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Old 12-03-17, 01:31 AM
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LICKING COUNTY FAN is on a distinguished road
My 2017 Final list of teams seen in person(A NEW HIGH)

Medical reason robbed me of 4 games.
Miles and total price of each game


GAME 1 (210 MILES)Centerville, Ohio
Miami Valley Football Coaches Association All Star Game
1-South 23
2-North 14

Game 2 (134 miles)Mansfield, Ohio
NCOFCA All-Star Classic
3-South 24
4-North 20

Game 3 (40.2 Miles) Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Cap City Bowl
5-White 34
6-Red 8

Game 4 (323 miles) Perrysburg, Ohio
Northwest Ohio All Star Game
7-Black 42
8-Gold 12

Game 5(185 Miles) New Philadelphia, Ohio
9-West 41
10-east 00


Game 6(525.4 miles Lewis County High School, Kentucky)(Games 6-11 part of 525.4 miles trip)Price 202.74
11-West Carter, Kentucky 31
12-Lewis County, Kentucky 6

Game 7(Lewis County High School)
13-Bracken County, Kentucky 22(First time seeing)
14-Fairview, Kentucky 6(First time seeing)

Game 8(At Nicholas County, Kentucky/First time there)
15-Raceland, Kentucky 29
16-Flemming County, Kentucky 12

Game 9(At Nicholas County, Kentucky)
17-Rowan County, Kentucky 42
18-Nicholas County, Kentucky 6

Game 10(At Greenup County, Kentucky
19-Russell,Kentucky 36
20-East Carter,Kentucky 12

Game 11(At Greenup County, Kentucky)
21-Greenup County, Kentucky 38
22-Bath County,Kentucky,7


Game 15 (At Lincoln County High School, Kentucky/First time there)games 15-18 part of trip 554.1 miles Cost 211.05
23-Lincoln County, Ky 42(First time seeing)
24-Carroll County, Ky 6(First time seeing)

Game 16 (At Lincoln County High School, Kentucky)
25-Bourbon County, Ky 36
26-Somerset, Ky 29(First time seeing)

Game 17(At Danville, Kentucky/First time there)
27-Wayne County, Ky 45(First time seeing)
28-Woodford County, Ky 6(First time seeing0

Game 18(At Danville, Kentucky)
29-Danville, Ky 36(First time seeing)
30-Fredrick Douglass, Kentucky 0(Brand new school/First time seeing)

Game 19 (At White Field, Newark) (24 miles 10.39 price)
31-Maysville 27
32-Newark Catholic 16

Game 20 (At Belfry, Kentucky(512.50 miles/Games 20-23 173.78 Cost)
33-Phelps, Kentucky 32
34-East Ridge 8

Game 21(At Belfry, Kentucky
35 Huntington W.Va 45( First time seeing)
36-Belfry, Kentucky 34

Game 22 (Pikeville, Kentucky)
37-Pike County Central, Ky 36
38-Shelby Vally, Ky 6

Game 23(At Pikeville, Kentucky)
39-Lexington Christian Academy,Ky 49(First time seeing)
40-Pikeville 21

Game 24(At Fortress Stadium/Obetz) (58 Miles) (12.00 cost)

41-Hamilton Township 21
42-Groveport-Madison 14

Game 25 (At Millersport 12 miles) (Cost 7.00)
43-Portsmouth Notre Dame 20(First time seeing)
44-Millersport 18 OT

Game 26 (at Bellaire 208 miles/cost 30.70)
45-Bellaire 35
46-Caldwell 6

Game 27 (At White Field, Newark) (24 miles 10.39 price)
47-Nelsonville York 21
47- Newark Catholic 14(2 TIMES)

Game 28 (At Dayton Welcome Stadium 211.6 miles cost 23.56)
48-Dayton Christian 14(Firs time seeing)
49- Dayton Ponitz Tech. Center 6

Game 29 (At Heath High School 17.5 miles cost 9.25)
50-Wheelersburg 41
51-Heath 00

Game 30 (At Springfield Northwestern/First time there 22.88)
52-Delphos Jefferson 54 (First Time seeing)
53-Paint Valley 14

Game 31(AT St, Marys, West Va./First time there 228.7 Miles Cost 26.67)
54-St. Marys, West Va. 63(First time seeing)
55-Marietta 19(First time seeing)

Game 32(At Mechanicsburg High School 142.1 Miles 17.13 Cost)
56-Jamestown Greenview 17(First Time seeing)
57-Mechanicsburg 14

Game 33 (At Welcome Stadium,Dayton, Ohio 206.3 miles cost 22.41) Different mileage because I took a different way
58-Thurgood Marshall 42
59-Cincinnati Western Hills 24

Game 34(At Canal Winchester 57.7 Miles Cost 7.92
60-Canal Winchester 34
61-Westland 14

Game 35(At Collinwood sports complex, Cleveland Ohio/first time there 338. 8 MILES GAMES 35 AND 36))(Cost includes game 35 and 36 37.37)
62-Cleveland Rhodes 58(FIRST TIME SEEING)

65-Wadsworth 41(FIRST TIME SEEING)

Game 36(At Willard R. Stargel Stadium in Cincinnati 269 miles) (game 36 and 37 same day same location Cost for both games 22.19)
67-Cincinnati Hughes 13
68-Dayton Meadowdale 12

Game 37(At Willard R. Stargel Stadium in Cincinnati)
69- Dayton Dunbar 48
70-Cincinnati Aiken 6

Game 38(At Baker Jr, High school/Fairborn Memorial Stadium/First time there/cost 24.44)
71-Fairborn 38(First time seeing)
72-Stebbins-00(First time seeing)

Game 39(At Union Local/First time there/167.7 mile/cost 23.06)
73-Union Local 13
74- Weir, W.Va. 79First time seeing)

Game 40(At Bellaire/Miles and cost includes game 41 also/part of same trip/miles 247.3/cost 35.06
75-Beaver Local 28 (First time seeing)
75-Bellaire 26(Seen two times in 2017)

Game 41(At Miller High School/First time there)
76-Miller 47
77-Crestline 13(First time seeing)

Game 42(At Sidney High School/First time there/242.2 miles/cost 24.16(BEST GAME OF SEASON)
78-Sidney 49(First time seeing)
79-Tipp City Tippecanoe 42

Game 43 (At Columbus West/First time there/ 70.1 miles/cost 10.25
80-Columbus West 36(First time seeing)
81-Columbus South 6

Game 44(At Bellaire/208.2 Miles/Cost 21.92)
82-St. Clairsville 28
82-Bellaire 14(3 Times this season)

Game 45(At Lancaster High School/34.6 miles/cost 9.44
83-Lancaster Fisher Catholic 24
84-Worthington Christian 6

Game 46(At Stow/First time there/298.1 miles/cost 29.75
84-Stow 35(2 Times)
85-Hudson 23(First time ever)

Game 47(At Paint Valley/First time seeing Southeastern/144.7 Miles/cost 26.91
86-Southeastern(Chillicothe)40(First time seeing)
86-Paint Valley 6 (2 TIMES THIS SEASON)

Game 48(Freshman/At Hillard Darby /games 48 and 49/Miles 88.4/Cost 7.27
87-Hillard Darby 42
88-Worthington Kilbourne 20

Game 49
89-Lutheran East Falcons 40
90-Gamble Montessori Gators 7

Game 50(At Millersport High School/ Miles 9.7/Cost 8.15
90-Lancaster Fisher Catholic 64 (2 Times)
91-Fairfield Christian Academy 14

Game 51(At Carlisle high school/First time there/227.2 Miles/Cost 29.51
92-Carlisle 28
93-Eaton(First time seeing)

Game 52(At Zanesville high school/Miles 54.5/cost 16.12
94-Taft 40
95-Zanesville 14

Game 53/Welcome Stadium, Dayton, Ohio/miles 217.4/Cost 28.60
95-Cincinnati Woodward 14
95-Dayton Ponitz 12(2 Times)

Game 54 (At Millersport High School/ Miles 9.7/Cost 8.15
95-Worthingtington Christian 47(2 TIMES)
95-Lancaster Fairfield Christian 7

Game 55 (At Kelly Field,Midvale,Ohio/First time there/187.5 Miles/Cost 24.02
96-Indian Valley 45 (First time there) Winning score happened on last play of game
97 Urichville Claymont 42

Game 56/At Wheelersburg/First time there/213.6 miles/cost 27.69
97-Wheelersburg 47(2 Times)
98-Portsmouth West 7

Game 57 (at Bellaire 208 miles/ cost 22.22
99-Martins Ferry 21
99-Bellaire 18(4 Times)
PLAYOFFS And Senate League Championship

(9 BUCKS FOR THE TICKET) At Harvest Prep/47.3 miles/cost 12.76
100-Hannibal River 39
101-Harvest Prep 34

Game 59 (Senate League Chapionship/5 dollar ticket)Collinwood Athletic Complex/Game 59 & 60 part of same trip/Miles 503.2/cost 62.11
102-Cleveland John Hay 20(FIRST TIME SEEING)
102-Cleveland Rhodes 16((2 TIMES)

Game 60(At Slippery Rock University,Pa)
103 Grove City, Pa 45(First Time Seeing)
104-Fort LeBoeuf, Pa. 7(First Time Seeing)

Game 61/At Lucasville, ohio/178.8 miles/cost 15.43
105-Coal Grove 46
105 Southeastern(Chillicothe) 22(2 Times)

Game 62/at Meadville High School,Pa/First time there/game 62 and 63 same trip/Miles 475.7/cost 51.27
106-Sharon, Pa 21(First time seeing)
107-Mercyhurst,Pa 149First time seeing)

Game 63/at Greenville, Pa/First time there
107-Grove City, Pa 35 (2 Times)
108-Meadville, Pa 149First time seeing)

Game 64 at Jackson High school(First time there)Miles 158.1 cost 22.96
108-Neslonville York 28(2 Times)
108-Coal Grove 7 (2 Times)

Game 65 At Heinz Field Pittsburgh, Pa(First time there) Gmaes 65-68 all same location/miles 315.7/Cost 58.57
109-Quaker Valley, Pa 2(First Time Seeing)
110-Aliquippa,Pa 0 (First Time Seeing)

Game 66
111-Pine-Richland, Pa 42(First Time Seeing) BEST TEAM I have watched this season)
112-Pittsburgh Central Catholic 7 (First Time Seeing)

Game 67
113-Gateway, Pa 21 (First Time Seeing)
114-Penn-Trafford 16 (First Time Seeing)

Game 68
115-Thomas Jefferson, Pa 27(First Time Seeing)
116-Montour, Pa 00 (First Time Seeing)

Game 69 at Obadiah Harris Family Athletic Complex, Chillicothe, Ohio/Miles 120/cost 9.96
116-Wheelersburg 15 (3 Times)
117-Middletown Madison 10 (First Time Seeing)

Game 70/Wheeling Island, West Va/200 miles/Cost 58.26/Game 70 & 71 part of same trip/Triple A-Championship
118-Martinsburg, W.Va 44
119-Spring Valley, W.Va 16

Game 71 Single A W. Va State final
120-Wheeling Central Catholic 40
120-St. Marys 21(2 Times)
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