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Old 03-24-17, 02:54 PM
Over The Hills Over The Hills is offline
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Originally Posted by FootsWalker View Post
I must be reading something entirely different then. The impression I got from Coventry's original post (#127) was that he had grown up with these preconceived notions about private schools being exclusively for the rich kids, snobs, etc, and after doing his volunteer work at an inner-city private he realized just how wrong his views had been. Kind of a self-realization of some sort. I actually thought it was pretty good.

All good Foots.
I have no fight with the guy.
You are correct except he kinda went out of his way to make the point around snobbery which is what Stumpf did.
Doesn't matter.

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Old 03-24-17, 11:12 PM
CoventryTrackXCguy CoventryTrackXCguy is online now
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Originally Posted by Over The Hills View Post
All good Foots.
I have no fight with the guy.
You are correct except he kinda went out of his way to make the point around snobbery which is what Stumpf did.
Doesn't matter.

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Well, it is kinda what many, including to an extent, me had thought. Was I wrong? obviously I was wrong to have thought that, and do not agree with those sentiments anymore, but I do not mince words when I state what I think/thought. I litterally dont see the problem with stating the truth of what I thought, and if it was an incorrect blanket statement that I had thought, I then proceeded to describe how I was wrong. I dont need you to tell me how wrong I was to have thought that. I seen with my own eyes. I had already stepped out of my bubble, appreciate the suggestion though. And I thought to share my experiences, perhaps someone might find it interesting. The only point of my statement regarding "preppy rich kid schools" was merely and harmlessly, and perhaps oversimplisticly how I chose to describe the stereotypes I sought to debunk. I dont know why an engineering major who sucks at spelling and grammer has to explain the concept of context, unless he is that bad at writing that no one gets it. Which may well be me.

I will also say this. And that is, even in my high school days, even with my incorrect notions, I did not think of high school sports in terms of public vs private. I was so absorbed in my own school(still kinda am) that I saw only two groups of schools. Schools that were directly Coventry's opponants. And schools that werent. As my name suggests, I was with the track and cross country team. And it wasnt privates vs publics. It was, me trying to beat my opponants, to hell with where you came from. An opponant is an opponant is an opponant. Not saying I didnt fall for any stereotypes about private schools. Not saying that I denied that private schools enjoyed any kind of competitive advantage. I did not care too much. My senior year, my track team got pretty decent. And I admit, I kinda wanted my team to take on private schools. We beat hoban. I would have loved to have seen a showdown vs St. Vs. last year, after I graduated, the team dropped to d2, took eigth at regionals, facing off public and private alike. And we saw it as a badge of honor to bring down a private school. Bragging rights, ya know? Point is, despite whatever stereotypes I saw in private schools, i never used that as an excuse for our shortcomings. (plus Coventry with 40 percent of its district being open enrolled, enjoying extensive reach deep into Akron, kinda has no room to complain about out of district talent. We should be embarrased that we dont capitalize on it more) This past basketball season, Coventry lost first round in the playoffs to Kenmore. Embarrassing. No excuses. Comets got work to do. Private schools are not the problem.

With that being said, Im glad I came to get a better understanding of the world around me, in particular, regarding private schools.

Sorry we disagree, I hope this disagreement doesnt have to divide us. Good night and go comets. And go Zips, Cavs, Indians, Browns, and Buckeyes. But no go Michigan, Warriors, Cubs, Steelers, Golden Flashes, and Norton Panthers, lol. jk.

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