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Old 06-23-17, 02:29 AM
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Coldwater to retire Coach Lou Brunswick's..

famed #1.

famed #1.

(Below is taken from the facebook message)

Coldwater to Retire Lou Brunswicks #��

��Mark your calenders and spread word��

��Once we know when we play : Will determine Lou Brunswick day: retiring his #1 jersey between games on day we play. If 1 seed as we are now- will play Sunday, July 2. If we lose Friday maybe 2 seed: play Sat.��

Lou Brunswick

When you think about Lou you think about baseball and why he is by far the symbol of the sport in both Ohio and Mercer County.

Although Brunswick graduated from St. Henry (1948), he spent his 35 year (1959-1993) HS baseball coaching career as the Cavs head man.

OHSAA Baseball Coaching Wins, All-Time

846 - Don Thorp, Hebron Lakewood, 846-219 (1973-2010)
768 - Ken Gray, Mason, 768-292 (1973-2013)
767 - Mike Cameron, Cincinnati Archbishop Moeller, 767-304 (1969-2007)
760 - Timothy Engleka, Centerville,760-307-5 (1964-2002)
750 - Lou Brunswick, Coldwater,750-166 (1959-1993)
709 - Rich Arbinger, Toledo Start (1976-2006)
704 - Doug Miller, Canton Central Catholic, 704-272 (1982-2016)

During that time he won 750 games and he is fifth on the all-time OHSAA career win list, only seven coaches in Ohio have won 700 or more games. As amazing as the win total is, Brunswick lost only 166 games during that time.

Brunswick FACTS at Coldwater

State Tournament ten times (1961,1972,1977,1983,1984,1987,1990,1991,1992 and 1993)
Won the State Title (1983, 1984, 1987, 1990 and 1992)
State Runner-ups (1977 and 1991)
Played in 24 District Finals
Played in 17 Regional Finals
Won two Western Buckeye League titles
Won twenty Midwest Athletic League titles

Brunswick Coaching Honors at Coldwater

National District 4 Coach of the Year Award
Mac Morrison Lifetime Service Award
Wally Post ProAm Award (for service to others through baseball.)
Inducted into the Ohio High School Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 1975

In 1960, Brunswick was one of the key figures in the formation of the ACME summer baseball program. In the first year ACME Baseball started with 12 teams and has grown to over 125 teams participating in either ACME or Jr. ACME schedules. He stills serves as a director of the program and is also a member of the ACME Hall of Fame.

750 Wins


**Personal notes**
If you add in his legion and ACME baseball wins Coach is near 1500 total victories. At the time of his retirement he was the state leader in wins.

It was an absolute honor playing nearly 200 games for Coach Brunswick and his son Mark and Tom. I also got to coach with Tom for a number of years and learned so much from those guys. It was tough with practices before/after games but well worth it. One thing that I still bring up all the time is this and a reason why we would have some practices before or after games.

WHen you play day after day it is easy to lose sight of fundamentals. In game situations you don't get all the scenarios thrown at you and you lose quite a bit of your game if you are just playing all the time so we would have some practices before/after to work on the little things that maybe only come up once a season.

Today we see kids playing so many games in a season, moreso than we did as HS kids. SUre they re playing more but the product in HS isn't better now than it has been. We are sacrificing more games for kids for very valuable practice time. Kids are losing much of the fundamentals because they are too busy playing so many games.

With that said, what an honor for Coach. The facilities in place are fantastic and he was instrumental in putting and keeping the program on the map.

COngrats Coach!
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Old 07-02-17, 11:19 PM
Michael Hirn Michael Hirn is offline
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Loved the ceremony they did for him yesterday. A true class act.
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