 View Post
Your premise that a girl that picks a small school is only doing it because of soccer is flawed. Not all big schools are strong academic institutions. Miami is, but others are not. More important, some small schools rank among the best in the country. Do some research on the school’s listed. Some are top academic institutions, and their soccer programs are some of the best in the country.....
That was not my premise and I did not mean to imply that. ONU, NKU, Ashland, etc. are all great schools. I was really referring to a larger idea and not just those schools listed. I meant no offense to those players and schools listed, and I tried to say that in my post.
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Old 07-07-18, 11:41 AM
pricesoccer17 pricesoccer17 is offline
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Originally Posted by coachg View Post
You seem to assume players and parents only chose based on soccer. I doubt that is true. While a few may the majority don't. Who are we to second guess their decision or say a school is not the right fit for them or anyone?
A good fit for us had little to do with prestige of the university and more to with the fit of campus, playing experience, major, and money. My daughter will likely play for one of those smaller schools you speak of but will get a lot of money to do so. For us and her is about not being in debt, but the bragging rights of a big school.
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