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Old 02-17-17, 12:57 PM
Look Ma No Hands Look Ma No Hands is offline
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Originally Posted by BigWorm View Post
Those who want this shutdown are the ones I used to shove in their lockers when I was in school.
What? So there are 3rd graders that you shoved in lockers when you were in 6th grade that want to shut this thread down?
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Old 02-17-17, 01:31 PM
the oracle the oracle is offline
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the oracle
Originally Posted by team all in View Post
As a taxpayer that's pays these ridiculous coaching salaries I don't see why we can't use their names? I also like the guy calling out the other guy wanting his name while he hides behind his screen name.
Ridiculous coaching salaries? 😂 You poor taxpayer! Coaches are getting paid below minimum wage when you divide the amount of hours/time they put in, into their salary. Never understood why people fight to get these jobs 🤔.
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Old 02-17-17, 02:36 PM
farnsworth420 farnsworth420 is offline
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Originally Posted by afwpatfire View Post
The ridiculous coaching salaries?!?!?!?!

Maybe at some schools, but most times coaches are underpaid for all of the scrutiny and time that they put in combined with parent and community expectations.
agreed, most coaches make between $3000 and $6000 depending on the school. That being said. with the hours that are put in for practice, travel, scouting, parent headaches, etc year round...they make about $2 an hour. for most it is not about the salary or even getting paid it is about helping the kids and teaching the game. With today's social media, lack of 2 parent families, complete disrespect for authority...when you get a good coach, keep them and stay out of the way. most people that complain, have a kid that they dont realize is not good enough (but they think they are) to be on the floor in the first play. Self evaluate.
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Old 02-17-17, 03:07 PM
FootsWalker FootsWalker is offline
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Originally Posted by BigWorm View Post
Great thread, I think this is a must. You have some coaches stealing money. If Dente doesn't win districts I think he will feel that seat on fire.
Realize you're doing your usual clowning around BW (group hug was a nice touch, btw), but if the Indians are fortunate enough to stagger through the 1st 2 games to even get there, Jax will be favored by 20 points, at least. You know it, I know it, hell everyone knows it.
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Old 02-17-17, 11:16 PM
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