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University of Dayton Players in Europe

This 2012 football group certainly got attention from college football programs. Seems that way for some in 2013. Still a few already in college who will begin to get PT soon. Go young Comets, work the body hard and it will pay off later.

Here's a piece about the Comet who went to Europe after playing at Dayton. Former Comet QB Valentino will play WR, QB & Special Teams. Is he the first to ever play there?

University of Dayton Sees First Players in Europe

Three players from the University of Dayton’s 2010 co-championship football team (PFL) are continuing to play American football in Europe. No UD player has ever played in Europe before, but these athletes wouldn’t say “no” after the NFL said they were “too small” for an invite to camp.

They did their due diligence with winter workouts and attended Pro Combines where they tested well within a pro-caliber range except for body size. They were not drafted and then the labor lockout did not allow time for camp invitations. Undaunted, their QB leader and team co-captain Steve Valentino first posted his resume on Europlayers.com. Teams saw D-1 athletes with awards coming from a school with a high scholastic ranking and the trans-oceanic phone calls started.

Steve Valentino (Solon, OH) signed with the Calanda Broncos in Switzerland. He will play as a WR, PR, the backup QB, gunner on punts and holder for place kicks. Sports writers there use the term “All-Rounder”. The football interest is so high that a second Junior Team (under 19) is forming this year in Chur (pronounced Coor) and the “imports” from the US and Canada help teach skills to boys who have only experienced Club Football (no high school football).

James J. Vercammen (Bloomfield Hills, MI) also posted his resume on Europlayers. Having twice visited Sweden he signed to play for the Orebro Black Knights. He will play LB/SS and all kick units. The fans will get to see a strong tackler who could be involved in the tackle on every running play, punt and kick-off. A writer referred to his “Vercammen’s physical pungent style of play”!

The DE from the 2010 team, Devon Langhorst, is in Italy with the Reggio Emilia Hogs. Their season started March 3rd and his play in the first three games drew good review. In fact he gets some stand-up play as a LB and has even seen action at TE. All the guys will be away for 5 months of league games, championship play in their country and in the case of Valentino, he will get to play a series with a Finland team that leads to the EuroBowl in July.
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