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Old 04-15-18, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by cphslFan View Post
Student athletes would love an all league awards but some adults ruining these kids future due to old school mind set.

How are adults ruining the futures of kids by WW not being in the ECC?
The kids are 100% in charge of their own futures.
NONE of the students at WW are gonna have crappy lives because they are not in a HS sports conference.

Old school mindset? ... what does that mean? Lol.

Iím a WW fan and do not agree with the boo hoo about the ECC.

The kids on Kemper are gonna do just fine in life if they choose to. Tremendous opportunity exists in this country with or without sports.

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Old 04-15-18, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by cincifbfan View Post
Another dirty secret of Walnut, they cannot "force" students out for lack of academic performance. They do force many out after 8th grade, but you can have Ds and Fs and they cannot force you out due to poor academics, despite what they want you to think. Legally, public schools cannot do this. More and more parents are becoming savvy of this and that is one of many reasons their numbers are exploding, and the overall quality of student is declining. Principals are concerned with graduating students, so they make sure that they graduate since that is one of the most important things on their evaluations, especially in CPS. How would it look if Walnut's numbers were going up steadily, but the 4 year graduation rate was not increasing? Can't have that for Walnut. Also, if you make it to 9th grade at Walnut, you will graduate, because in Ohio, if you change schools anytime after you start freshman year, you are counted against the school's dropout rate. Again, can't have that at Walnut. Walnut Hills today is not quite the school it was 10 years ago.

Havent been on yappi in awhile and stumbled upon this thread. Very interesting, however this post in its entirety is inaccurate. CPS does not assign students to high schools based on home addresses.Walnut Hills is a magnet school with in the CPS system and has recently opened their enrollment to surrounding areas. Magnet schools can select students based on an entrance exam, interview, or audition. In the case of Walnut they use an entrance exam to which a student is required to score with in the 70th percentile. There are other means of getting in, however it is not by "complaining" and very selective. SPCA ,which is another public magnet school, does something similar in that you are required to do an audition to be accepted.

Walnut does not emphasize graduation rate, although it is usually high any way because of the type of students entering. But Walnut concentrates more on college enrollment and scholarships. And if you happen to get enrolled to Walnut and do not meet the academic standards t Walnut will try and help right that ship for individual students. However, if doesn't work out they will flunk a student out and send them to another CPS school.

And I don't understand your belief that Walnut is not what is use to be 10 years ago. In every academic ranking I have seen in 2017 Walnut is with in the top 50 nationally and number 1 in Ohio. Unless you know something they don't....

As far as the ECC goes I have never heard anyone with in the league complain about Walnut being a member...I respect your opinion, however I do not agree that the ECC should drop Walnut and it looks like they have no intention to do so this year or in the future, which is great.

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Old 04-15-18, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Vinegar View Post
So, why are the ECC schools responsible for the kids at Winton Woods? Why not SWOC? Why not GWOC? Why not GMC? Why not CMAC?

It can't be a black white thing since there are predominately black schools in all of the leagues already, right?
The ECC was formed out of the old FAVC...Winton Woods was a member in good standing in the FAVC for 10 plus years. When the FAVC disbanded every member school found a landing spot but one, Winton Woods. Which was crap. I was really surprised Turpin and Kings allowed West Clermont to join the ECC, when WC was opened. I have been on Winton's campus as a visiting team for everything from Frosh Basketball to Varsity Football, and never had anything but a first class experience. You might get your feelings hurt on the scoreboard, but the behavior Winton's fans or players will not be an issue. Winton's location being a factor is nonsense, it's a few miles from the Eastside but it's an easy convenient drive. No matter how you spin it Winton Woods ought to be in the ECC.

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Old 04-15-18, 10:37 PM
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ECC not expanding this year, topic is dead for now.

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