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Old 01-17-18, 02:15 PM
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Any word on what the investigation has/hasn't turned up?

On one hand, I'm satisfied that the BOE has at least been forced on some level to acknowledge and respond to the concerns/complaints submitted by the parents, which is a small step in the right direction on the path to enforcing future accountability.

On the other hand, I believe that the response which we're going to receive shortly from the school will amount to little more than a dog and pony show intended to cast the school in a more positive light; why else would we see another article parading so many character witnesses in an attempt to compete with the story published which originally brought the concerns of the parents to light? Such articles in my experience have always been intended to distract/deflect the public from uncovering hard and factual observations - they're seeking to muddy the waters so that nothing conclusive can be gleaned whatsoever. For what it's worth, I've enjoyed a successful career in public office spanning over two decades and the things that I've stated regarding crisis management in PR are elementary in their nature.

Setting aside the concerns of the parents for a moment, the school system has botched the handling of this "investigation" badly and would have been better off to contract a PR Rep in to handle any announcements related to the allegations that have been leveled. They're not going to win any argument about the trustworthiness of the football coach (or the BOE either after this mess) in the court of public opinion. What people want to know at this point is simply - among the allegations submitted by the parents, what actually happened, what may or may not have happened, and what definitively did not happen? What sanctions will there be on the head coach, if any? Direct answers please, not more PR stunts intended to distract and deflect.

I feel confident in saying that this entire situation can be resolved if the school system shows that it actually did its homework by investigating and can come back with direct and honest answers to the questions which they've been presented with, and the only reason why this isn't already in the rear view mirror is because they can't give definitive answers since they're trying to get away with not doing any actual follow up on the initial complaints. Have to say that it makes the school look really bad (and like they have something to hide) that it's taken them this long to form a coherent response.

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