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Old 10-22-18, 05:48 AM
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Originally Posted by CoventryTrackXCguy View Post
Patience. We will get there. it is the logical next step, now that we are well acquainted with the district scene. Indeed, next years team does show some promise...

However that is not what I am chiefly concerned with. I am not interested in a Coventry that is going to be a 1 and done deal. I seek a Coventry that is going to be steadily improving year in year out. I am chiefly interested in furthering the growth of our middle school program, in numbers as well as ability. Additionally, I am interested in what our underclassmen are doing, as they are the future, once Bollock, Regen, and Baker graduate. Also, I would seek to develop a youth program for the comets, possibly in collaboration with Springfield. Basically, our concern is in continuing to raise the floor of this program, as opposed to the ceiling so that placing in the top half at regionals can become the norm, rather than an irregular occurance. The results wont be quick, most likely. But they would be sure.

I will add that this will likely not be smooth sailing forward. We will have some bumps and scratches; some setbacks. It must be understood, that what has been happening at Coventry over the course of the last 5 years, is entirely unprecedented here. Coventry has never been remotely relevant in XC prior to this run. Because of this, we don't know the exact way forward for us. But we are doing our best to learn, and move forward.

With that being said, I would certainly like to do better then last this year at boardman. Perhaps we should seek to return the favor on Springfield. Finish the season with a 3-3 record with the Spartans. We don't want to fall behind on our little rivalry. Oh and beating Field would be nice as well.

As an aside, it really is awesome how 5 teams racing this Saturday will be from the PTC metro. PTC power at its finest.
I'm not a huge fan of youth programs. You probably lose as many kids as you gain. Middle school is early enough. Grab all the kids that are tired of soccer and football etc. Youth and MS should be fun fun fun. Nothing worse than a terrible day of running when you are a little kid. I know that for my son, MS was too early. He was going through huge growth spurts and he was miserable and it wasn't until his Jr. year that he started feeling good about running. He loved being on the team with friends, but giving an effort just seemed pointless to him. He's looking forward to his senior year.

Woodridge is losing numbers at the MS and it seems like it's because of the youth program. It's lost it's charm.

Coventry had some good CC and track teams back in the 70's
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