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Old 01-23-18, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by ringer2 View Post
Dan Ross is a good man. We can disagree with him on matters of policy but his integrity and concern for the student-athletes of Ohio can never legitimately be questioned.
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Old 01-23-18, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by cabezadecaballo View Post
Originally Posted by eastisbest
It's such a changing environment I think the question might be, how well did they keep up? As seen in these threads, I don't think they succeeded in being viewed as unbiased. But I would hope all would acknowledge it's easy to have their own opinion colored if they know a little fact, like the guy's educational background.
This^ is silly.

First of all, as I believe would be true for most others, I had no thought of his educational background before I made that post. I had formed an opinion of the man's biases based upon my view of his service and always thought it kind of odd with him having had a public school career. ....
The post wasn't addressed to anyone specifically.

In general? Silly? Several have already made clear their opinions of his actions are colored by his educational background. It was to those posts I was specifically commenting. . If someone doesn't believe that knowing something, some fact doesn't color one's perception, particularly reactive to their biases then they probably do not even believe they have biases let alone an understanding of one of the easier to understand aspects of human nature. We are biased.

As to your other obsession. I've ignored previously but since you cannot let go...

I don't know why you would think it odd that someone from a different place and a different experience than you would have a different direction of things but looking at your posting numbers in such a short span, and that you cannot hold civilized conversation with those who have a different take, I just presume you've never seen anything outside your small google bubble and it frustrates you when confronted with the existance of those things born in the real world.

Isn't valium supposed to be good with that? Maybe you can get a prescription. Chill Nothing in my post was personally directed at you or I would have quoted you.
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