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Old 01-04-18, 05:25 PM
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Kettering Fairmont D-1 District Rankings #3

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.
I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

Please let me know if anyone has inside information about new weights, schools, or wrestlers that they think should be added.

Iíve tried shifting the wrestlers around from schools that changed divisions. Please let me know if any are wrong, or if Iím forgetting any schools/wrestlers.

* = unsure about participation

1. Dustin Norris- LaSalle (1st middle school state)
2. Pacey Najdusak- Mason (SQ)
3. William Doepker- Elder
4. Andrew Newkirk- Fairfield
5. Josh Miller- Edgewood
6. Nolan Moore- Moeller
7. Jacob Cotsonas- Loveland
8. Matt Motter- Butler

Norris won the title at the Dvorak where he beat Najdusak 8-2 and also knocked off Indiana state qualifier Colton Drousias 3-2. The win over Drousias avenged an earlier loss that Norris suffered at Ironman.

Doepker won the SWOWCA title after posting a 5-0 shutout over Chase Huff in the finals. He also placed 5th at Brecksville where he beat state placers Boot Kuhlins and Collin Yinger.

1. Lucas Byrd- LaSalle (3rd, 7th state)
2. Zach Shupp- Fairfield (2nd, 6th state)
3. Brandon Lucas- Western Brown (4th state, 5th state 2015)
4. Matt Verdes- Butler
5. Darius Lovett- Winton Woods
6. Kyah Patrick- Beavercreek (5th district)
7. Collin Lovett- Miamisburg
8. Dominic DiTullio- Mason (6th middle school state)

Byrd placed 2nd at the Dvorak where he beat Illinois state qualifier Sammy Spencer 10-1.

Shupp won a SWOWCA title and earned a runner-up finish at Brecksville where he beat Andrew Perelka 5-3 in the semis.

1. Logan Hoskins- Butler (SQ)
2. Cameron Baird- Harrison (SQ)
3. Antoine Allen- LaSalle (SQ)
4. Jedediah Marlow- Western Brown (6th state)
5. Cole McGuire- Miamisburg (6th district)
6. Moustapaha Bal- Fairfield
7. Christian Chavez- Lakota E.
8. Dante DiTullio- Mason

Hoskins defeated 2x state placer Jake Gentry 7-2 in the SWOWCA finals. He earned another title at the GMVWA Tournament where he beat state bronze medalist Ethan Turner 5-1 in the finals.

Baird finished 3rd (@126) at Medina where he beat 4 straight state qualifiers in the consolation rounds (Kaleb Nickels, Hunter Olson, Justice Freeman, and 2x state placer Klay Reeves).

Allen was tournament champion at the Dvorak where he beat Illinois state qualifiers Anthony Federico (3-1) and Jake Harrier (3-1SV) in the semis and finals respectively.

1. Ronnie Pietro- Butler (7th, 3rd, 4th state)
2. Jabari Thomas- Fairfield (8th state)
3. Jack Collins- Elder (5th district)
4. Mason Kleinberg- Springboro (6th district)
5. Casey Wiles- LaSalle (6th middle school state)
6. Joe Pascale- Troy (6th district 2015)
7. Tanner Donatahan- Western Brown (SQ)
8. Kobey Bronaugh- Milford (5th district 2016)

Thomas Bested Collins 11-6 in the SWOWCA finals after pinning Bronaugh in the semis. He also finished 8th at Brecksville where he beat state placer Dalton Burcher 9-5.

1. Jordan Ward- Moeller (7th state)
2. Sam Glassco- Mason (SQ)
3. Darnai Heard- LaSalle (2nd middle school state)
4. Andrew Knick- Northmont (SQ)
5. Seth Lambers- Elder
6. Hunter Barge- Harrison (6th district)
7. Seth Taylor- Western Brown (SQ)
8. Sam Herndon- Piqua (6th district 2016)

Ward was 2nd at the SWOWCA where he beat 3x state placer Pietro 4-2 in the semis.

Glassco beat Heard 8-5 while placing 2nd at the Dvorak. Heard would come back to place 3rd while beating Wisconsin state placer Nathan Ransman 9-5.

1. Elan Heard- LaSalle (5th district)
2. Gavin Bell- Beavercreek (SQ)
3. Jovan Fuqua- Princeton (SQ)
4. Jacob Bernhardt- Harrison (6th district)
5. Adam Klaserner- Elder
6. Bailey Suddeth- Butler (6th district 2016)
7. Josh Haunert- Sycamore
8. Harry Sand- Turpin

Heard claimed a title at the Dvorak where he majored Illinois state champ We Rachal 9-1, shutout Wisconsin state placer Caleb Ziebell 5-0, and defeated Illinois state placer Jacob Dado 3-0 in the finals.

Bell defeated Fuqua 5-3 in the SWOWCA finals to claim the crown. He also finished 5th at Medina where he beat state qualifier Jihad Salti 10-8 in the consolation quarters.

1. Ryan Whitten- Stebbins
2. Austin Mullins- Wayne (2nd middle school state)
3. Amar Thomas- Fairfield
4. Chucky Lipps- Elder
5. Luke Shirley- Harrison
6. Jordin Hamblin- Western Brown (SQ)
7. Justin Taylor- Oak Hills (SQ)
8. Collin Houston- Princeton

Mullins defeated Shirley 5-1 in the SWOWCA finals after pinning Lipps and besting Thomas 5-1 earlier in the tournament.

1. Christopher Donathan- Mason (SQ)
2. Brett McIntosh- Harrison
3. Jordan Hardrick- Wayne (SQ)
4. Drew Wiechers- Centerville (5th district)
5. Chase Haehnle- Oak Hills
6. Jestin Love- Butler
7. X-Xavier Weathersby- Elder (5th district)
8. Derek Spears- Western Brown (5th district, SQ)

Donathan rolled to a title at the Dvorak where he posted a pin over Baan Rachal in the finals.

MacIntosh was 2nd to state placer Jax Leonard at Medina where he beat district champ Conor Becker 4-3 and upset 2x state placer Gavin Stika 1-0.

1. Austin Murphy- Elder (SQ, 6th state 2016)
2. Nevan Snodgrass- Kettering Fairmont (4th state)
3. Trey Sizemore- LaSalle (SQ)
4. Sean Mondello- Talawanda (SQ)
5. Kamal Adewumi- Mason
6. Conner Beerman- Fairfield
7. Jaden Hardrick- Wayne
8. Dylan Grey- Edgewood

Murphy defeated state qualifier Jordan Hardrick 4-1 in the SWOWCA finals.

1. Cornell Beachem- Winton Woods (3rd state)
2. Eric Vermillion- Mason (SQ)
3. Simon Shirley- Harrison (5th district)
4. Eric Altman- Western Brown (SQ)
5. Joey Bradberry- Lakota W.
6. Jacob Yost- Springfield (6th district)
7. Austin Belcher- Elder
8. Jacob Stamcoff- Springboro

Beachem won the SWOWCA title after defeating Mason Smith 5-4 in the semis and pinning Shirley in the finals.

Vermillion placed 2nd at the Dvorak where he defeated Illinois state placer Major Dedmand 5-0.

1. Blake Wilson- LaSalle (5th state)
2. Charles Sanders- Elder (8th state)
3. Jansen Love- Butler
4. Sebastian Beachler- Miamisburg
5. Sam Wyche- Moeller (SQ 2016)
6. Drew Katona- Lakota E.
7. Reece Blackmore- Beavercreek
8. Mark Sannella- Kings

Wilson posted a 4th place finish at the Dvorak to help LaSalle earn the team title.

1. Jake Thompson- Moeller (2nd state)
2. Michael Baker- LaSalle (SQ)
3. Max Boyle- Harrison
4. Dylan Moran- Northmont
5. Joe Wahl- West Clermont
6. Jeremy Beamer- Loveland
7. Adam Goldfuss- Oak Hills
8. Blake Justice- Lebanon

Thompson won the SWOWCA title with a 10-2 major over state qualifier Jackson Gear in the finals. He also finished 2nd to national #1 Gavin Hoffman at Powerade over the holidays.

Baker placed 2nd at the Dvorak where he teched Wisconsin state bronze medalist Jack Trautman 17-2 in the semis.

Boyle placed 2nd at Medina where he defeated state qualifier Dylan Hinton.

1. Joe Cochran- Springfield (4th state)
2. Antonio McCloud- Elder (SQ)
3. Garrett Bledsoe- LaSalle (8th state)
4. Cameron Sauerwein- Harrison (SQ)
5. Trevor Hankins- Moeller (SQ 2016)
6. Bradley Smith- Beavercreek
7. Justin Noble- Western Brown (6th district)
8. Jaeden Crowe- Kettering Fairmont

Cochran bested McCloud 8-2 in the SWOWCA finals after defeating Sauerwein 10-8 in the semis.

McCloud was 2nd to nationally ranked Brandon Whitman at Brecksville where he pinned state placer Ryan Boyle in the semis.

Sauerwein won the title at Medina beating Michigan state runner-up Colton McKiernan 3-1 in sudden victory in the finals.

1. Alec Moore-Nash- Elder (7th state)
2. Jack Heyob- St. Xavier
3. Jacob Padilla- Wayne (SQ)
4. Jacob Charette- Centerville (SQ)
5. Peyton Bartley- Xenia
6. Jon Hardin- Miamisburg (6th district)
7. Paul McKnight- Winton Woods
8. Michael Magill- Little Miami

Moore-Nash was 2nd at the SWOWCA and Brecksville tournament, defeating state qualifier Tyler Connelly in the semifinals of both events.

1. LaSalle
2. Elder
3. Harrison
4. Butler
5. Mason
6. Fairfield
7. Moeller
8. Western Brown

LaSalle and Mason placed 1st and 2nd at the Dvorak prior to the holidays while picking up 4 individual titles between the two teams (Norris, Allen, Elan Heard, and Donathan).

Butler finished 3rd in the big school division of the GMVWA Tournament where Hoskins claimed an individual title and Verdes, Cyrette, and Josh Suddeth also placed. I donít know how their line-up will eventually shakedown in the lighter weights with Pietro, and both Suddeths spending starting time at 126 so far this season.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baumís Page and Jakeís Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce
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