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Old 10-06-16, 04:26 PM
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Kettering Fairmont D-1 District Rankings

*=unsure about weight or participation

Some of the weights are bound to be wrong, especially this early in the year. Feel free to let me know if you have any insight or information.

1. Zach Shupp- Fairfield (6th state)
2. Lucas Byrd- LaSalle (7th state)
3. Bryce Davis- Springfield
4. Cameron Baird- Harrison
5. Logan Hoskins- Butler (8th middle school state)
6. Pacey Najdusak-Mason (8th middle school state 2014)*
7. Luke Holloway- Northmont
8. Cole McGuire- Miamisburg

I was surprised to see Shupp registered at this weight for Super 32, but if he can comfortably make the classification, he’ll definitely be up with the title contenders.
Shupp defeated Byrd twice last year and never lost by more than 2 points in his 3 losses at state with the wrestlers who finished 5th (twice) and 3rd in the state.

Byrd was a thoroughly impressive 7th place at the state tournament last year despite giving up a significant amount of weight during the year.
He wrestled 88 pounds prior to last year and still made 100-pounds at Fargo this year.
Despite being light, he still defeated Ronnie Pietro (3rd in the state), Ben Pasiuk (2nd), and Jack Gorman (8th) twice last season.
Over the summer, Byrd was 2nd in the nation at the Cadet Greco-Roman Nationals.
After a year of growth, he’ll be contending for his first state title at this weight class.

1. Cory Baird- Harrison (8th state 2015)
2. Sam Glassco- Mason (SQ)
3. Jovan Fuqua- Princeton (SQ)
4. Joe Pascale- Troy (6th district 2015)*
5. Kobey Bronaugh- Milford (5th district)
6. David Jobe- Butler (6th district)
7. Gavin Bell- Beavercreek (6th middle school state 2015)
8. Seth Lambers- Elder (7th middle school state)

I always appreciate the gamers who are able to peak and perform at their best when the stage is biggest. Baird fell into this category during his sophomore year when he went 0-4 against Zach Shupp prior to the state tournament only to pull out the 3-2 win over Shupp in their match to place at the state tournament.
You never like to see a wrestler’s season cut short by injury, but thankfully, Baird will have another shot this year after a season marred by injury as he looks to improve upon his previous state placement.

Hopefully, Pascale is back after missing most of last year.
In his limited time last year he won a tournament title at Edgewood where he pinned state placer Camron Neal in the finals.

1. Chad Craft- Northmont (6th state)
2. Ronnie Pietro- Butler (3rd, 4th state)
3. Jamien Hood- Mason (SQ)
4. Jabari Thomas- Fairfield (5th district)
5. Jack Collins- Elder (4th middle school state)
6. Sam Herndon- Piqua (6th district)
7. Jacob Bernhardt- Harrison
8. Ryan Whitten- Stebbins

Craft made impressive strides last year, beating D-2 state finalist Jeffrey Thomas 8-3 to win the title at Valley View mid season, defeating a very tough Jordan Ward to win the district title, and besting defending state champ Caleb Yates 5-2 in the consolation quarterfinals of the state tournament while grabbing his first medal.

Pietro adds quality to this district, placing 4th and 3rd at the D-3 state tournament during his first two years. He bested state placer Barndon Lucas (2-1) in a nip and tuck semifinal while placing 2nd at Brecksville over the holidays.
Ronnie actually defeated state finalist Jacob Edwrads 4-2 to win the district title, but bracketing drew him into a state semifinal bout with nationally ranked Dylan D’Emilio, one of the top ranked freshmen in the nation. He ended his season with wins over Zach Larue (6-1) and Cole Mattin (2-1) to earn a state bronze.

1. Colin Schuster- Mason (3rd, 8th state)
2. Jordan Ward- Moeller (SQ)
3. Chase Craft- Northmont (SQ, 8th state 2015)
4. Elan Heard- LaSalle (2x 1st middle school state)
5. Kyle Green- Sycamore (6th district 2015)
6. Josh Suddeth- Butler (SQ)
7. Colin Neuner- Beavercreek (5th district 2015)
8. Chucky Lipps- Elder

After the district tournament, I was worried that Mason might have made a mistake when they cut Schuster down to 120 and bumped Zack Donatan up to 132. Donathan had lost to Corey Shie which resulted in a first round draw against freshman phenom Connor Brady in the first round of the state tournament. Schuster had placed 4th at the district and drew 2014 state champ Noah Baughman in the first round.
I was completely wrong. Donathan beat Brady and made the state finals, while Schuter placed 3rd after giving Baughman his toughest test (10-7) at the state tournament.
Schuster rebounded from that first round defeat to claim 5 straight victories on his way to the bronze medal. His final win was a 3-1 overtime triumph over 2x state placer Nick Henneman.

Ward had a very impressive showing at the Hooiser preseason Open where he reached the consolation semifinals after defeating the wrestler who eliminated returning state finalist Matt Fields.
Ward also defeated state placers Corey Baird (8-3) and Jake Gentry (8-2) on his way to the SWOWCA title last season despite only being a freshman.

1. Zack Donathan- Mason (2nd state, 6th 2014)
2. Austin Murphy- Elder (6th state)
3. Elijah Perkins- Miamisburg (SQ)
4. Drew Saunier- Springboro (SQ)
5. Jensen Quinn- Lakota W.
6. Kenny Byers- Colerain
7. Matt Lewis- Glen Este
8. Bailey Suddeth- Butler (6th district)

Aside from the previously mentioned win over Brady, Donathan defeated another excellent freshman, Sam Dover (7-5) and then bested Jarrod Brezovec (5-4) to reach his first state finals before finishing 2nd to Mattox.
This season, he’ll likely be considered a co-favorite for a state title along with 2015 state champ Alan Hart.

Murphy overcame a first round overtime loss to 3x state placer Garrett Lambert at the state tournament to win 3 straight consolation bouts to claim a 6th place medal. His most impressive win may have been the 7-3 win over a very tough Marco Regalbuto in their match to place.

1. Corey Shie- LaSalle (3rd state, 5th 2014)
2. Christopher Donathan- Mason (6th district)
3. Nino Salamone/Tanner Perdue- Elder (5th district/2nd middle school state)
4. Jimmy Murphy- Milford
5. Dylan Urk- Oak Hills
6. Brady Wilson- Stebbins
7. Kobe Scott- Troy
8. Noah Gast- Sycamore

Shie bettered his previous state placement by 2 spots to claim a 3rd place medal after cobbling together another very good year.
Among his wins were a pair over middle school state champ Connor Brady and a 5-0 win over D-2 state champ Kevon Freeman in the consolation finals at Brecksville.
He also bested Freeman 6-0 at Ironman where he defeated former state finalist Hunter Bray 5-3.

Donathan wrestled better and better as the season progressed last year, but unfortunately he was forced to default the district tournament.
This came after he downed state qualifiers Hunter Jones (10-3) and Drew Saunier (16-1) in his first two district matches.
It’s only a matter of time before Donathan ends his season on the state medal stand.

1. Nevan Snodgrass- K. Fairmont (2x 1st middle school state)
2. Jake Meridieth- Elder (SQ)
3. Hunter Perdue- LaSalle (SQ)
4. Tristin McGrath- Glen Este (6th district)
5. Luke Shirley- Harrison
6. Chase Haehnle- Oak Hills
7. D.J. Whiles- Edgewood
8. Andrew Bolin- Piqua

Snodrass defeated Luke Baughman 4-2 to win his first middle school state title in 2014. He also earned a 5-3 win over 2016 high school state qualifier Andy Garr in the quarterfinals.
This past season, Snodgrass pinned his way through the field to claim his second junior high state title.

Meridieth placed 2nd at the GCL where he defeated state placer Alex Kowal 10-6 in the semifinals.
He also picked up a 6-1 overtime win over state qualifier Austin Sper in their dual meet.

1. Eric Beck- LaSalle (7th state)
2. Connor Craig- Elder (SQ 2015)
3. Sam Meddings- Fairfield (SQ)
4. Brett McIntosh- Harrison (5th middle school state 2015)
5. Alex Burger- K. Fairmont
6. Cameron Schweitzer – Mason
7. Dillon Kuntz- Lebanon
8. Nick Coyle- Butler

Beck earned his first state medal after compiling an excellent junior season that saw him win the SWOWCA title over Jake Marsh who later placed 5th at state.
He later finished 3rd at Brecksville after 6 straight consolation wins including defeats of 2x state placer Tanner Smith, 2x state placer Jarrod Brezovec, and a pin over D-3 state champ Dustin Marteney.
In Columbus, Beck avenged his district final loss to Jake Thompson with a pin in their bout to place, and then he ended his season with a victory after defeating Nathan Langston (5-3) a second time to claim 7th place.

I’m glad to see that Craig will make his return to the Elder line-up this season.
I was impressed by what I saw at Brecksville last year where he placed 5th while knocking off state placers Brock Jones, Joe Boley, and C.J. Frost in the process.
Craig also earned a runner-up finish at the SWOWCA where he pinned state qualifier Gavin Pearson in the semis before falling 1-0 to Mason Smith in the finals.
Smith placed 3rd in Kentucky’s one class state tournament.

1. Ti’Ric Evans- Elder (SQ)
2. Cornell Beachem- Winton Woods (SQ)
3. Jack Stein- Mason (8th state)
4. Drew Hobbs- Moeller (5th district 2014)
5. John Bates- Labanon (6th district)
6. Jordan Hardrick- Wayne
7. Jimmy Traub- Sycamore
8. Trey Sizemore- LaSalle

I was surprised to see Evans registered at 160 for Super 32 because I though that he was a sizable 170 last season.
Of course I’m borderline Hobbit size, so I guess everyone looks big to me.
Only a sophomore, Evans looked excellent all of last year, winning the SWOWCA over Kentucky state champ Casey Cornett, and adding titles at Hayes, the CIT, the GCL, sectionals and districts.
In the CIT finals, he bested D-2 state finalist Eric Fasnacht 3-2 to claim the gold after downing state placer Brett Bryant 6-5 in the semis.

Beachem was quite good in his own right last year, winning the sectional title after defeating state qualifier Hunter Perdue (5-4) in the semis and state placer Jack Stein (12-5) for the title.
Cornell finished a match shy of placement in Columbus, losing a tight 9-8 bout to semifinalist Farouq Muhammed, downing Derek Wurzauf (15-5) and falling 5-3 in sudden victory to 4th place finisher Brock Jones.
I doubt that he will be denied a podium spot for a second time.

1. Andrew Sams- Fairfield (6th state, 8th 2014)
2. Jake Thompson- Moeller (SQ)
3. Michael Baker- LaSalle (SQ)
4. C.J. Cook- Bellefontaine (6th district, 6th district 2015)
5. Simon Shirley- Harrison
6. Eric Vermillion- Mason (6th district)
7. Jacob Yost- Springfield
8. Ben Smith- K. Fairmont

Sams rolled to titles at SWOWCA and Kenston last year before finishing 2nd to 2x state placer Davey Tunon at Fairfield where he teched state placer Tyler Young (19-4) in the semifinals.
He bested state qualifier Emil Soehnlen at the state duals before claiming two more titles at the sectional and district tournaments.
At the Schott, Sams placed 6th after knocking off Cole Gavin (13-4), Josh Herhold (3:28), and Cody Surratt (4-2).

Thompson earned some impressive wins in his own right, defeating state finalist Zack Donathan (4-3) in their dual meet and winning the district title over state placer Eric Beck (5-1).
He also won titles at the CIT, the GCL, and sectionals, defeating state qualifiers Luke McKeon, Jake Meridieth, and Sam Meddings in the finals respectively.

Baker displayed impressive poise at Top Gun where he placed 3rd last year after beating state qualifiers Tarin Rauch (10-0), Logan Lacourt (6-3), state placer Isaiah Watson-Kirksey (13-7), and a tough Tyler Dempsey (7-6).
Despite being only a freshman, Baker finished a point shy of placement at the state tournament where he defeated Isaiah Jackson 6-0 before losing a narrow 2-1 bout with Will Stratton for placement.

1. Brett Bryant- Moeller (SQ, 6th state 2015)
2. Mark Kimbrell- Kettering Fairmont (SQ)
3. Blake Wilson- LaSalle (SQ)
4. Nick Goldfuss- Oak Hills (5th district)
5. Gabe Newburg- Northmont
6. Jack Heyob- St. Xavier
7. Seth Campbell- Miamisburg
8. Max Miller- Centerville

Bryant and Kimbrell split a pair of bouts at the district tournament last year with Kimbrell winning 2-1 in the quarterfinals before Bryant avenged the loss with a 1-0 victory in the consolation finals.
Bryant also earned a 3rd place finish at the CIT where he downed state qualifier Tristin Siemer 6-3 in the consolation finals.

Kimbrell also split two bouts with Michael Baker last year with Kimbrell earning the 4-3 victory at Brecksville while Baker picked up a 3-1 win in the district semifinals.
Though he lost his first two bouts at the state tournament, Kimbrell kept it close with state finalist Trevor Lawson (3-1) and state 5th place finisher Alex Jones (1-0).

1. Joe Cochran- Springfield (SQ)
2. Cole Cain- Anderson (6th district)
3. Sam Wyche- Moeller (SQ)
4. Garrett Bledsoe- LaSalle
5. Javon Purk- Sidney
6. Seph Wiegand- Mason
7. Dylan Moran- Northmont
8. Cameron Sauerwein- Harrison

Cochran was consistently tough all of last season, finishing 2nd at the GMVWA, 1st at Fairfield, 1st at GWOC, 1st at sectionals and 3rd at the district tournament.
He posted a 7-5 win over Cole Cain in their go-to-state bout last year before downing Wyche 4-3 in the consolation finals.
His losses at state were a pair of 3-2 bouts with state placers Colton Carroll and Anthony Perrine.

I’m interested to see how high Cain’s ceiling can rise after a year where he won his conference title over state qualifier Avery Jones (6-3) and then downed state placer Jacob Bria 7-6 to win the sectional title.
Though the district tournament may not have ended the way the he wanted, Cain will be right in the middle of the hunt for state placement in 2017.

1. Quinton Mincy- Walnut Hills (7th state)
2. Antonio McCloud- Elder
3. Trevor Hankins- Moeller (SQ)
4. Michael Carter- Cin. Northwest (6th, 6th district)
5. Bradley Smith- Beavercreek
6. Zain Hamdan- Mason
7. Andrew Kerobo- Winton Woods*
8. Tyler Wilcox- Wayne

Mincy claimed titles at Sycamore, Milford, and the ECC before earning a sectional title to start the post season.
His sectional crown came after a 3-2 finals win over a very tough Mike Gerbus.
Mincy proved that he belonged among the state’s elite by defeating returning state placer Cody Smith 6-3 to reach his first district finals and qualify for the Big Show.
Quinton went 3-2 at the state tournament, defeating Mark Gordon (7-4) in his placement bout and ending his season with a 3-1 win over Drew Fenton in his 7th place final.

McCloud had some ups and downs last season, but his quality wins far overshadow his losses.
His 7th place finish at Brecksville saw Antonio defeat state bronze medalist Bubba Arslanian 7-5 in the second round.
He later finished 2nd to state champ Kaden Russell at the CIT where he defeated state placer John Szep 7-6 in the semifinals.

1. Jon Spaulding- Lakota E. (7th state)
2. Jerron Cage- Winton Woods
3. Alec Moore-Nash- Elder
4. Hunter Hazlett- Springfield
5. Jacob Padilla- Wayne (2x 1st middle school state)
6. Cade Ball- K. Fairmont
7. Mark Gillespie- Miamisburg
8. Peyton Bartley- Xenia

Spaulding finished 2nd at SWOWCA and 4th at Brecksville before earning titles at the GMC and sectional tournaments.
He avenged his district final loss to 2x state placer Jonathon Floyd with a 6-4 win over Floyd in the 7th place match at the state tournament a week later.
He’ll be a strong contender for a state finals spot this season, as he is the second highest returning state placer from last year.

You don’t see many 2x middle school state champs at heavyweight due to the nature of the weight, so I’m intrigued to see how good Padilla can be right out of the gate.
This weight will be open after Spaulding, so there’s plenty of opportunity to make a name for yourself, but there’s certainly an adjustment period for most freshmen, especially upper-weights.

1. Mason
2. Elder
3. LaSalle
4. Moeller
5. Harrison
6. Fairfield
7. Northmont
8. Kettering Fairmont

Mason also has a glut of talent, especially in the lighter weights. The freshman Najdusak (assuming this is Marcus’s brother) could man the 106 spot, and then we could see returning state qualifiers, placers, and district placers in the next 5 weight classes. It will be tough for quality wrestlers like Waugh, Carter, and Reid to find a spot in the line-up.
Hamdan and Wiegand could be particularly important to the team’s chances at a district title. Both are quality wrestlers in weights that have generally been cleared out by the graduating seniors.

Elder houses an extremely tough line-up and one of their biggest concerns could be fitting everyone in at appropriate weights. The lightweights could have former middle school state placers Lambers, Collins, and Perdue contenting with incumbents Melillo, Lipps and Salamone for starting spots.
Also, former middle school state placer Belcher may have to wrestle at 170 with Craig and Evans occupying 152 and 160.
If all goes according to plan, we could see Elder end the season with a district title and 8-10 state qualifiers.

LaSalle’s depth was further enhanced by the addition of middle school state champ Heard and the Middle school state placers that we could see at 113 if Allen and Brown are indeed at that weight. Already a young team, we could already see this squad picking up 4 district titles and a handful of other state qualifiers.
They should be a force at the state tournament with potential finalists Byrd and Shie as well as Wilson, Baker, Beck, and Perdue all returning after a trip to the state tournament.

I underrated Moeller’s squad at my own peril last year, and they had a whole slew of wrestlers qualify for the state tournament. I don’t doubt that they have a shot at another district title, but I don’t know enough of their middle weights between Ward and Hobbs to know how high they can score, but clearly everyone from 160-220 has the potential to make a trip to the state tournament.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baum’s Page and Jake’s Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce

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Old 10-06-16, 05:42 PM
darthmalice darthmalice is offline
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I would be surprised myself if Shupp can do 106lbs. for the entire season. I think it's just for Super32, unless he got one of my tape worm diet plans. Selling like hotcakes.
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Old 10-06-16, 07:43 PM
87TrojanGolf 87TrojanGolf is offline
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Whats your take on Jensen Love (Van.Butler) as far as what weight he will be at?
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Old 10-06-16, 10:10 PM
McClearn7 McClearn7 is offline
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Originally Posted by 87TrojanGolf View Post
Whats your take on Jensen Love (Van.Butler) as far as what weight he will be at?
Honestly, I still had him at DC, so I'll have to update the next rankings. I liked what I saw out of Love at Top Gun last year and would probably rank him at 4 or 5 at 170 or 182.
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Old 10-07-16, 09:22 AM
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120 Oscar Sanatana GE - graduated last year.
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Old 10-07-16, 09:38 AM
darthmalice darthmalice is offline
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Originally Posted by TheStuff142 View Post
120 Oscar Sanatana GE - graduated last year.
Right. I was wondering the same thing. Like some sites have Colin Schuster a senior or a junior.
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Old 10-07-16, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by TheStuff142 View Post
120 Oscar Sanatana GE - graduated last year.
Thanks for the information. It's been fixed.
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