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Old 03-12-19, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Yappi View Post
I know that there are alot of traditionalists that enjoy the more pure level of HS sports but I think that we have entered a new phase of HS sports with the HS sports factories.

Playing for your community and becoming a legend that people talk about decades later has been replaced by "getting ready" for the next level. Too many kids are seeing their futures as basketball players as a job and are forgetting that they should be enjoying their HS years with their friends. It would be eye opening to see how many big time basketball players made the move to a basketball factory that never rose to the level that they thought they were destined for.

I understand that creating these all-star teams can be alot of fun but it is coming at the expense of a much larger system.

I would love to see us return to the golden age of HS sports but realize that this will come off as old man ranting about the good ole days.
You and me both. Makes me sick. And who's responsible? parents mainly. AAu, Travel ball etc. and the carrot of "If you want a scholarship, you gotta play summer league etc.
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Old 03-12-19, 03:46 PM
Tesoro Tesoro is offline
All Ohio
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Posts: 866
Tesoro is on a distinguished road
Originally Posted by scbuckeye99 View Post
I find it only slightly humorous that there is "cause for concern" for these sports factories now they have hit football and basketball. Less we forget that there have been sports factories around for years now in the world of boys and girls tennis, swimming, gymnastics, golf, etc....

The sky is only falling when it comes to football and basketball.
Those sports you speak of are individual sports. Surely you see the difference.
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Old 03-12-19, 04:40 PM
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Here is the major problems with Spire Academy. Because they get no state money they are forced to charge excessive tuition to attend. Spire is not a inexpensive school to attend. Secondly is the location. The facility is in the middle of nowhere.

What would make the school attractive is the specialized curriculum. Students can focus on their specific sport and the classes are streamlined to get them into college. The school plays more of a national schedule and that could increase if the school was to grow. Lastly the facilities are incredible. The place is on level with any world class training facility.

What I'm going to say next is not intended to offend anybody - just factual. This is intended toward local athletes - not kids coming from outside states (or countries). The kids that could really benefit from a reduced and college entry type education that puts the focus on their sport - cannot afford this type of training and schooling.

Spire is 1hr away from the closest urban school. Many of those kids have the ability to benefit from this kind of specialized training and could really flourish in a better educational atmosphere. The problem is the school is ungodly expensive and we are not even talking about boarding - which almost doubles tuition. Spire cannot provide many scholarships because they need the money to support itself.

I'm not sure who's idea it was to build this place in Geneva - but it was a bad one. Unless they start marketing themselves nationally I dont see it being around much longer. The people who can afford the academy are probably already in a pretty good school system and have the resources for specialized training.

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