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Old 07-13-18, 04:11 PM
One Who Knows One Who Knows is offline
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"JB" - Love your commentary and, yes, Savannah is a great place to experience. Although it's in Georgia, it's much more like a South Carolina city. The "low country" is similar to that of Charleston and Beaufort. The Palmetto State really has some great vacation spots. I, too, am envious of Bevo's trip. With places like the historic district and River Street, it's almost a given that he'll have a great time in Savannah.


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Old 07-13-18, 06:19 PM
Zunardo Zunardo is offline
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Originally Posted by Zunardo View Post
Whew! Degree of difficulty: high

17. "Love Goes Where My Rosemary Goes" - Edison Lighthouse
Now that I think about it, I believe the title is more accurately "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes".

Originally Posted by Johnstown Benny View Post
Our trip to visit Savannah again in 2013 found another controversy running throughout the city and that involved the Paula Deen Restaurant in downtown Savannah which had just been in the national news due to the owner, Paula Deen having her cooking show come under fire for some racist remarks she had been accused of and I believe her show was cancelled and her restaurant had been the scene of some demonstrations.
Mrs. Zunardo and I drove to Daytona the week after Christmas 18 months ago. She has been a big fan of Paula Deen for many years, and told me about the "Mother And Sons" restaurant.

I checked our return itinerary, and learned Savannah was only a short detour off the freeway, and our trip home would put us there around lunchtime. We got there at 1 PM, and only had to wait 45 minutes for a table. Food was excellent. 30 minutes after we got there, the wait was 2 hours

Was impressed with Savannah, although too crowded to drive in comfortably. Wouldn't mind taking that trolley tour and relaxing there for a day or two.
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Old 07-13-18, 08:03 PM
Bevo Bevo is offline
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Just got in from a day at OSU med. I feel sickier now then when I left this morning!

Rather than half arse this, give me some chill time as I am still reading labs and trying to combine contents from three voluminous files into one coherent one.

I feel better knowing that the "Terminator" has joined in! Always good when the smart guys are on board, or sort of smart (OWK, I'm looking at you )

JB -funny that you have provided what likes like a helluva itinerary as I was going to correspond with our friend/landlord about things to do.

I may have said so once or twice over the years, but I fished constantly as a kid in our park pond and Sandusky river. Many a dark and lonely, spooky night was spent with me along the banks casting away until I was so afraid I sprinted out of the park or from the darkness of the river and left my gear until daylight.

This never happened to me alone - thank God - but several times a handful of us were chased out of the river area by what I will P.C. call , hobos. Remember the scene in To Kill A Mockingbird when Tom Ewell tries to wrench Jim's arm off in the woods - that's where I was mentally.

Then Mrs. Bevo 1. parents had a lake outside of town. Big enough to water ski in. And chock full of bass, crappie, and big blue gil. Well maintained by her dad. She had a sister and three brothers and her dad - none of them fished. I told her when we split that the pond was a major loss in our break up. After I got up, she moved on and remarried and has lived happily and forever in Delaware.

My daughter fished a bit with me until she eye balled the swings; my son - forget about it! Wife says she would but... .

Anyway, every time I go to the ocean I think I am going to try fishing - this time I am planning on it. Gonna have to rent the gear, etc. but I am up for it. Big boy fishing!!

More later... .
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Old 07-13-18, 09:47 PM
Bevo Bevo is offline
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JB - more on Tybee after I tydying up a bit!

20. Unless there was another dog, Jet was not the pooch's name I was after. It's from a McCartney song.

22. The soft and beautiful Meet Me At Midnight Mary. One of my favorite J.high school songs as I had a hottie named "Mary". Ad infinitum, I have discussed how in the mist of time of '63-'65, we were allowed to slow dance at noon after lunch. Nothing like the sweet smell of Prell intermixing with baloney.(Had to get my face into the hair.) Well,Mary's "do" was nice and I was going in for the kill - so to speak - when the infamous Miss. Hood (7th. grade math teacher) - walked up to us and said to me, and I quote, "Not so close, buddy!" I could handle the fact that even she recognized my ardor for pretty Mary - but Buddy!? Come on!!! . Anyway, Meet Me At Midnight, Mary is a great song. Don't believe Mary and I ever kissed - talk about unrequited! Our romance was destined to start and end in the smallish auditorium at U.S. J.High. Ran in to her a year or so ago but didn't mention it. Talked together easily. Sweet.

27. The boys spent a lot of time writing and singing about the Maharhshi. Sexy Sadie was what they called him because they were duped by the giggling, leecherous seer. Recall we just talked about Dear Prudence (Mia Farrow's sister) who was coveted by the old goat.

29. Thanks to You tube I found this years ago and always enjoy it. It is I Believe In Father Christmas.

I believe the following are left and they are difficult: 3, 7, 9, 10, 11, 18, 19 and 20. A really great job.

You may correctly answer five new ones IMMEDIATELY. Four of the remaining songs are Bob Dylan album cuts.
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Old 07-13-18, 11:19 PM
Bevo Bevo is offline
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I mentioned Lesley Gore along with Judy's Turn To cry yesterday and said she was quite the performer. A bit different than the other early 60's female stars. A bit more depth, maybe or artist to her - even when singing teh pop songs of the girl's lament.

Anyway, we did this one other time but here is a good list of L.Gore's songs. I would encourage anyone on here - especially the more vintage of us - to check out California Nights, as it was a release a few years after her initial fame '66-'67) in the early 60's. California Night is a very good, love and mood song of the mid 60's - the lady had some chops!

Lesley Gore - You Don't Own Me, It's My Party, Judy's Turn To Cry, Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows, She's A Fool, Maybe I Know, That's The Way Boys Are, and California Nights.

You'll find you know more of these that you thought.

Just another point about Meet Me At Midnight, Mary. It was recorded in late fall of '63, when I was a seventh grader. Recorded on Nov. 22, 1963.

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Old 07-14-18, 11:19 AM
Bevo Bevo is offline
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Just saw this today. here is a list of the musical acts performing at the Ritz Theater in Tiffin this coming season:

Blue Oyster Cult 9/21
Michael McDonald - Christmas Show 12/12
Brenda Lee - Christmas Chow 12/22
The Buckinghams - April 6
Righteous Brothers - at least half and someone else.

Several tribute bands - Boston, AC/DC, some unknowns of Comedy stuff, etc.
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Old 07-14-18, 12:29 PM
Monclova Steve Monclova Steve is online now
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Is Bucky Heard still singing with Bill Medley as the Righteous Brothers? From what I've seen of them, they are excellent together.
He's not Bobby Hatfield, but he's really good and meshes with Bill extremely well.

Even though Bill's getting a little "long in the tooth" (aren't we all?), he's passable -- especially when Bucky picks him up.

Nice lineup there in Tiffin, eh?

Hopefully Blue Oyster Cult brings enough cowbell!
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Old 07-14-18, 01:10 PM
Bevo Bevo is offline
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Monclova - I had never heard of Bucky Heard! And, yes it's Bill and Bucky in T town.

We had a stretch where we went to the Ritz 2-3 times a year and another 1-2 times to the Palace theater in Marion. Strictly small time for us but it's where I have seen a lot of still very good acts.

I am thinking about BOC, Brenda Lee and The Buckinghams. I know one thing if we see BOC I expect the hell to played out of that cowbell!

America, I believe is coming back to The Palace, also. Their third time, maybe? Big crowd appeal and a great show. I have seen them four times.

I just checked - America will play The Palace on Feb. 22nd.
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Old 07-14-18, 01:57 PM
Johnstown Benny Johnstown Benny is offline
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I've held off on some of the remaining Dylan tunes thinking someone ( other than you,lol) will venture forward with some answers, but I'll break the ice:

19. "Maggie's Farm" with BD at Newport pissing off a great many folk rock fans at the time.

7. " Girl From The North Country" BD joined by Johnny Cash off that Nashville Skyline album.

3. " You're A Big Girl Now" another BD song from the classic Blood On The Tracks album

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Old 07-14-18, 02:06 PM
Monclova Steve Monclova Steve is online now
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Thanks, JB.
I came to be a BD fan later in his career (not that late, but probably in the mid-70s). I first heard Maggie's Farm when I bought one of his albums. The words combined with the music absolutely grabbed me so much that, for the rest of my life, that song has been one of the great influences in my life's philosophy.
It did make me think that "I've gotta get more of his stuff". I've never regretted it.
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Old 07-14-18, 10:33 PM
Bevo Bevo is offline
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Jb and Mon. - Well the Bob Dylan taste factor is really big for every music lover. I identified with the lyrics first and foremost and then actually thought the voice was appropriate on many songs. I admire the artistry and production. He truly was a different kind of cat up there in Hibbing (Roger Maris).

It's difficult to know what Dylan really thinks. The odd ball stories about him are legion. He has said that he knew something about himself that only he knew when he was young and that he thought if he gave "voice" to it, he would destroy it. He also said that he had good parents but often thought he was born to the wrong ones in the wrong town.

I have read lots of stuff on him but unlike say, the Beatles, there just isn't anything about his youth. He hit New York and seemed to find work immediately and was a bit of a hustler for someone who could have easily been perceived as a rube. His goal in his '59 yearbook was to play with Little Richard. He speaks of finding a console size record player and radio in the house he and his parents moved to when he was a teen and the fact that there was a huge stack of many different types of records there. He doesn't appear to have ever been homesick. He talks of the extreme cold and the iron ore range as having magical qualities. He said it was very boring and it was just too cold to protest anything. He knew he would leave as soon as he could. Hibbing continues to have Bob Dylan Days every year and Bob has never returned. He had a brother named David who worked on the technical side of the business.
He and Bobby Vee were close and the night Vee died Bob sang a tribute song for him.

2. You're A Big Girl Now -most of Blood On The Tracks is so raw over the break up of his marriage and the music so good that it really is indescribable. You're A... is sad because of the loss of one who is now probably with someone else. Dylan's regret is palatable.

7. Girl From North Country is great as an early tune. There is a video of Dylan doing this from sometime in '63, I believe on Granda tv.. Johnny Cash gave his ultra talented daughter, Rosanne, a list of 50 indispensable songs to know and this is one. If you have even seen Walk The Line Juquain and Reece as Johnny and June you know that Dylan had Cash had a great love for each other.

19. The electric version of Maggie's Farm from one of the Newport shows is just so sassy, snarky and sneery. It's over 50 years old and it just rocks your socks off!

I believe 9, 10, 11, 18, and 20 are left.

9. Pamela Brown, written by Tom T. Hall and performed for over 40 years by slide guitar virtuoso, Leo Kotke. I love the song and you will too if you ever wondered about the one who got away... or the one you left behind. or who left you behind. First saw Leo do this live on the old Merv Griffith Show ("We'll be right back").

10. Percy's Song done by Dylan and written by him is a stapler a staple of folk. Newport Convention did it also. I first heard it on Dylan's lengthy compilation Biograph. The song tells the tale of a friend of the singer who had a car wreck and people were killed . The friend was found guilty and given a 99 year sentence. Sad and good; forelornly pretty in a way.

11. B.W. Stephenson My Maria. I would have loved to have danced the boogie woogie with a drunken woman to this kicker forty years ago.

18. The Beatles backed up Tony Sheridan and shared numerous bills with him in Hamburg at Bambi Kino where they played nine hour sets for drunks, whores and nihilists. The Beatles backed up Sheridan's recording of My Bonnie.

19. Paulie's sheep dog was named Martha the song was Martha My Dear.

Good job by all! Next quiz the first week of August!!

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Old 07-15-18, 07:32 AM
Diva Diva is offline
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Wow, I totally missed this one. I hosted a luncheon at my house Saturday, and I was so busy making pies and cleaning, getting ready. I was exhausted after everyone left. The Day of Rest will be literal after church today.
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Old 07-18-18, 09:13 AM
ohiopup ohiopup is offline
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Today is Red Skelton's birthday (105 - d)
Birth: 07/18/1913 / Death: 09/17/1997 / Age 84

As a hobby Skelton took up painting (always clowns) and produced over 1,000 oil paintings.
A Skelton Clown oil is worth $80K+.

- - -

Today's other BD's... (d=deceased / a=alive)

Hume Cronyn (107 - d) Actor
"Lifeboat", "The World According to Garp", "*batteries not included", and "Cocoon"
husband of Jessica Tandy

Nelson Mandela (100 - d) Politics
Former president of South Africa, jailed 27 years for his anti-apartheid activities

John Glenn (97 - d) Astronaut/Senator (Ohio)
One of the original Mercury 7 astronauts, he was the first American to orbit the Earthn
'Godspeed John Glen' & Semper Fi

Dick Button (89 - a) Ice Skating / Sports Commentator
famous for his bow tie and a certain style; 2 Olympic golds (1948, 1952)
and five-time World champion (1948–1952)

James Brolin Actor (78 - a)
Played Dr. Steven Kiley TV series "Marcus Welby, M.D.", TV series "Hotel"
ex = Jan Smithers (TV's Bailey - WKRP) current wife Barbra Streisand

Joe Torre ML Baseball (78 - a)
Manager for the New York Yankees baseball team

Nick Faldo Golf (61 - a)
British golfer, he's a three-time winner of both the British Open and the Masters

More BD vids...

Dion / Dion DiMucci (79 - a) Singer
1950s and 1960s, "The Wanderer", "Runaround Sue" / ( Dion and the Belmonts)

Martha Reeves Singer (77 - a)
Motown girl group Martha & the Vandellas,"Dancing in the Street", "Heat Wave", and "Nowhere to Run"

Glenn Hughes Singer (68 - d)
The Village People / leather-clad "biker" : "YMCA" and other songs

Ricky Skaggs Country music and bluegrass musician (64 - a)



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