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Old 04-11-19, 04:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Coach McCoy View Post
Unfortunately, OHSAA gets forced by OSU to make moves without any other options (obviously unless they move it to another venue). Dr Mauer I am sure does not want it to leave and if this is the case it won't leave (just my opinion based on experience).

I think it is crazy to move it to Sunday but I have NO say in it anymore. They will lose attendance for sure. I say have Girls BB on Sunday. Sorry ladies, just have to look at the attendance numbers and know that is the right thing to do. They would play and get out of there a lot sooner that a wrestling tourney. IMO.

With that all said, they (OHSAA) moved the tourney a week later because of scheduling conflict with OSU and it upset people (trying to shorten the season a little and that did not help). Understood it might only be that one year, well we see it has not changed right. This will be the same way, once it is done this way one time it will stay status quo. Once again, just my experience.

The wrestling season (as most seasons I guess) needs to shorten. On both ends. Way too long. But it comes down to $$$$$ and not only OHSAA but teams that host invitationals don't want to lose their event to scheduling. As a wrestling community we need to understand the pains of making such a move and just do it.

These are my take on it, I know my opinion doesn't matter at all. But mark it down, move to Sunday and it will NEVER change (of course, unless it is an issue for OSU)

Coach McCoy
Agree with everything Coach said.
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Old 04-11-19, 05:55 PM
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The 36' with 6' restraining on each side was a semi-informed guess for college.

The high school measurements for the state tournament are fact, except for the word circumference that should have been replaced with diameter (high school geometry failed me there).

For men's hockey ... the last regular season weekend this year was 3/1 and 3/2. The conference tournament was held over three weekends at campus sites based on regular season finish. The NCAA tournament has predetermined sites for round of 16/quarterfinals one weekend and then a predetermined frozen four site.
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Old 04-11-19, 06:11 PM
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I talked about this right after states this year. The parking was an issue for OSU. They had too many complaints from teachers & students. They had too many complaints from spectators about parking also. Possible 2-3 day schedule
Weigh ins at 8am
wrestling starts at 10am
consolations after first round
Quarterfinals championship 4pm
consolations 8pm
Semifinals 10am
consolations to follow
Championships 8pm
or Sunday at 11am
It could work? Who Knows.
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Old 04-11-19, 10:33 PM
chidy chidy is offline
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Originally Posted by chidy View Post
Venues in Ohio with the Seating Capacity to host the State Wrestling Tournament

These are the listed seating capacities on Google but I'm guessing based on needing more floor space for wrestling as opposed to baseball or hockey that would reduce seating capacity by about 500-1,500 depending on the venue.

I also don't know if each venue has the appropriate floor space to allow for 10 mats. The Q had 8 mats for NCAA's last year. Is there enough room for 2 more? The Wolstein center hosted NCAA's in 1998. Can it accommodate 10 mats?

The average per session attendance this year was just under 11,000 with the finals I believe at about 12,500.

From what I could find there are 6 venues in Ohio with the seating capacity to the meet the needs of the HS wrestling tournament.

What we don't know is what the cost comparison is to rent these facilities in comparison to the Schott. I would guess that the Pro Sports arenas of the Q & Nationwide would be the most costly but that's purely speculation.

Nationwide Arena (20,000)
Schottenstein Center (18,900)

Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse (20,562)- Formerly Quicken Loans Arena
Wolstein Center (13,610)

Fifth-Third Arena (12,012)
US Bank Arena (17,556)

Univ. of Dayton Arena (13,409)

ATHENS (Yep I forgot about my alma mater the first time I posted this)
Ohio U Convocation Center (13,080)
Unfortunately I don't believe Athens and the surrounding area has enough hotels to accommodate this event but maybe I'm wrong

2 other arenas with seating capacity close to what would be needed are the Nutter Center @ Wright State (10,400) and the Cintas Center @ Xavier University (10,250) but I'm almost positive that the Nutter Center can only accommodate 8 mats. Can't speak to the floor space of the Cintas Center. All other venues that I researched are under 9,000 seats which wouldn't meet the needs of the tournament.
Cleveland hosting would be nice for all the NE Ohio peeps including myself but one thing you have to consider is it will be Pay Parking of at minimum $20 a day and the way they gouge with events it would be more like $30-$40. Thatís $60-$120 per vehicle as far as added expense goes in comparison to free at the Schott. Plus thereís a shuttle.

I canít speak on Cincinnati or Univ of Dayton as far as parking goes because Iíve never been to those locations. Can anyone shed light on these locations?
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