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Old 04-21-18, 09:37 AM
Prodigy Wrestling Prodigy Wrestling is online now
All Ohio
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Lightbulb Prodigy Wrestling Academy MOVING FORWARD into a new location

Wrestling Community:

Prodigy Wrestling Academy will continue to serve Southwest Ohio’s wrestlers and families, providing opportunities to reach their full potential in the sport of wrestling. The academy will be operating out of a new location(s) starting the 2018-19 season.

The owners of Prodigy Training Facility have decided to close its doors and are in the process of selling the building. They made this decision because they felt it was time to move on and pursue other interests. The owners of Prodigy have been nothing but helpful, loyal, supportive, and grateful to the wrestling academy and its coaches. They have given me the properties that I will need in order to continue Prodigy Wrestling Academy in the future at another location.

I am currently in negotiations with a local gym to continue operating Prodigy Wrestling Academy and ALL of our programs in about the same mat space as the former location. My goal is to let everyone know of our location change and future plans in the next week or two as I finalize our deal. We will still have our Prodigy camps and possibly will hold them in the new location if our plan works out. A lot has happened since finding out about this decision last Tuesday.

Freestyle and Greco will NOT be affected and will continue until the scheduled end date of May 24th. The 2018 Summer Camps may be run at our new gym location, Prodigy or at a local school. I will know for sure very soon.

I look at this as a new opportunity to expand Prodigy Wrestling Academy and what we can do for Southwest Ohio Wrestling. We will continue to strive to bring top notch coaching that benefits all teams in the area, great facilities, the best training and live wrestling opportunities available, affordable and competitive prices, and more.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email prodigy.wrestling.academy@gmail.com or call/text 937-371-0432.

I will continue to keep everyone updated as to what is happening on this post.

Willie Wineberg
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Old 04-23-18, 01:29 PM
Coach Root Coach Root is offline
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It was an awesome facility.

Coach Root
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Old 04-23-18, 07:37 PM
HiC HiC is offline
Junior Varsity
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Come south!
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Old 04-23-18, 08:56 PM
craftAmaniac craftAmaniac is offline
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Hoping for the best as that was one of the few gyms you could find the big guys. I know it was a life saver when my boy was down for the Christmas holidays
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Old 04-25-18, 09:00 AM
Prodigy Wrestling Prodigy Wrestling is online now
All Ohio
Join Date: 05-23-14
Posts: 561
Prodigy Wrestling is on a distinguished road
Update on Our Progress

I am currently talking to a few gyms who have expressed interest in being the home to Prodigy Wrestling Academy. I am hoping to have a home for Prodigy by mid to late May so we can continue the services we provide to Southwest Ohio.

All of the gyms that we are talking to are relatively close to where Prodigy is now. As with any move, we may move closer to some wrestlers and farther away from others. I hope wrestlers and coaches continue to use us once we determine where we will be. Our goal is to continue to have a facility that is not located in or affiliated with any school so that we can help every wrestler, coach, and program in the area.

I am looking at any and all opportunities to continue this journey. I am looking for 4000 square feet or more of space that is ready to move into (with no build in involved). The mats (which I will provide) need to stay down at all times (except in the summer) and may be used by other groups when our program is not using them. Preferably the space would be in the area of Springboro, Centerville, Miamisburg, Franklin, West Carrollton areas of S. Dayton. Willing to negotiate all the many other things that come with a space / program like this. Any ideas, please email me at prodigy.wrestling.academy@gmail.com .

Ryan - Yes, it was a nice facility, especially the wrestling area.

HiC - You never know...it's all a mystery right now.

CraftAmaniac - We loved having Peyton in the room when he was home! Working on a place for him to visit this coming season!
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Old 04-28-18, 03:03 PM
Coach Root Coach Root is offline
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I'm trying to understand... does the club have a new home or do you need one? The initial post made it sound like things were set, the follow up post sounds like nothing is locked in. I am asking because I'm looking at expanding our current club to an outside facility in Cincinnati. If you are coming South I would welcome a conversation, if you are staying North, then best of luck. I have always believed that a club setting for all to workout at is the key to building wrestling in Southwest Ohio. Cincinnati has a nice crop of kids at both the youth and the high school levels. We are growing quickly and need to look to an outside facility for both space and availability, especially when expanding to high school sessions next season. If this is about building up wrestling in the area, we would love to talk, if it's focused on a for profit club, then we wish you the best. Either way, looking forward to next season.

Coach Root
(513) 604-7433
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Old 04-28-18, 04:33 PM
Bugout Bugout is offline
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Is power station possible location ? It would be a good fit for all involved
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Old 04-29-18, 10:43 AM
Prodigy Wrestling Prodigy Wrestling is online now
All Ohio
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Posts: 561
Prodigy Wrestling is on a distinguished road
We are moving to a new location, as our first post indicated. That location is yet to be determined but there are a few options in which we are looking. We hope to be somewhat close to our current location in order to continue to meet the needs of Dayton and Northern Cincinnati.

I appreciate the offer to discuss, but the goals of Prodigy for the last 4 years will continue.

*Not to be affiliated with a particular school but to be a place that helps all SW Ohio wrestlers, coaches, and programs in order for all teams to be more competitive, thus helping All of SW Ohio become better.

*run the program out of a neutral facility, not within a school (We hope to continue this as we look at options)

*work with all ages and ability levels at the level that will benefit each individual wrestler the most. Operating more as an academy or school that teaches the sport of wrestling and the lessons it teaches.

*promote positive sportsmanship and build positive character within wrestlers

*grow the sport of wrestling, especially in SW Ohio.

We have come a long way in the last 4 years, building Prodigy's reputation positively. We will continue.

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Old 04-30-18, 09:54 AM
Prodigy Wrestling Prodigy Wrestling is online now
All Ohio
Join Date: 05-23-14
Posts: 561
Prodigy Wrestling is on a distinguished road
Willie Wineberg's Prodigy Wrestling Academy @ Powerstation Gym


We are excited to announce that Prodigy Wrestling Academy will be moving its operation and training programs to Powerstation Gym in Franklin, Ohio.

Powerstation Gym ended up being the best fit for our growing program. It will offer:

3200 Square feet of permanent mat space
viewing area for parents above the mats
Apparel shop with PWA Wrestling Gear
Food counter with pre-/post- workout drink/food/shake options
LARGE locker room and restroom
Online Software and organized check-in

We will continue all of our current training programs with plans to expand our offerings. Powerstation Gym is 6 miles (about 9 min.) away from Exit 73 (where Prodigy was). We hope that those who have used Prodigy Wrestling Academy as a resource will continue as we make this change. We also hope that we can offer more to wrestlers in the Northern Cincinnati area with it being 10 minutes closer for them.

Freestyle and Greco training will continue through May 23rd at Prodigy Wrestling Academy.

Prodigy's 2018 Summer Camps will take place at Powerstation Gym!

Please be patient as we make the many changes needed on our website, social media, and flyers. We appreciate the many offerings of support from the wrestling community.

Powerstation Address: 4343 S Dixie Hwy, Franklin, OH 45005

Last edited by Prodigy Wrestling; 04-30-18 at 12:44 PM.
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Old 05-02-18, 12:18 AM
brianwr112 brianwr112 is offline
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Any chance of Prodigy working with Powerstation to create a wrestling specific strength and conditioning program? Could maybe include some nutritional guidance from one of their trainers. I know Tyler Stines is one of the trainers there who comes from a wrestling background at Lebanon.

I'm not aware of any programs in the Dayton/Northern Cincy area that offers anything. There were a couple in Cincy not long ago.

Not sure there'd even be an interest, just an idea.
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Old 05-04-18, 08:04 AM
Prodigy Wrestling Prodigy Wrestling is online now
All Ohio
Join Date: 05-23-14
Posts: 561
Prodigy Wrestling is on a distinguished road
Wrestling Specific Personal Training

I am absolutely for working with Powerstation Gym's trainers to create Wrestling Specific Functional strength workouts. That was actually the direction we wanted to go at Prodigy four years ago. They ended up going another direction with the facility and the trainers went elsewhere.

It has already been discussed to utilize the trainers with wrestling experience to help form a functional strength and conditioning program for wrestlers. We want to have wrestlers and parents to utilize the whole gym and make it a multi-use resource for everyone.

Thanks for the suggestion. We will work on it.
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