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Old 12-15-16, 11:24 PM
madman madman is offline
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Advice for Running in Tough Winter Conditions

I realize that most people aren't enjoying the benefits of whiteout conditions or ~3 ft of snow in the last week, but it occurred to me as I was shoveling a foot of newly fallen snow off my drive tonight that a topic for a decent thread would be how to train in tough winter conditions. After an hour of shoveling I have more than a few ideas, but please add to them:

* Running through deep snow in a field is safer than running on snow-covered roads in low visibility conditions. Think in terms of heart beats. If you would normally run 40 minutes at 150 bpm or 6000 beats, then run for the same time but at a slower pace. If even at a slower pace your heart rate is elevated above 150 bpm, then reduce the time. The higher knee lift has advantages but you're going to be sore.

* Dress in layers

* Put vaseline on exposed areas of your face before you go outside to run

* Run into the wind at the beginning of a run and with the wind at the end, especially long runs.

* Don't run alone. If you slip, it's quite possible you're going to need help and possibly right away if you hit your head.

* Don't force yourself through a particular workout just because it's on the schedule for that day. Make reasonable adjustments. If you ran with your heart rate elevated for an extended period of time, it doesn't matter what you pace was suppose to be, you got a good workout in and probably far more than many of your competitors.
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Old 12-16-16, 09:36 AM
CC Track Fan CC Track Fan is offline
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I will add Yak Tracks are very helpful with the 1 to 4 inch snow storms.

On really windy cold days if possible either get picked up or dropped off and run only one direction so you don't have to run into the wind.
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Old 12-16-16, 09:47 AM
ccrunner609 ccrunner609 is offline
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and this is why I have a treadmill in my living room
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Old 12-16-16, 10:46 AM
EuclidandViren EuclidandViren is offline
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Move south.

Or at least to the southern part of the state. No snow yet.
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Old 12-16-16, 12:39 PM
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Mr. Slippery Mr. Slippery is offline
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When training in cold weather, protect your knees. Younger people laugh at me when I say that, but they will understand when they get older. I'll usually wear at least 3/4 length tights when it's under 50 degrees. Racing is a different situation because one can overheat quickly if you're going all-out.

This goes for almost any time of year but is more crucial now when it can be dark and dreary even at 2 pm, and the roads might be a little narrower due to snowbanks on the shoulder: always assume that motorists can't see you, and run accordingly. Headlamps are useful; not so much because of how much they help you see but moreso for how much they help others see you.

Use your zippers. If running uphill, downwind, or starting to get overheated, unzip. If running downhill, upwind, or starting to chill, zip up.

Balaclavas are great when it's 20 or below. A windproof outer layer is also great.

Cotton anything is evil. An older runner from the Dayton area once told a story about how he wore cotton briefs during a very cold road race that was run primarily into the wind. The briefs got sweaty and ended up sticking to him in a particular spot, and he lost a layer of skin when he removed the briefs. Ow, ow, ow!
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Old 12-16-16, 03:50 PM
CoventryTrackXCguy CoventryTrackXCguy is offline
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How cold does it need to get before you guys refuse to run outside. For me, if the temperature gets below 15, I cut back on my mileage plan. I don't run at all below zero, Which isn't too frequent. One thing all do, is where socks as gloves Cold isn't the big issue in wintertime. For those of you acquainted with the Akron area, I live out in the portage lakes. Out there it is hard to have places to run, especially on the busy roads, as the snow along the sides of it are very deep, I have to run primarily on the side streets, so I can run in the middle of the road safely. Or Ill run trails at a nearby park, usually the snow at Firestone Metro is usually not to bad on the trails. One time, my lakes were frozen enough, that I would actually run ON the ice On the lake. I know, pretty daring, but pretty cool. Only problem with that was I had to look out for snowmobiles, lol. It's cool though, I love living on the portage lakes.
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Old 12-16-16, 08:57 PM
madman madman is offline
All Ohio
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For a variety of reasons, I don't run anymore, but I've run in Minnesota when temps were -20 to -30 F with wind chills well below -50 F. I didn't experience temperatures too cold to get a run in while I was active. You can always dress for it, even though when I was doing my high mileage it was in cotton sweats and nylon jackets.
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