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Old 04-25-18, 09:32 PM
coldshoulder coldshoulder is offline
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A little bit contrarian, but I've been groovin on some Jimi Hendrix lately..."Crosstown Traffic" and the deliberate and soulful "The Wind Cries Mary".
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Old 04-25-18, 10:05 PM
Bevo Bevo is offline
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From that same time period, I also liked Jimi's Little Wing. You know his song Fire, correct? That was a standard at the record hops I went to with live, small town bands.
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Old 04-26-18, 08:06 AM
ohiopup ohiopup is offline
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Originally Posted by Bevo View Post
And at the other end of the spectrum Pushin' Too Hard by The Seeds. I have a nightmarish memory of The Seeds playing this in a sitcom that featured Kaye Ballard (who?) Older posters will know. Might have been an episode of Bewitched....

= = = = =

Extra money…

Before I was 16...
My Dad had his own business so once I got big enough I usually was delegated to help.
Never actually got paid but if I “needed” money he had would give me a few bucks.
Of course to pick up a few bucks here and there; I would shovel snow, rake leaves,
or mow a lawn or two. No power mower either, it was a reel push mower.

Oh yea, and the preverbal tossed pop bottle was always returned for the 2 deposit,
a nickel for one of those quart bottles.

Well we lived close to a super market, and often Mom would send me on a errand to pick
up a few things from the store. The parking lot had a slope toward the street, if
there was a shopping cart at the end of the lot, I would always push it (sometimes a few)
back up to the store. The manager would see me do this and one day manager was talking
to a guy in a business suit. The 'suit' was the District Manager for the chain, He stopped
me as I entered the store and asked me how old I was. (14) He said when I turned 16 that
I had a job at the store if I wanted it. Then he took my name, address and phone number.

(as Paul Harvey would say... "Now the rest of the story"...)

A couple of weeks later 4 area stores in the chain got a shipment of 5,000 watermelons
via open bed semi-truck. The policy of the chain was they don't unload the goods. The
driver had to unload the melons. The manager negotiated that for a penny a melon he knew
a kid (me) that would help. I got a phone call. Now it wasn't that hard. The stores had
a system on metal ramps that had rollers on them, I just had to lift the melons, put them
on the ramp and they would roll down into the back of the store. It took most of the
day, the driver even bought me lunch, and I got $50 mad money. Not bad bucks in 1960.

When I turned 16 I also got the part time job at the store, usually stocking shelves
at night.


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