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No Mentor District, when was last time?

For the history buffs out there when was the last time that Mentor didn't host a District wrestling tournament?

Mentor hasn't been the "Meatgrinder" of old for many years but I have to think there are some that are sad to see it go.
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I can tell you from experience that while it may not have been the "meatgrinder" of olden days....it was still pretty darn tough. Our team got shuffled that direction a few years back & a few hearts were broken in the process trying to get through.

I was there in the olden days so I know how tough they were as well. Tough to see it go!
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I know in 2004, mentor did not host a district. It was hosted at Perrysburg.

That may be the last time.
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Originally Posted by TakedownFor2 View Post
I know in 2004, mentor did not host a district. It was hosted at Perrysburg.

That may be the last time.
I could be wrong but, from memory only, the only time Mentor did not host D1 was a year they hosted D3. I was there that year as an official, I just don't remember what year it was.
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Originally Posted by TakedownFor2 View Post
I know in 2004, mentor did not host a district. It was hosted at Perrysburg.

That may be the last time.
Mentor wasn't at Perrysburg so I'm guessing they hosted a district that year or they went to Massillon Perry?

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Originally Posted by chidy View Post
Mentor wasn't at Perrysburg so I'm guessing they hosted a district that year or they went to Massillon Perry?

It was at Mass. Perry.

I looked at the state pairings from 2004. No Mentor District (in D1)
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Originally Posted by TakedownFor2 View Post
I know in 2004, mentor did not host a district. It was hosted at Perrysburg.

That may be the last time.
Mentor had the D3 district that year.
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Mentor had a D3 district in 2004, as covered previously.
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So since they did host a district in 2004, albeit a D3 one, when was the last year they didn't have any type of district tournament at all?
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It was 2008. Mentor last minute was added to the loaded Massillon Perry district.
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Originally Posted by jtoth125 View Post
It was 2008. Mentor last minute was added to the loaded Massillon Perry district.
This is correct

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2004 Mentor Division III District Scores
1. St. Peter Chanel 150.5
2. Tuslaw 117.5
3. Berkshire 92.0
4. Cuyahoga Hts. 89.5
5. Elyria Cath. 85.0
6. Woodridge 80.5
7. Wellington 77.0
8. Jackson-Milton 73.0
9. Waynedale 69.0
10. Black River 68.5
11. Fairless 66.0
12. Northwestern 65.0
13. CVCA 58.5
14. Brookfield 57.0
15. Brooklyn 49.5
16. Cardinal 47.0
17. Kirtland 44.0
18. Independence 38.5
19. Chippewa 32.5
20. Garfield 28.5
21. Hillsdale 28.0
22. Richmond Hts. 28.0
23. Dalton 27.0
24. Clearview 26.0
25. Norwayne 23.5
26. Oberlin 20.5
27. Loudonville 19.0
28. Rootstown 19.0
29. South Range 15.5
30. St. Thomas Aquinas 14.0
31. Lutheran West 14.0
32. Smithville 13.5
33. Grand Valley 12.0
34. VASJ 10.0
35. Ledgemont 10.0
36. Wickliffe 9.0
37. John F. Kennedy 8.0
38. Columbia 6.0
39. Western Reserve 4.0
40. Cle. Central Cath. 4.0
41. Hawken 4.0
42. Manchester 3.0
43. Ursuline 3.0

First Place
103: Payne Lint(Cuyahoga Hts.) maj. dec. Darrin Boing(St. Peter Chanel) 11-0
112: Adam Koballa(St. Peter Chanel) dec. Oliver Gray(Norwayne) 3-1 OT
119: Braxdon Scaletta(Cuyahoga Hts.) dec. Andrew Gardella(St. Peter Chanel) 8-5
125: Chris Hamed(Woodridge) dec. Jacob Bill(Clearview) 5-2
130: Joel Hall(Tuslaw) dec. Dale Ochwat(Garfield) 8-6 OT
135: J. Jaggers(St. Peter Chanel) pin Charlie Morris(Cardinal) 3:23
140: Nick Dierkes(Jackson-Milton) pin John DeCapua(Richmond Hts.) 5:54
145: Doug Windom(Waynedale) dec. Kevin Keough(Brooklyn) 11-10
152: Luke Stretar(Black River) over Justin Tripp(CVCA) forfeit
160: Randall Keller(Woodridge) dec. John Weakly(CVCA) 5-2
171: Dan Goble(Wellington) dec. Dan Law(Dalton) 5-1
189: R.J. Hickey(Elyria Cath.) over Ryan Oxford(Tuslaw) default
215: Brian Bachna(Elyria Cath.) dec. Clay Ream(Northwestern) 5-3
275: Josh Ewing(Northwestern) dec. Corey Shepard(Elyria Cath.) 2-1

Third Place
103: Bryce Freeman(Berkshire) maj. dec. Tristan Thompson(Brookfield) 11-3
112: Jake Hambrick(Jackson-Milton) dec. Clay Lint(Cuyahoga Hts.) 4-3
119: Shane Marthey(Tuslaw) over Shawn Hamilton(Rootstown) forfeit
125: A.J. Hall(Tuslaw) dec. Johannes Jungschaffer(Oberlin) 7-5
130: Ryan Barnes(Independence) dec. Josh Balogh(Northwestern) 5-2
135: Kyle Huss(Fairless) tech. fall Jeff Chase(Independence) 18-3
140: Chris Kalina(Kirtland) maj. dec. Dave Dillon(Brookfield) 11-2
145: Nick Allerding(Loudonville) dec. Joe Bockmore(Wellington) 3-1
152: Matt Fearon(Kirtland) pin Greg Moten(Woodridge) 3:45
160: Bruce Brinkman(Chippewa) dec. Ryan Roppel(St. Peter Chanel) 7-0
171: Steve Eicher(Tuslaw) over Dan Woody(Chippewa) forfeit
189: Josh Kerchmar(Wellington) dec. Jesse DeWeese(Berkshire) 7-4
215: Trent Dibel(Fairless) maj. dec. Josh Patton(Berkshire) 12-3
275: Ryan Bowers(Fairless) pin Jarred Montgomery(Black River) 0:40

Fifth Place
103: Levi Hively(South Range) dec. Jon Taylor(Elyria Cath.) 9-2
112: Brett Freeman(Berkshire) dec. Kevin Notte(Ledgemont) 8-2
119: Thomas Windom(CVCA) dec. Adam Gettman(Jackson-Milton) 6-4
125: Mark Gibbs(Jackson-Milton) dec. Tom Bell(St. Thomas Aquinas) 7-5 OT
130: Chris Dulka(Cardinal) maj. dec. Nick Tomaino(Jackson-Milton) 11-1
135: Pat Martel(Dalton) dec. Ross Tice(Brookfield) 9-5
140: Matt Besancon(Hillsdale) maj. dec. Jordan Bockmore(Wellington) 10-1
145: Geoffrey Hannan(Wickliffe) dec. Justin Eicher(Tuslaw) 5-1
152: Nick Hatfield(Hillsdale) over Brad Foote(Cuyahoga Hts.) DE
160: Adam Kelley(Waynedale) pin Joe Rollin(Black River) 0:59
171: Dustin Porter(Berkshire) dec. Travis Mcmurphy(Grand Valley) 7-4
189: Kurt Schnittger(Lutheran West) pin Nick Dowe(Brooklyn) 4:01
215: Aaron Neff(Waynedale) dec. Cameron Wade(St. Peter Chanel) 6-3
275: Mike Dziegel(St. Peter Chanel) dec. Matt Tilton(Smithville) 4-3 OT

Consolation Semifinal
103: Bryce Freeman(Berkshire) dec. Jon Taylor(Elyria Cath.) 14-7
Tristan Thompson(Brookfield) dec. Levi Hively(South Range) 6-2
112: Jake Hambrick(Jackson-Milton) pin Kevin Notte(Ledgemont) 0:55
Clay Lint(Cuyahoga Hts.) maj. dec. Brett Freeman(Berkshire) 12-4
119: Shawn Hamilton(Rootstown) dec. Adam Gettman(Jackson-Milton) 8-2
Shane Marthey(Tuslaw) pin Thomas Windom(CVCA) 3:35
125: Johannes Jungschaffer(Oberlin) pin Mark Gibbs(Jackson-Milton) 3:45
A.J. Hall(Tuslaw) dec. Tom Bell(St. Thomas Aquinas) 4-3
130: Josh Balogh(Northwestern) dec. Chris Dulka(Cardinal) 5-1
Ryan Barnes(Independence) pin Nick Tomaino(Jackson-Milton) 4:04
135: Kyle Huss(Fairless) dec. Pat Martel(Dalton) 7-5
Jeff Chase(Independence) pin Ross Tice(Brookfield) 0:51
140: Chris Kalina(Kirtland) dec. Matt Besancon(Hillsdale) 4-3
Dave Dillon(Brookfield) maj. dec. Jordan Bockmore(Wellington) 13-5
145: Joe Bockmore(Wellington) maj. dec. Justin Eicher(Tuslaw) 12-3
Nick Allerding(Loudonville) pin Geoffrey Hannan(Wickliffe) 2:16
152: Matt Fearon(Kirtland) pin Nick Hatfield(Hillsdale) 1:34
Greg Moten(Woodridge) dec. Brad Foote(Cuyahoga Hts.) 2-1 OT
160: Ryan Roppel(St. Peter Chanel) maj. dec. Joe Rollin(Black River) 11-1
Bruce Brinkman(Chippewa) pin Adam Kelley(Waynedale) 2:08
171: Steve Eicher(Tuslaw) dec. Travis Mcmurphy(Grand Valley) 4-1
Dan Woody(Chippewa) over Dustin Porter(Berkshire) default
189: Jesse DeWeese(Berkshire) dec. Nick Dowe(Brooklyn) 13-8
Josh Kerchmar(Wellington) dec. Kurt Schnittger(Lutheran West) 1-0
215: Josh Patton(Berkshire) dec. Cameron Wade(St. Peter Chanel) 7-3
Trent Dibel(Fairless) dec. Aaron Neff(Waynedale) 3-1
275: Ryan Bowers(Fairless) pin Matt Tilton(Smithville) 2:13
Jarred Montgomery(Black River) pin Mike Dziegel(St. Peter Chanel) 4:04

Third Consolation
103: Bryce Freeman(Berkshire) dec. Josh Young(Norwayne) 11-9 OT
Levi Hively(South Range) pin Ray Mass(Brooklyn) 2:25
112: Kevin Notte(Ledgemont) dec. Jeff Pendlebury(Waynedale) 9-7 OT
Clay Lint(Cuyahoga Hts.) pin Howah Lui(Independence) 3:56
119: Adam Gettman(Jackson-Milton) dec. Joel Jenkins(Berkshire) 8-6
Thomas Windom(CVCA) dec. Lucas Chasteen(Black River) 5-1
125: Johannes Jungschaffer(Oberlin) pin Kyle Gardella(St. Peter Chanel) 0:58
Tom Bell(St. Thomas Aquinas) dec. Ryan Hoover(Richmond Hts.) 8-1
130: Josh Balogh(Northwestern) dec. Justin Thomas(Waynedale) 10-7
Nick Tomaino(Jackson-Milton) dec. Randy Hogue(Brookfield) 6-4 OT
135: Kyle Huss(Fairless) pin Mark Soldat(Cuyahoga Hts.) 2:10
Jeff Chase(Independence) dec. Nick Vincent(Black River) 9-4
140: Matt Besancon(Hillsdale) pin Bryce Grimm(Woodridge) 2:55
Jordan Bockmore(Wellington) dec. Matt Meyers(Berkshire) 10-7
145: Joe Bockmore(Wellington) maj. dec. Brandon Sojka(Elyria Cath.) 16-7
Geoffrey Hannan(Wickliffe) dec. David Laschen(Clearview) 5-0
152: Nick Hatfield(Hillsdale) dec. Chris McMichael(VASJ) 3-1
Greg Moten(Woodridge) dec. Eric McComis(Brooklyn) 7-6
160: Ryan Roppel(St. Peter Chanel) tech. fall Tim McComis(Brooklyn) 15-0
Adam Kelley(Waynedale) dec. Greg Hooper(Manchester) 4-2
171: Steve Eicher(Tuslaw) dec. Domonick DeGenero(Garfield) 3-1
Dustin Porter(Berkshire) dec. Tom Canitia(St. Peter Chanel) 13-9
189: Nick Dowe(Brooklyn) pin John Underwood(Brookfield) 3:38
Josh Kerchmar(Wellington) pin Ken Bevington(Cardinal) 0:43
215: Cameron Wade(St. Peter Chanel) maj. dec. Charlie Kilbel(Woodridge) 13-0
Aaron Neff(Waynedale) pin Bradley Parks(Ursuline) 3:49
275: Ryan Bowers(Fairless) pin John Stewart(Brooklyn) 0:12
Jarred Montgomery(Black River) pin Dan Cosimi(Kirtland) 1:29

103: Payne Lint(Cuyahoga Hts.) pin Jon Taylor(Elyria Cath.) 3:01
Darrin Boing(St. Peter Chanel) tech. fall Tristan Thompson(Brookfield) 18-1
112: Oliver Gray(Norwayne) dec. Jake Hambrick(Jackson-Milton) 9-2
Adam Koballa(St. Peter Chanel) pin Brett Freeman(Berkshire) 0:55
119: Braxdon Scaletta(Cuyahoga Hts.) maj. dec. Shawn Hamilton(Rootstown) 14-3
Andrew Gardella(St. Peter Chanel) maj. dec. Shane Marthey(Tuslaw) 13-3
125: Jacob Bill(Clearview) dec. Mark Gibbs(Jackson-Milton) 8-2
Chris Hamed(Woodridge) maj. dec. A.J. Hall(Tuslaw) 14-5
130: Joel Hall(Tuslaw) pin Chris Dulka(Cardinal) 3:57
Dale Ochwat(Garfield) tech. fall Ryan Barnes(Independence) 17-0
135: J. Jaggers(St. Peter Chanel) tech. fall Pat Martel(Dalton) 19-4
Charlie Morris(Cardinal) dec. Ross Tice(Brookfield) 7-6
140: Nick Dierkes(Jackson-Milton) dec. Chris Kalina(Kirtland) 16-11
John DeCapua(Richmond Hts.) dec. Dave Dillon(Brookfield) 6-5
145: Doug Windom(Waynedale) maj. dec. Justin Eicher(Tuslaw) 9-0
Kevin Keough(Brooklyn) dec. Nick Allerding(Loudonville) 7-5 OT
152: Luke Stretar(Black River) dec. Matt Fearon(Kirtland) 10-6
Justin Tripp(CVCA) dec. Brad Foote(Cuyahoga Hts.) 5-2
160: Randall Keller(Woodridge) tech. fall Joe Rollin(Black River) 20-5
John Weakly(CVCA) dec. Bruce Brinkman(Chippewa) 14-10
171: Dan Law(Dalton) dec. Travis Mcmurphy(Grand Valley) 6-2
Dan Goble(Wellington) dec. Dan Woody(Chippewa) 12-7
189: R.J. Hickey(Elyria Cath.) dec. Jesse DeWeese(Berkshire) 12-5
Ryan Oxford(Tuslaw) dec. Kurt Schnittger(Lutheran West) 4-3
215: Clay Ream(Northwestern) pin Josh Patton(Berkshire) 1:55
Brian Bachna(Elyria Cath.) dec. Trent Dibel(Fairless) 6-4 OT
275: Corey Shepard(Elyria Cath.) dec. Matt Tilton(Smithville) 3-1
Josh Ewing(Northwestern) pin Mike Dziegel(St. Peter Chanel) 4:19

Second Consolation
103: Bryce Freeman(Berkshire) pin Tyler Abbey(Wellington) 1:44
Josh Young(Norwayne) dec. Jase Hall(Tuslaw) 7-0
Ray Mass(Brooklyn) dec. Zach Martin(CVCA) 8-5
Levi Hively(South Range) tech. fall Jeff Balcastro(Woodridge) 17-2
112: Jeff Pendlebury(Waynedale) pin Justin Miller(Brookfield) 4:32
Kevin Notte(Ledgemont) dec. Cody Combs(St. Thomas Aquinas) 8-3
Howah Lui(Independence) maj. dec. Eric Harvey(Fairless) 14-3
Clay Lint(Cuyahoga Hts.) tech. fall John Sinchok(CVCA) 18-0
119: Adam Gettman(Jackson-Milton) tech. fall Malcolm Peyton-Cook(Hawken) 23-6
Joel Jenkins(Berkshire) pin Justin Carolyne(South Range) 2:52
Thomas Windom(CVCA) pin Doug Kovach(Ledgemont) 2:32
Lucas Chasteen(Black River) maj. dec. Eric Schubert(Oberlin) 10-1
125: Johannes Jungschaffer(Oberlin) tech. fall Kris Cowgill(Berkshire) 17-2
Kyle Gardella(St. Peter Chanel) pin Steve Franks(Smithville) 1:36
Tom Bell(St. Thomas Aquinas) pin Brad Harnett(Brookfield) 4:48
Ryan Hoover(Richmond Hts.) pin Vuk Pejanovic(Cuyahoga Hts.) 2:23
130: Josh Balogh(Northwestern) tech. fall Justin Taylor(Elyria Cath.) 19-0
Justin Thomas(Waynedale) pin Cory Pfister(Black River) 3:58
Nick Tomaino(Jackson-Milton) dec. Andrew Scavuzzo(Woodridge) 2-0
Randy Hogue(Brookfield) pin Randy Pence(Columbia) 2:35
135: Kyle Huss(Fairless) pin Nick Grilley(Hillsdale) 3:44
Mark Soldat(Cuyahoga Hts.) dec. Derek Campbell(Lutheran West) 10-4
Nick Vincent(Black River) pin Josh Kobetitsch(VASJ) 2:53
Jeff Chase(Independence) dec. Brian Brooks(Kirtland) 12-6
140: Bryce Grimm(Woodridge) dec. Al Ezzo(Independence) 8-6
Matt Besancon(Hillsdale) pin Joe Horne(Grand Valley) 3:54
Matt Meyers(Berkshire) dec. Ryan Thatcher(Loudonville) 6-4 OT
Jordan Bockmore(Wellington) over Jordan Spellman(Western Reserve) forfeit
145: Brandon Sojka(Elyria Cath.) dec. Jesse Adams(St. Peter Chanel) 9-3
Joe Bockmore(Wellington) pin Ed Thompson(Brookfield) 1:45
David Laschen(Clearview) dec. Sean Poole(Ursuline) 12-5
Geoffrey Hannan(Wickliffe) dec. Brett Rahz(Kirtland) 6-5 OT
152: Nick Hatfield(Hillsdale) dec. Kevin Barton(John F. Kennedy) 2-1
Chris McMichael(VASJ) dec. Bill Bajzel(Cardinal) 6-4 OT
Greg Moten(Woodridge) dec. Dave Windom(Waynedale) 7-3
Eric McComis(Brooklyn) pin John Osborne(Berkshire) 2:38
160: Tim McComis(Brooklyn) dec. Bryan Gulich(Richmond Hts.) 4-3
Ryan Roppel(St. Peter Chanel) pin Anthony Policastro(Brookfield) 2:42
Adam Kelley(Waynedale) pin Ben Abramoff(Hawken) 2:54
Greg Hooper(Manchester) dec. John Rozum(Jackson-Milton) 6-4
171: Steve Eicher(Tuslaw) maj. dec. James Hamilton(Rootstown) 10-0
Domonick DeGenero(Garfield) dec. Gregory Riegler(Columbia) 6-1
Dustin Porter(Berkshire) dec. Matt Darnell(CVCA) 6-5
Tom Canitia(St. Peter Chanel) pin Tony Tritto(Richmond Hts.) 0:34
189: John Underwood(Brookfield) maj. dec. Willie Kilbel(Woodridge) 13-2
Nick Dowe(Brooklyn) pin Aaron Urchek(Rootstown) 3:51
Josh Kerchmar(Wellington) pin Adam Smith(Grand Valley) 2:31
Ken Bevington(Cardinal) pin Joe Gibson(Black River) 3:50
215: Cameron Wade(St. Peter Chanel) dec. Mateo Villa(Cardinal) 3-0
Charlie Kilbel(Woodridge) pin Kevin Lohr(Garfield) 0:57
Aaron Neff(Waynedale) pin Ray Rossman(VASJ) 1:42
Bradley Parks(Ursuline) dec. A.J. Seifert(John F. Kennedy) 3-1
275: Ryan Bowers(Fairless) pin Anthony Bennett(Cardinal) 0:29
John Stewart(Brooklyn) maj. dec. Chris Knorr(John F. Kennedy) 8-0
Dan Cosimi(Kirtland) dec. Art Haynes(Cle. Central Cath.) 8-6
Jarred Montgomery(Black River) pin Corey Phifer(Berkshire) 0:28

First Consolation
103: Tyler Abbey(Wellington) pin Kenny Veemara(Richmond Hts.) 4:19
Josh Young(Norwayne) pin Andy Baster(Cardinal) 3:55
Ray Mass(Brooklyn) pin Steven Saley(Pymatuning Valley) 0:16
Jeff Balcastro(Woodridge) dec. Trevor Phillips(Dalton) 9-4
112: Justin Miller(Brookfield) dec. Zack Day(Pymatuning Valley) 4-0
Kevin Notte(Ledgemont) maj. dec. Matt Perry(Smithville) 9-0
Eric Harvey(Fairless) maj. dec. Josh Counts(Elyria Cath.) 9-0
John Sinchok(CVCA) maj. dec. Mike Hill(Wickliffe) 11-0
119: Malcolm Peyton-Cook(Hawken) dec. Tim Drdek(Brooklyn) 7-6
Justin Carolyne(South Range) dec. Nick Widder(Waynedale) 13-7
Thomas Windom(CVCA) tech. fall Rory Richards(Manchester) 16-0
Eric Schubert(Oberlin) pin Cody Lewis(Grand Valley) 3:31
125: Kris Cowgill(Berkshire) dec. Jeff Hammersmith(Black River) 7-2
Steve Franks(Smithville) tech. fall Ryan Rose(Cardinal) 16-1
Brad Harnett(Brookfield) pin Shane Grennan(Pymatuning Valley) 3:59
Ryan Hoover(Richmond Hts.) maj. dec. Adam Hattery(Fairless) 12-0
130: Justin Taylor(Elyria Cath.) pin Kory Leonhard(Pymatuning Valley) 2:32
Cory Pfister(Black River) dec. Michael Enos(Oberlin) 6-1
Andrew Scavuzzo(Woodridge) maj. dec. James Wren(Berkshire) 11-1
Randy Pence(Columbia) pin Derek Schultz(Ledgemont) 0:59
135: Nick Grilley(Hillsdale) dec. Nick Allrutz(Woodridge) 6-3
Derek Campbell(Lutheran West) pin Ryan Shardy(Ursuline) 0:35
Nick Vincent(Black River) pin Graham Richardson(Berkshire) 0:44
Jeff Chase(Independence) tech. fall Mike O'Brien(John F. Kennedy) 16-0
140: Bryce Grimm(Woodridge) dec. Matt Lawrence(Brooklyn) 8-5
Joe Horne(Grand Valley) dec. Joe Maruniak(Lutheran West) 8-2
Matt Meyers(Berkshire) pin Sean Hancock(Clearview) 0:28
Jordan Bockmore(Wellington) pin Jason Geanuracos(CVCA) 0:34
145: Jesse Adams(St. Peter Chanel) dec. Sam Rathburn(John F. Kennedy) 6-3
Ed Thompson(Brookfield) pin Billy Webker(Pymatuning Valley) 3:02
Sean Poole(Ursuline) dec. Gregg Whitacre(Grand Valley) 10-6
Brett Rahz(Kirtland) dec. Jack Hickin(Waterloo) 12-10
152: Kevin Barton(John F. Kennedy) dec. Aaron Neuenschwander(Dalton) 6-4
Bill Bajzel(Cardinal) maj. dec. Greg Dorko(Independence) 11-3
Dave Windom(Waynedale) pin Josh Matthews(Brookfield) 2:03
John Osborne(Berkshire) pin Matt Anderson(St. Peter Chanel) 2:38
160: Tim McComis(Brooklyn) tech. fall Billy Shaffer(Pymatuning Valley) 17-2
Anthony Policastro(Brookfield) maj. dec. John Sedivec(Elyria Cath.) 14-5
Adam Kelley(Waynedale) pin Bryan Stowe(Cardinal) 0:24
John Rozum(Jackson-Milton) dec. Steve Vondriska(Independence) 9-3
171: Steve Eicher(Tuslaw) dec. Nate Miller(Jackson-Milton) 5-1
Gregory Riegler(Columbia) over Don McCraith(Wickliffe) forfeit
Dustin Porter(Berkshire) pin Kevin Hannum(Brooklyn) 4:49
189: Willie Kilbel(Woodridge) pin Jason Rosenlieb(Cuyahoga Hts.) 2:32
Aaron Urchek(Rootstown) pin Justin Bertolone(Richmond Hts.) 0:35
Adam Smith(Grand Valley) pin Matt Smetts(Waterloo) 4:53
Ken Bevington(Cardinal) pin Brian Beeghley(Waynedale) PIN OT
215: Cameron Wade(St. Peter Chanel) pin Nick Magruder(Wickliffe) 1:53
Kevin Lohr(Garfield) pin Nick Tortorici(Columbia) 2:59
Ray Rossman(VASJ) pin Emmanuel Rolon(Lutheran West) 0:33
Bradley Parks(Ursuline) dec. David Artrip(Loudonville) 4-3
275: Anthony Bennett(Cardinal) pin Nicholas Kolitsos(Ursuline) 1:37
Chris Knorr(John F. Kennedy) pin Ed Zarczynski(Pymatuning Valley) 2:33
Dan Cosimi(Kirtland) dec. Richard Baum(Brookfield) 17-13
Corey Phifer(Berkshire) pin Nick Burner(Woodridge) 0:26

103: Payne Lint(Cuyahoga Hts.) pin Levi Hively(South Range) 5:23
Jon Taylor(Elyria Cath.) pin Zach Martin(CVCA) 3:15
Tristan Thompson(Brookfield) dec. Jase Hall(Tuslaw) 12-7
Darrin Boing(St. Peter Chanel) dec. Bryce Freeman(Berkshire) 9-6
112: Oliver Gray(Norwayne) dec. Clay Lint(Cuyahoga Hts.) 2-0
Jake Hambrick(Jackson-Milton) dec. Howah Lui(Independence) 6-5
Brett Freeman(Berkshire) pin Cody Combs(St. Thomas Aquinas) 4:37
Adam Koballa(St. Peter Chanel) pin Jeff Pendlebury(Waynedale) 2:24
119: Shawn Hamilton(Rootstown) pin Lucas Chasteen(Black River) 1:45
Braxdon Scaletta(Cuyahoga Hts.) pin Doug Kovach(Ledgemont) 1:35
Andrew Gardella(St. Peter Chanel) maj. dec. Joel Jenkins(Berkshire) 15-1
Shane Marthey(Tuslaw) pin Adam Gettman(Jackson-Milton) 4:24
125: Mark Gibbs(Jackson-Milton) pin Vuk Pejanovic(Cuyahoga Hts.) 3:31
Jacob Bill(Clearview) maj. dec. Tom Bell(St. Thomas Aquinas) 14-2
A.J. Hall(Tuslaw) maj. dec. Kyle Gardella(St. Peter Chanel) 10-1
Chris Hamed(Woodridge) maj. dec. Johannes Jungschaffer(Oberlin) 14-5
130: Joel Hall(Tuslaw) tech. fall Randy Hogue(Brookfield) 17-2
Chris Dulka(Cardinal) dec. Nick Tomaino(Jackson-Milton) 6-0
Ryan Barnes(Independence) dec. Justin Thomas(Waynedale) 6-5
Dale Ochwat(Garfield) maj. dec. Josh Balogh(Northwestern) 12-4
135: J. Jaggers(St. Peter Chanel) tech. fall Brian Brooks(Kirtland) 15-0
Pat Martel(Dalton) dec. Josh Kobetitsch(VASJ) 8-2
Ross Tice(Brookfield) dec. Mark Soldat(Cuyahoga Hts.) 6-4
Charlie Morris(Cardinal) dec. Kyle Huss(Fairless) 6-4
140: Chris Kalina(Kirtland) over Jordan Spellman(Western Reserve) default
Nick Dierkes(Jackson-Milton) dec. Ryan Thatcher(Loudonville) 8-3
Dave Dillon(Brookfield) pin Matt Besancon(Hillsdale) 2:20
John DeCapua(Richmond Hts.) maj. dec. Al Ezzo(Independence) 13-4
145: Doug Windom(Waynedale) pin Geoffrey Hannan(Wickliffe) 2:57
Justin Eicher(Tuslaw) pin David Laschen(Clearview) 5:41
Kevin Keough(Brooklyn) dec. Joe Bockmore(Wellington) 8-6 OT
Nick Allerding(Loudonville) dec. Brandon Sojka(Elyria Cath.) 2-1 OT
152: Matt Fearon(Kirtland) pin Eric McComis(Brooklyn) 0:48
Luke Stretar(Black River) dec. Greg Moten(Woodridge) 8-4
Brad Foote(Cuyahoga Hts.) dec. Chris McMichael(VASJ) 5-1 OT
Justin Tripp(CVCA) dec. Nick Hatfield(Hillsdale) 8-2
160: Randall Keller(Woodridge) dec. Greg Hooper(Manchester) 10-7
Joe Rollin(Black River) maj. dec. Ben Abramoff(Hawken) 13-2
John Weakly(CVCA) dec. Ryan Roppel(St. Peter Chanel) 15-13 OT
Bruce Brinkman(Chippewa) maj. dec. Bryan Gulich(Richmond Hts.) 10-1
171: Travis Mcmurphy(Grand Valley) pin Tom Canitia(St. Peter Chanel) 4:26
Dan Law(Dalton) dec. Matt Darnell(CVCA) 13-7
Dan Woody(Chippewa) dec. Domonick DeGenero(Garfield) 8-1
Dan Goble(Wellington) pin James Hamilton(Rootstown) 0:59
189: Jesse DeWeese(Berkshire) pin Joe Gibson(Black River) 3:16
R.J. Hickey(Elyria Cath.) dec. Josh Kerchmar(Wellington) 7-3
Ryan Oxford(Tuslaw) pin Nick Dowe(Brooklyn) 3:06
Kurt Schnittger(Lutheran West) dec. John Underwood(Brookfield) 8-6
215: Clay Ream(Northwestern) pin A.J. Seifert(John F. Kennedy) 1:31
Josh Patton(Berkshire) pin Aaron Neff(Waynedale) 3:58
Trent Dibel(Fairless) pin Charlie Kilbel(Woodridge) 3:30
Brian Bachna(Elyria Cath.) dec. Mateo Villa(Cardinal) 5-1
275: Corey Shepard(Elyria Cath.) dec. Jarred Montgomery(Black River) 6-1
Matt Tilton(Smithville) pin Art Haynes(Cle. Central Cath.) 4:48
Josh Ewing(Northwestern) pin John Stewart(Brooklyn) 3:27
Mike Dziegel(St. Peter Chanel) dec. Ryan Bowers(Fairless) 4-3

First Round
103: Payne Lint(Cuyahoga Hts.) pin Tyler Abbey(Wellington) 0:39
Levi Hively(South Range) pin Kenny Veemara(Richmond Hts.) 0:23
Zach Martin(CVCA) maj. dec. Andy Baster(Cardinal) 13-2
Jon Taylor(Elyria Cath.) dec. Josh Young(Norwayne) 6-1
Tristan Thompson(Brookfield) pin Steven Saley(Pymatuning Valley) 0:18
Jase Hall(Tuslaw) maj. dec. Ray Mass(Brooklyn) 11-1
Darrin Boing(St. Peter Chanel) tech. fall Trevor Phillips(Dalton) 15-0
Bryce Freeman(Berkshire) pin Jeff Balcastro(Woodridge) 2:43
112: Oliver Gray(Norwayne) tech. fall Justin Miller(Brookfield) 17-1
Clay Lint(Cuyahoga Hts.) pin Zack Day(Pymatuning Valley) 3:29
Howah Lui(Independence) dec. Kevin Notte(Ledgemont) 7-4
Jake Hambrick(Jackson-Milton) tech. fall Matt Perry(Smithville) 25-8
Brett Freeman(Berkshire) pin Josh Counts(Elyria Cath.) 3:01
Cody Combs(St. Thomas Aquinas) maj. dec. Eric Harvey(Fairless) 12-1
Jeff Pendlebury(Waynedale) dec. John Sinchok(CVCA) 10-7
Adam Koballa(St. Peter Chanel) tech. fall Mike Hill(Wickliffe) 16-0
119: Shawn Hamilton(Rootstown) pin Tim Drdek(Brooklyn) 2:54
Lucas Chasteen(Black River) dec. Malcolm Peyton-Cook(Hawken) 14-7
Doug Kovach(Ledgemont) pin Nick Widder(Waynedale) 5:08
Braxdon Scaletta(Cuyahoga Hts.) pin Justin Carolyne(South Range) 2:44
Joel Jenkins(Berkshire) pin Rory Richards(Manchester) 2:37
Andrew Gardella(St. Peter Chanel) pin Thomas Windom(CVCA) 1:27
Adam Gettman(Jackson-Milton) maj. dec. Eric Schubert(Oberlin) 18-10
Shane Marthey(Tuslaw) tech. fall Cody Lewis(Grand Valley) 18-3
125: Vuk Pejanovic(Cuyahoga Hts.) maj. dec. Kris Cowgill(Berkshire) 15-4
Mark Gibbs(Jackson-Milton) maj. dec. Jeff Hammersmith(Black River) 13-4
Tom Bell(St. Thomas Aquinas) pin Steve Franks(Smithville) 1:59
Jacob Bill(Clearview) pin Ryan Rose(Cardinal) 0:32
A.J. Hall(Tuslaw) tech. fall Brad Harnett(Brookfield) 15-0
Kyle Gardella(St. Peter Chanel) pin Shane Grennan(Pymatuning Valley) 3:34
Johannes Jungschaffer(Oberlin) dec. Ryan Hoover(Richmond Hts.) 8-2
Chris Hamed(Woodridge) pin Adam Hattery(Fairless) 0:42
130: Joel Hall(Tuslaw) pin Kory Leonhard(Pymatuning Valley) 1:25
Randy Hogue(Brookfield) dec. Justin Taylor(Elyria Cath.) 7-4
Nick Tomaino(Jackson-Milton) dec. Michael Enos(Oberlin) 12-8
Chris Dulka(Cardinal) pin Cory Pfister(Black River) 1:14
Ryan Barnes(Independence) dec. Andrew Scavuzzo(Woodridge) 9-8
Justin Thomas(Waynedale) maj. dec. James Wren(Berkshire) 13-0
Josh Balogh(Northwestern) pin Derek Schultz(Ledgemont) 1:35
Dale Ochwat(Garfield) pin Randy Pence(Columbia) 1:03
135: J. Jaggers(St. Peter Chanel) tech. fall Nick Grilley(Hillsdale) 15-0
Brian Brooks(Kirtland) dec. Nick Allrutz(Woodridge) 7-0
Josh Kobetitsch(VASJ) maj. dec. Ryan Shardy(Ursuline) 17-5
Pat Martel(Dalton) dec. Derek Campbell(Lutheran West) 7-0
Ross Tice(Brookfield) maj. dec. Graham Richardson(Berkshire) 14-2
Mark Soldat(Cuyahoga Hts.) dec. Nick Vincent(Black River) 12-7
Kyle Huss(Fairless) tech. fall Jeff Chase(Independence) 18-3
Charlie Morris(Cardinal) pin Mike O'Brien(John F. Kennedy) 1:04
140: Chris Kalina(Kirtland) maj. dec. Bryce Grimm(Woodridge) 15-3
Jordan Spellman(Western Reserve) pin Matt Lawrence(Brooklyn) 5:01
Ryan Thatcher(Loudonville) maj. dec. Joe Maruniak(Lutheran West) 11-2
Nick Dierkes(Jackson-Milton) pin Joe Horne(Grand Valley) 4:21
Matt Besancon(Hillsdale) pin Sean Hancock(Clearview) 1:00
Dave Dillon(Brookfield) pin Matt Meyers(Berkshire) 5:53
John DeCapua(Richmond Hts.) pin Jason Geanuracos(CVCA) 1:15
Al Ezzo(Independence) pin Jordan Bockmore(Wellington) 5:05
145: Doug Windom(Waynedale) pin Sam Rathburn(John F. Kennedy) 3:55
Geoffrey Hannan(Wickliffe) dec. Jesse Adams(St. Peter Chanel) 7-3
David Laschen(Clearview) pin Billy Webker(Pymatuning Valley) 5:31
Justin Eicher(Tuslaw) pin Ed Thompson(Brookfield) 1:26
Kevin Keough(Brooklyn) pin Gregg Whitacre(Grand Valley) 2:17
Joe Bockmore(Wellington) pin Sean Poole(Ursuline) 0:22
Nick Allerding(Loudonville) dec. Jack Hickin(Waterloo) 10-3
Brandon Sojka(Elyria Cath.) dec. Brett Rahz(Kirtland) 11-7
152: Matt Fearon(Kirtland) maj. dec. Aaron Neuenschwander(Dalton) 11-0
Eric McComis(Brooklyn) dec. Kevin Barton(John F. Kennedy) 9-7
Greg Moten(Woodridge) pin Greg Dorko(Independence) 5:02
Luke Stretar(Black River) dec. Bill Bajzel(Cardinal) 11-4
Brad Foote(Cuyahoga Hts.) pin Josh Matthews(Brookfield) 4:43
Chris McMichael(VASJ) maj. dec. Dave Windom(Waynedale) 11-1
Nick Hatfield(Hillsdale) dec. John Osborne(Berkshire) 4-3
Justin Tripp(CVCA) pin Matt Anderson(St. Peter Chanel) 1:56
160: Randall Keller(Woodridge) pin Billy Shaffer(Pymatuning Valley) 2:33
Greg Hooper(Manchester) dec. Tim McComis(Brooklyn) 5-4
Joe Rollin(Black River) tech. fall John Sedivec(Elyria Cath.) 17-2
Ben Abramoff(Hawken) maj. dec. Anthony Policastro(Brookfield) 14-4
Ryan Roppel(St. Peter Chanel) pin Adam Kelley(Waynedale) 4:26
John Weakly(CVCA) dec. Bryan Stowe(Cardinal) 11-5
Bryan Gulich(Richmond Hts.) dec. John Rozum(Jackson-Milton) 9-3
Bruce Brinkman(Chippewa) tech. fall Steve Vondriska(Independence) 16-1
171: Tom Canitia(St. Peter Chanel) pin Nate Miller(Jackson-Milton) 3:59
Travis Mcmurphy(Grand Valley) dec. Steve Eicher(Tuslaw) 11-9 OT
Dan Law(Dalton) dec. Don McCraith(Wickliffe) 6-2
Matt Darnell(CVCA) pin Gregory Riegler(Columbia) 2:26
Dan Woody(Chippewa) dec. Dustin Porter(Berkshire) 9-8
Domonick DeGenero(Garfield) dec. Kevin Hannum(Brooklyn) 5-4
Dan Goble(Wellington) pin Tony Tritto(Richmond Hts.) 0:19
189: Jesse DeWeese(Berkshire) pin Jason Rosenlieb(Cuyahoga Hts.) 0:34
Joe Gibson(Black River) pin Willie Kilbel(Woodridge) 1:18
Josh Kerchmar(Wellington) pin Aaron Urchek(Rootstown) 0:23
R.J. Hickey(Elyria Cath.) pin Justin Bertolone(Richmond Hts.) 0:37
Ryan Oxford(Tuslaw) pin Matt Smetts(Waterloo) 0:23
Nick Dowe(Brooklyn) pin Adam Smith(Grand Valley) 5:11
Kurt Schnittger(Lutheran West) dec. Ken Bevington(Cardinal) 12-9
John Underwood(Brookfield) dec. Brian Beeghley(Waynedale) 4-3
215: A.J. Seifert(John F. Kennedy) pin Nick Magruder(Wickliffe) 0:56
Clay Ream(Northwestern) dec. Cameron Wade(St. Peter Chanel) 6-0
Aaron Neff(Waynedale) pin Nick Tortorici(Columbia) 5:11
Josh Patton(Berkshire) pin Kevin Lohr(Garfield) 1:09
Trent Dibel(Fairless) pin Emmanuel Rolon(Lutheran West) 1:13
Charlie Kilbel(Woodridge) pin Ray Rossman(VASJ) 1:05
Mateo Villa(Cardinal) pin Bradley Parks(Ursuline) 0:32
Brian Bachna(Elyria Cath.) pin David Artrip(Loudonville) 1:55
275: Corey Shepard(Elyria Cath.) pin Anthony Bennett(Cardinal) 0:36
Jarred Montgomery(Black River) pin Nicholas Kolitsos(Ursuline) 0:13
Matt Tilton(Smithville) pin Chris Knorr(John F. Kennedy) 3:07
Art Haynes(Cle. Central Cath.) pin Ed Zarczynski(Pymatuning Valley) 3:59
Josh Ewing(Northwestern) tech. fall Richard Baum(Brookfield) 16-0
John Stewart(Brooklyn) dec. Dan Cosimi(Kirtland) 8-5
Mike Dziegel(St. Peter Chanel) dec. Corey Phifer(Berkshire) 4-1
Ryan Bowers(Fairless) pin Nick Burner(Woodridge) 0:51
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