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Old 10-12-17, 02:20 PM
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Wilmington D-2 District Rankings (Off-Season #4)

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.
I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

I started moving wrestlers up and down from their previous yearís weights. The new weights are partially based off of where theyíve been wrestling in the off season, though a lot of it is pure guesswork at this time.
Please let me know if anyone has inside information about new weights, schools, or wrestlers that they think should be added.

Iíve tried shifting the wrestlers around from schools that changed divisions. Please let me know if any are wrong, or if Iím forgetting any schools/wrestlers.

* = unsure about participation

-The schools of the incoming freshmen are based off of the previous Yappi thread. Please let me know if any are wrong or have changed.

1. Chase Huff- Goshen (6th district)
2. Sean Conway- Carroll
3. Trace Braun Ė Graham (3rd middle school state)
4. Kaleb Ream- (Springfield) Shawnee
5. Chanston Moll- Westfall (6th district)
6. Jayden Sturgell- Benjamin Logan*
7. Lucas Chess- Urbana
8. Drew Grey- Kenton Ridge

Braun could well win the district. Thereís no doubt that the talent is there, and heís in the right room to improve throughout the course of the season. The only thing that could be holding him back this season would be his size. He was 3rd at the middle school state tournament last year while wrestling down at 84 pounds. If he can grow into a decent sized 106, heíll likely win the district and place at state.

1. Tanner Jordan- Graham (3rd state)
2. Trey Finnearty- Circleville (8th state)
3. Joey Dima- Valley View (SQ)
4. Tyler Woods- Franklin (5th middle school state)
5. Josh Dunn- Goshen
6. Cameron Smart- Wilmington
7. Pippy Johnson- Norwood
8. Storm Duffy- Miami Trace

It sounds like there is some chance that Finnearty may make it back down to 106. That would establish a clear #1 at that weight and would relieve some of the congestion of what could be a solid weight here at 113.

1. Nate Keaton- Circleville (1st, 5th, 4th state)
2. Nick Moore/Alek Martin- Graham (1st middle school state)
3. Jacob Gentry- Ross (7th, 7th state)
4. Bryce Davis- Kenton Ridge (SQ)
5. Matt Asher- Clinton-Massie (8th state 2016)
6. Jordan Hoselton- Zane Trace (SQ 2016)
7. A.J. Lewandowski- Oakwood
8. Jasper Johnson- Norwood

Gentry has been wrestling 126 in the off-season, although he started last year at 120 before cutting down to 113, so Iím guessing that he drops into this weight once the season begins.

1. Jordan Crace- Graham (1st, 3rd state)
2. Caleb Brooks- Circleville (3rd, 8th, 5th state)
3. Isaiah Wortham- Chaminade-Julienne (SQ)
4. Wade Monebrake- Eaton (5th district, SQ 2016)
5. Sam Price- Monroe (5th district, 6th district 2016)
6. Ayyoub Muhammed- Thurgood Marshall
7. Levi Clay- Washington (C.H.)
8. Elijah Waters- Batavia

1. James Davis- W. Carrollton (5th district)
2. Isaac Bennett- Logan Elm (SQ)
3. Casey Ragle- Norwood (5th district, SQ 2016)
4. Isaiah Stickley/Dawson Show (5th district)- Graham
5. Jacob Lees- (Springfield) Northwestern
6. Thomas McGraw- Chaminade-Julienne
7. Gavyn Grim- Urbana
8. Dean Hurd- Greenville

Stickley wrestled 141 at the Hoosier Preseason Open, so weíll have to wait and see where he wrestles once the season starts. Itís tough to know in the off season who is cutting weight and who is wrestling at the weight that they walk around at.
Iím not sure if the loser of the Nick Moore/Alek Martin wrestle-off will bump up to this weight or stay at 120.
State alternate Dawson Show is another option. He posted wins over state qualifiers Jordan Hoselton, Kobe Cunningham, and Bryce Davis last year.

1. Mitch Moore- Graham (1st, 1st, 1st state)
2. Coby Hughes- Miami Trace (6th state)
3. Cole Houser- Benjamin Logan (6th district, SQ 2016)
4. Brayden Ploehs- Ross (SQ 2016)
5. Dawson Carter- Hillsboro (SQ 2016)
6. Tyler Matthews- Circleville
7. Logan Raney- Franklin (6th district)
8. Trevor Lewis- Unioto

Moore mustered a valiant effort against top ranked Jacori Teemer at Whoís #1, but it wasnít to be. Heíll face another sturdy test at Super 32 where he could potentially meet teammate Stickley.

1. J.D. Stickley- Graham (1st state)
2. Ben Sherrill- Bellbrook (SQ)
3. Zach Dunn- Goshen
4. Micah Marshall- Chaminade-Julienne (SQ)
5. Caleb Blake- Tippecanoe (SQ)
6. Wes Davenport- Unioto (5th district)
7. Keegan Rawlins- McClain
8. Ryan Wolf- New Richmond (SQ)

This weight-class looks loaded as it is currently constituted. A state champion, 4 other state qualifiers, a state alternate and a few wrestlers like Dunn and Rawlins who could emerge with a spot in the state tournament.

1. Joey Sanchez(4th, 5th state)/Jeffrey Thomas(3rd, 2nd state)- Graham
2. Zane Nelson- Washington C.H. (5th district, 5th district 2016)
3. Jonas Proffitt- Westfall (SQ)
4. Yima Nyamor- Wyoming
5. Gavin Moore- Miami Trace
6. Gavin Clark- New Richmond
7. Damion Williams- Urbana (6th district)
8. Nicholas Machuca- Chaminade-Julienne

Nelson will be in the hunt for a state medal in 2018. Last season, he beat state placer Kaleb Crisenbery 7-2 in the finals at the Steve Yinger Invitational, and his only losses at the district tournament were to state placers Trenten Scott and Alex Kowal.

1. Ryan Thomas- Graham (1st, 3rd, 3rd state)
2. Chris Conger- Washington C.H. (6th district)
3. David Frederick- Chaminade-Julienne (3rd middle school state)
4. Caleb Linton- Logan Elm
5. Dominic Finch- (Springfield) Shawnee
6. Andrew Reisinger- (Springfield) Northwestern
7. Austin Hamblin- Ross
8. Sam Bohannon- Monroe

1. Rocky Jordan- Graham (1st, 1st, 2nd state)
2. Isaac Allen- Wilmington (5th district, 5th district 2016)
3. Ross Lennon- Clinton-Massie (6th district)
4. Hunter Johns- Chaminade-Julienne
5. Seth Hodapp- Eaton (6th district)
6. Blake Coy- Carroll
7. Gage Johnson- Franklin
8. Jack Fessler- Bishop Fenwick*

I canít find many results from Fessler, but Iíve surely got him ranked too low if he is in fact wrestling this year. He dominated the field at the GCL last year and pinned Allen in their dual meet. However, he was absent from the Ross line-up for most of the season.

1. Brett Posey- Zane Trace (8th state)
2. Hunter Hyden- Graham (5th district)
3. Sean Netherton- Westfall (SQ)
4. Daniel Greiner- Batavia (SQ)
5. Spencer Reynolds- Eaton
6. Jamonte Crossty- Mt. Healthy
7. John Mark Williams- Indian Hill
8. Jack Anders- Miami Trace

1. Stone Day- Valley View (2nd, 7th state)
2. Gage Braun- Graham (2nd, 5th state)*
3. Jackson Gear- McNicholas (SQ)
4. Austin Carroll- Zane Trace (SQ)
5. Ryan Buckley- New Richmond (5th district)
6. Ethan Taylor- McClain
7. Hunter Lester- Franklin
8. Deegan Boris- Hillsboro

It was noted on another thread that Braun suffered a football injury. I wish him a speedy recovery, and I hope heís back to 100% for the season. This weight will lose some of its luster if heís not competing.

1. Johnny Shafer- Graham (7th, 5th state)
2. Mikey Addis- Norwood (SQ)
3. Sam Brothers- Clinton-Massie (SQ)
4. Ben Davis- Circleville
5. Drake Miller- Oakwood
6. Nathaniel Clayton- Alter
7. Jared Conn- Hillsboro
8. Jamen Hill- Carroll

Brothers took some losses last year including a few to Davis, but he was clutch at the end of the year, winning 4 straight consolation bouts (including 3 pins and a 3-2 TB win over Garrett Mitchel) at this district to qualify for his first state tournament.

1. Lane Cluff- Hillsboro (SQ)
2. Alex White- Westfall
3. Trent Wilson- Valley View (SQ)
4. Collin Wolffe- Miami Trace (5th district)
5. Conner Barton- Wilmington (6th district)
6. Robert Honeycutt/Benito Guerrero- Circleville
7. Elijah Cochran- Chaminade-Julienne
8. Sam Homan- Alter

1. Graham
2. Circleville
3. Chaminade-Julienne
4. Westfall
5. Valley View
6. Miami Trace
7. Goshen
8. Zane Trace

Grahamís Andrew Shafer placed 4th at the Hoosier Preseason Open where he beat Indiana state placer Oszkar Kasch 3-2 in a tiebreak.
Iím not sure if heíll be big enough to challenge Hyden for the starting spot at 182, but itís only a matter of time before heís on the podium down in Columbus.
I would guess that some combination of Shafer, the loser of the Moore/Martin wrestle-off, and the loser of the Thomas/Sanchez wrestle-off would find their way into the teamís line-up for the major dual meets in order to maximize the Graham line-up.

Circleville could land 6 state qualifiers this year if Matthews is back to full health and Honeycutt can continue to improve at heavyweight. The latter wrestler lost an 8-7 bout with state qualifier Tyler Connelly early last year before undergoing surgery.

Chaminade-Julienne returns their entire line-up from last season and adds middle school state placer Frederick to a squad with 6 district qualifiers. If they can develop some of their younger wrestlers into district placers, we could see their team challenge Circleville for the #2 spot.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baumís Page and Jakeís Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce
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