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Old 09-19-17, 08:51 AM
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Get off my lawn

My annual, What is wrong with people rant.

While at Galion I actually heard two coaches complaining that it was unfair that the start was up hill. I also heard that the course was so poorly marked that it was hard for the kids to follow. How much easier can it be made to follow?

Was hit with a football being thrown around. Went to pick it up to give it back and when I did not hear an "I'm sorry", I just tossed it softly to the ground. Then I heard "You are Rude", by the mother of the kid. I turned around and asked if she was kidding me with a laugh in my voice. "How about an I'm sorry I hit you with a football?" Then Mr. Husband puffed his chest out like he was going to chime in, then I said "Enjoy the Cross Country meet." I got more upset about it as the day went on.

Can't tell you how any people duck under the ropes at the finish to get closer to the $60,000 worth of cameras. Even after telling one set of ADULTS to please stay outside the roped of area, they waited till backs were turned and just went right in the restricted area. At one point, the identalynx camera got knocked so it was missing half the line for a small time.

A woman went to the tent where packets were and made the suggestion that the meet would be so much better if the timing trailer wasn't in the way. Never dawns on people there are two sides to the finish line. They have to be near the trailer. Every race all day long. Sometimes the same people have to be asked to leave. Always amazes me that rules do not apply to everyone.

Kids losing places because they are looking at the time on the clock to see their time instead of racing and getting passed by 2-6 runners.

Then there are the teams that can't seem to keep the boys and girls chips and bibs straight, so they have 3 girls in the boys race and 4 boys in the girls race. Or the teams that just mix and match bibs and chips without any regard for who has what and then wants to complain that their kids are not correct in the results.

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